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Topps Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie II

Topps Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie II

Anno: 1991
Totale Carte collezionabili: 110

Anteprima raccolta (100% immagini scannerizzate)

raccolte: 3 / completate: 1


1Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II-Base Card202.00
2Raph-Base Card202.00
3Don-Base Card212.00
4Mikey-Base Card212.00
5Leo-Base Card303.00
6Splinter-Base Card212.00
7April O'Neil-Base Card202.00
8The Shredder-Base Card212.00
9Rahzar-Base Card212.00
10Tokka-Base Card212.00
11Special Pizza Delivery!-Base Card212.00
12Clobbered By Keno!-Base Card202.00
13Turtles to the Rescue!-Base Card212.00
14Take Cover, Kid!-Base Card202.00
15Brawl in the Mall!-Base Card212.00
16Let's Improvise, Guys!-Base Card212.00
17Deli Dilemma!-Base Card212.00
18At April's Apartment-Base Card212.00
19A Turtle's Life-Base Card212.00
20The Evil One Returns-Base Card202.00
21Interviewing the Professor-Base Card212.00
22Junk Food Fanatic!-Base Card212.00
23The Clean-Up Brigade!-Base Card212.00
24Kitchen Catastrophe!-Base Card212.00
25Rooftop Meeting-Base Card212.00
26... Seek Your Answers!-Base Card212.00
27The Original Cannister-Base Card202.00
28Mysterious Green Ooze-Base Card212.00
29Their Latest Mission-Base Card212.00
30In the T.G.R.I. Lab-Base Card202.00
31Startling Discovery!-Base Card202.00
32The Pizza Boy Is Back!-Base Card212.00
33A Lesson from Splinter-Base Card202.00
34April Showers!-Base Card212.00
35A Bogie-Like Farewell!-Base Card212.00
36On the Track of a New Home-Base Card212.00
37Prof. Perry -- Kidnapped!-Base Card202.00
38Questionable Creations-Base Card212.00
39Masters of Darkness-Base Card212.00
40They're ... Babies!!-Base Card212.00
41Nabbed By the Baddies-Base Card212.00
42Shredder's Captive-Base Card212.00
43We've Gotta Save Raph!-Base Card212.00
44The Rescue Party-Base Card212.00
45A Trap! I Knew It!!-Base Card202.00
46Netting Our Heroes-Base Card212.00
47Triumphant Villain-Base Card212.00
48Splinter's Steady Arrow-Base Card202.00
49Ready for Action!-Base Card202.00
50The Mutants Appear!-Base Card202.00
51Weird Henchcreature-Base Card212.00
52Tokka the Terrible-Base Card202.00
53They're Not So Tough!-Base Card202.00
54Beastial Bellow-Base Card202.00
55No Match for Rahzar!-Base Card303.00
56No Stopping This Monster!-Base Card202.00
57A Hasty Retreat!-Base Card212.00
58Man in the Manhole!-Base Card202.00
59Four ... Turtles!-Base Card212.00
60Underground Escape!-Base Card202.00
61Home Sweet Home?!-Base Card212.00
62Secret of Their Origin-Base Card212.00
63Mutant Attack!-Base Card212.00
64Rahzar on the Rampage!-Base Card303.00
65April Held Hostage!-Base Card212.00
66A Message from Shredder-Base Card212.00
67Lab Assistants!-Base Card212.00
68The Anti-Mutagen-Base Card212.00
69Pizza Break!-Base Card212.00
70A Dough-Nutty Idea-Base Card212.00
71Let the Games Begin!-Base Card212.00
72Traditional Pre-Fight Doughnut!-Base Card202.00
73This Better Work!-Base Card212.00
74Mmmmmmm ...!-Base Card202.00
75Invading a Rap Club!-Base Card212.00
76Taking on the Terror-Base Card212.00
77One Tossed Turtle!-Base Card202.00
78The Monster Mash-Base Card212.00
79Crashing the Party-Base Card303.00
80Makeshift Experiment!-Base Card212.00
81Seltzer Bottle Attack!-Base Card212.00
82The Mutants -- Neutralized!-Base Card212.00
83Tackling the Foot Soldiers!-Base Card212.00
84Tatsu Is Flattened!-Base Card212.00
85The Birth of "Ninja Rap"!-Base Card212.00
86Rockin' and Rappin' Heroes!-Base Card202.00
87The Showdown-Base Card212.00
88Cool It, Keno!-Base Card202.00
89Blasting the Shredder-Base Card212.00
90All's Well That Ends ... Well?-Base Card212.00
91Turtles on the Edge-Base Card212.00
92Their Final Obstacle-Base Card303.00
93Mutated Supershredder!-Base Card212.00
94Supershredder Terror!-Base Card212.00
95Outmatched?!-Base Card202.00
96Tackling the Monster-Base Card212.00
97Turtles Triumphant!-Base Card212.00
98The Morning After-Base Card202.00
99Can You Believe It?!-Base Card212.00
S1Sticker #1-Sticker Card212.00
S2Sticker #2-Sticker Card202.00
S3Sticker #3-Sticker Card212.00
S4Sticker #4-Sticker Card212.00
S5Sticker #5-Sticker Card202.00
S6Sticker #6-Sticker Card202.00
S7Sticker #7-Sticker Card202.00
S8Sticker #8-Sticker Card212.00
S9Sticker #9-Sticker Card212.00
S10Sticker #10-Sticker Card212.00
S11Sticker #11-Sticker Card212.00