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Topps The Walking Dead Season 5

Topps The Walking Dead Season 5

Anno: 2016
Totale Carte collezionabili: 1307

Anteprima raccolta (8% immagini scannerizzate)

raccolte: 1 / completate: 0


checklist completa (Totale Carte collezionabili: 1307)
1Kill Room-Base Card101.00
2Boom-Base Card101.00
3Nobody's Gotta Die Today-Base Card101.00
4Escape from Terminus-Base Card101.00
5Reunited-Base Card101.00
6No Sanctuary-Base Card101.00
7We Ain't Dead-Base Card101.00
8Gabriel Calls for Help-Base Card101.00
9Wet Walkers-Base Card101.00
10I Don't Miss That Sword-Base Card101.00
11Celebration Dinner-Base Card101.00
12Church Art-Base Card101.00
13Finding Bob-Base Card101.00
14Gabriel the Damned-Base Card101.00
15Protective-Base Card101.00
16No Point in Begging-Base Card101.00
17Promises Kept-Base Card101.00
18Saying Goodbye-Base Card101.00
19Waking Up-Base Card101.00
20We're Not Trapped-Base Card101.00
21Rising Above-Base Card101.00
22Searching for the Key-Base Card101.00
23Going Down-Base Card101.00
24Noah Escapes-Base Card101.00
25Bus Crash-Base Card101.00
26Don't Try to Find Us-Base Card101.00
27Ellen-Base Card101.00
28A Very Important Mission-Base Card101.00
29Hosed-Base Card101.00
30Looking for Beth-Base Card101.00
31Indoor Camping-Base Card101.00
32You Look Tough-Base Card101.00
33Finding the Cross-Base Card101.00
34Mutual Friend-Base Card101.00
35Carol Takes a Hit-Base Card101.00
36Barricading the Church-Base Card101.00
37Back Soon-Base Card101.00
38Making a Plan-Base Card101.00
39Approach with Caution-Base Card101.00
40Gabriel Listens Intently-Base Card101.00
41Hostages-Base Card101.00
42Rethinking the Plan-Base Card101.00
43Mary's Bible-Base Card101.00
44Walkers Take Over the Church-Base Card101.00
45Making It Out-Base Card101.00
46Exchange-Base Card101.00
47Loss-Base Card101.00
48Grief-Base Card101.00
49Overrun-Base Card101.00
50Bitten-Base Card101.00
51Making It-Base Card101.00
52Parts-Base Card101.00
53The Way It Had To-Base Card101.00
54Gone-Base Card101.00
55A Funeral-Base Card101.00
56Kidnapped Walker-Base Card101.00
57Mad Dogs-Base Card101.00
58Battling Exhaustion-Base Card101.00
59Feeling It-Base Card101.00
60Praise the Rain-Base Card101.00
61We Are the Walking Dead-Base Card101.00
62Attack on the Barn-Base Card101.00
63People Like Us-Base Card101.00
64Finding the RV-Base Card101.00
65Roads Not Cleared-Base Card101.00
66Flare to the Face-Base Card101.00
67Red Lights-Base Card101.00
68The Gates of Alexandria-Base Card101.00
69Who's Deanna?-Base Card101.00
70Curb Appeal-Base Card101.00
71A Shower and a Shave-Base Card101.00
72A New Home-Base Card101.00
73The Suspicious Husband-Base Card101.00
74Missing Stash-Base Card101.00
75Target Practice-Base Card101.00
76Try-Base Card101.00
77Hanging It Up-Base Card101.00
78Buttons-Base Card101.00
79Job Offer-Base Card101.00
80On Patrol-Base Card101.00
81Crisis of Faith-Base Card101.00
82Sizing Up the Threat-Base Card101.00
83Abraham Leaves No One Behind-Base Card101.00
84Hold the Door-Base Card101.00
85Eaten Alive-Base Card101.00
86A Warning-Base Card101.00
87A Problem with Pete-Base Card101.00
88Fight!-Base Card101.00
89Carl and Enid Hiding in a Tree-Base Card101.00
90W-Base Card101.00
91If You Don't Fight, You Die-Base Card101.00
92Carry a Big Stick-Base Card101.00
93Pit of Walkers-Base Card101.00
94You Don't Get Both-Base Card101.00
95Food Truck Traps-Base Card101.00
96Wolves Not Far-Base Card101.00
97Nicholas Attacks Glenn-Base Card101.00
98Ready-Base Card101.00
99You're Not One of Us-Base Card101.00
100Do It-Base Card101.00
C-1Rick GrimesCharacter ProfilesChase Card101.00
C-2Carl GrimesCharacter ProfilesChase Card101.00
C-3MichonneCharacter ProfilesChase Card101.00
C-4Daryl DixonCharacter ProfilesChase Card101.00
C-5Glenn RheeCharacter ProfilesChase Card101.00
C-6Maggie GreeneCharacter ProfilesChase Card101.00
C-7Beth GreeneCharacter ProfilesChase Card101.00
C-8Carol PeletierCharacter ProfilesChase Card101.00
C-9Tyreese WilliamsCharacter ProfilesChase Card101.00
C-10Sasha WilliamsCharacter ProfilesChase Card101.00
C-11Abraham FordCharacter ProfilesChase Card101.00
C-12Tara ChamblerCharacter ProfilesChase Card101.00
C-13Gabriel StokesCharacter ProfilesChase Card101.00
C-14NoahCharacter ProfilesChase Card101.00
C-15EnidCharacter ProfilesChase Card101.00
C-16Pete AndersonCharacter ProfilesChase Card101.00
C-17Reg MonroeCharacter ProfilesChase Card101.00
C-18TobinCharacter ProfilesChase Card101.00
L-1TerminusLocationsChase Card101.00
L-2The ChurchLocationsChase Card101.00
L-3Grady Memorial HospitalLocationsChase Card101.00
L-4AtlantaLocationsChase Card101.00
L-5Noah's CommunityLocationsChase Card101.00
L-6AlexandriaLocationsChase Card101.00
L-7The Solar WarehouseLocationsChase Card101.00
W-1Walkers (prostrate, face fwd)WalkersChase Card101.00
W-2Walkers (long mustache)WalkersChase Card101.00
W-3Walkers (melted, supine)WalkersChase Card101.00
W-4Walkers (1/2-L profile, long hair)WalkersChase Card101.00
W-5Walkers (bloody shirt and blue jacket in group)WalkersChase Card101.00
W-6Walkers (blue-green face, 2/3-L profile)WalkersChase Card101.00
W-7Walkers (prostrate, facing R)WalkersChase Card101.00
W-8Walkers (five)WalkersChase Card101.00
W-9Walkers (skeletal leaning L)WalkersChase Card101.00
W-10Walkers (1/8-L profile, bloody shirt)WalkersChase Card101.00
AC1Alanna Masterson as Tara Chambler
AutographChase Card101.00
AC2Benedict Samuel as Alpha Wolf
AutographChase Card101.00
AC3Chad L. Coleman as Tyreese Williams
AutographChase Card101.00
AC4Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes
AutographChase Card101.00
AC5Corey Brill as Pete Anderson
AutographChase Card101.00
AC6Danai Gurira as Michonne
AutographChase Card101.00
AC7David Morrissey as The Governor
AutographChase Card101.00
AC8Emily Kinney as Beth Greene
AutographChase Card101.00
AC9Jason Douglas as Tobin
AutographChase Card101.00
AC10Katelyn Nacon as Enid
AutographChase Card101.00
AC11Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier
AutographChase Card101.00
AC12Michael Cudlitz as Abraham Ford
AutographChase Card101.00
AC13Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon
AutographChase Card101.00
AC14Seth Gilliam as Gabriel Stokes
AutographChase Card101.00
AC15Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha Williams
AutographChase Card101.00
AC16Steve Coulter as Reg Monroe
AutographChase Card101.00
AC17Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee
AutographChase Card101.00
AC18Tyler James Williams as Noah
AutographChase Card101.00
DAC1Corey Brill as Pete Anderson / Steve Coulter as Reg Monroe
Dual AutographChase Card101.00
DAC2Katelyn Nacon as Enid / Jason Douglas as Tobin
Dual AutographChase Card101.00
DAC3Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier / Chad L. Coleman as Tyreese Williams
Dual AutographChase Card101.00
DAC4Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier / Benedict Samuel as Alpha Wolf
Dual AutographChase Card101.00
DAC5Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier / Seth Gilliam as Gabriel Stokes
Dual AutographChase Card101.00
TACMelissa McBride as Carol Peletier / Chad L. Coleman as aTyreese Williams / Seth Gilliam as Gabriel Stokes
Triple AutographChase Card101.00
RC1Abraham Ford (Shirt)
RelicChase Card101.00
RC2Beth Greene (Shirt)
RelicChase Card101.00
RC3Carl Grimes (Shirt)
RelicChase Card101.00
RC4Daryl Dixon (Shirt)
RelicChase Card101.00
RC5Enid (Shirt)
RelicChase Card101.00
RC6Glenn Rhee (Shirt)
RelicChase Card101.00
RC7Maggie Greene (Shirt)
RelicChase Card101.00
RC8Noah (Shirt, blue)
RelicChase Card101.00
RC9Noah (Shirt, yellow jacket)
RelicChase Card101.00
RC10Pete Anderson (Shirt)
RelicChase Card101.00
RC11Rick Grimes (Shirt)
RelicChase Card101.00
RC12Sasha Williams(Shirt)
RelicChase Card101.00
RC13Tara Chambler (Shirt)
RelicChase Card101.00
RC14Tyreese Williams (Pants)
RelicChase Card101.00
RC15Tyreese Williams (Shirt)
RelicChase Card101.00
RC16Walker (maroon and blue jackets)
RelicChase Card101.00
RC17Walker (long hair ahead crowd)
RelicChase Card101.00
RC18Walker (long hair no nose)
RelicChase Card101.00