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Topps Top Gear Turbo Attax 2016

Topps Top Gear Turbo Attax 2016

Anno: 2016
Totale Carte collezionabili: 247

Top Gear Turbo Attax returns for another super-charged year! Following on from the re-launch of the world renowned BBC TV Show, Top Gear Turbo Attax promises to be a hit with car fans everywhere! Featuring the biggest, fastest and coolest rides from leading manufactures including the greatest classis cards of all time. Top Gear Turbo Attax 2016 is must-have for any collector! Starterpack contains: Collector Binder, Collector Guide, Game Mat and 8 cards including Gold Limited Edition featuring The Stig Over 200 cards to collect!

Anteprima raccolta (98% immagini scannerizzate)

raccolte: 26 / completate: 5


1Ariel AtomModern CarsBase card623.00
2Alfa Romeo GuiliettaModern CarsBase card616.00
3Audi A1Modern CarsBase card606.00
4Audi A5Modern CarsBase card522.50
5Audi A6Modern CarsBase card623.00
6Audi Q7Modern CarsBase card522.50
7Audi RS7Modern CarsBase card616.00
8Audi S5Modern CarsBase card505.00
9Audi SQ5Modern CarsBase card616.00
10Audi TT CoupeModern CarsBase card616.00
11Bac MonoModern CarsBase card616.00
12BMW 4 SeriesModern CarsBase card505.00
13BMW 5 SeriesModern CarsBase card515.00
14BMW 6 SeriesModern CarsBase card515.00
15BMW I8Modern CarsBase card515.00
16BMW M6Modern CarsBase card606.00
17BMW X6Modern CarsBase card531.67
18BMW Z4Modern CarsBase card616.00
19Dacia DusterModern CarsBase card515.00
20Ferrari 458 SpecialeModern CarsBase card717.00
21Fiat 124 SpiderModern CarsBase card632.00
22Fiat 500XModern CarsBase card616.00
23Honda HR-VModern CarsBase card632.00
24Hyundai I20Modern CarsBase card616.00
25Hyundai I40Modern CarsBase card616.00
26Infiniti Q70Modern CarsBase card632.00
27Jaguar XEModern CarsBase card616.00
28Jaguar XJModern CarsBase card616.00
29Jeep CherokeeModern CarsBase card515.00
30Jeep RenegadeModern CarsBase card623.00
31Kia SportageModern CarsBase card541.25
32KTM X-BowModern CarsBase card616.00
33Land Rover Discovery SportModern CarsBase card616.00
34Land Rover Range Rover EvoqueModern CarsBase card515.00
35Land Rover Range Rover SportModern CarsBase card522.50
36Lexus ISModern CarsBase card623.00
37Lexus LSModern CarsBase card606.00
38Lexus RC FModern CarsBase card623.00
39Lexus RXModern CarsBase card522.50
40Lotus EvoraModern CarsBase card623.00
41Maserati GhibiliModern CarsBase card606.00
42Maserati QuatroporteModern CarsBase card623.00
43Mazda 6Modern CarsBase card616.00
44Mazda CX-5Modern CarsBase card616.00
45Mercedes Benz CLA ClassModern CarsBase card616.00
46Mercedes Benz E ClassModern CarsBase card606.00
47Mercedes Benz GLA ClassModern CarsBase card515.00
48Mercedes Benz S ClassModern CarsBase card616.00
49Mercedes Benz SL ClassModern CarsBase card616.00
50Mercedes Benz SLK ClassModern CarsBase card616.00
51Mini OneModern CarsBase card505.00
52Mini PacemanModern CarsBase card623.00
53Mitsubishi L200Modern CarsBase card515.00
54Mitsubishi OutlanderModern CarsBase card616.00
55Mitsubishi PajeroModern CarsBase card606.00
56Morgan Aero 8Modern CarsBase card606.00
57Morgan Plus 8Modern CarsBase card732.33
58Nissan 370ZModern CarsBase card616.00
59Nissan QashqaiModern CarsBase card723.50
60Nissan X-TrailModern CarsBase card606.00
61Opel CascadaModern CarsBase card616.00
62Opel CorsaModern CarsBase card623.00
63Opel InsigniaModern CarsBase card606.00
64Peugeot 308Modern CarsBase card606.00
65Peugeot RCZModern CarsBase card623.00
66Porsche 718Modern CarsBase card623.00
67Porsche CayenneModern CarsBase card623.00
68Porsche CaymanModern CarsBase card623.00
69Porsche MacanModern CarsBase card606.00
70Porsche PanameraModern CarsBase card632.00
71Renault KadjarModern CarsBase card616.00
72Renault MeganeModern CarsBase card623.00
73Rolls-Royce PhantomModern CarsBase card623.00
74Seat LeonModern CarsBase card616.00
75Skoda Rapid SpacebackModern CarsBase card616.00
76Skoda SuperbModern CarsBase card616.00
77Toyota Gt86Modern CarsBase card616.00
78Totota LandcrusierModern CarsBase card632.00
79Volkswagen BeetleModern CarsBase card623.00
80Volkswagen GolfModern CarsBase card616.00
81Volkswagen SciroccoModern CarsBase card623.00
82Volkswagen TiguanModern CarsBase card623.00
83Volkswagen TouaregModern CarsBase card616.00
84Volvo S60Modern CarsBase card616.00
85Volvo V40Modern CarsBase card623.00
86Volvo Xc60Modern CarsBase card623.00
87Ac CobraClassic CarsBase card616.00
88Alfa Romeo MontrealClassic CarsBase card616.00
89Alfa Romeo SpiderClassic CarsBase card616.00
90Alfa Romeo SZClassic CarsBase card616.00
91Alpine A110Classic CarsBase card623.00
92Aston Martin LagondaClassic CarsBase card623.00
93Aston Martin V8 VantageClassic CarsBase card616.00
94Austin Healey Frogeye SpriteClassic CarsBase card616.00
95Bentley S3 ContinentalClassic CarsBase card632.00
96Bentley Turbo RClassic CarsBase card623.00
97BMW 3.0CslClassic CarsBase card606.00
98BMW 507Classic CarsBase card623.00
99BMW IsettaClassic CarsBase card623.00
100Bond BugClassic CarsBase card623.00
101Citroen 2CVClassic CarsBase card606.00
102Citroen DS21Classic CarsBase card623.00
103Citroen SMClassic CarsBase card623.00
104Citroen Traction AvantClassic CarsBase card616.00
105Daimler SP250Classic CarsBase card632.00
106Datsun 240ZClassic CarsBase card623.00
107De Tomaso MangustaClassic CarsBase card616.00
108De Tomaso PanteraClassic CarsBase card505.00
109Facel Vega Hk500Classic CarsBase card623.00
110Ferrari 250 GTOClassic CarsBase card623.00
111Ferrari 288 GTOClassic CarsBase card707.00
112Ferrari 512BBIClassic CarsBase card717.00
113Fiat 500Classic CarsBase card623.00
114Fiat Dino CoupeClassic CarsBase card632.00
115Fiat X1/9Classic CarsBase card606.00
116Gordon Keeble GK1Classic CarsBase card623.00
117Iso GrifoClassic CarsBase card515.00
118Jaguar MK11Classic CarsBase card616.00
119Jaguar XJSClassic CarsBase card623.00
120Jaguar XK 120Classic CarsBase card606.00
121Jensen 541Classic CarsBase card623.00
122Jensen CV8Classic CarsBase card505.00
123Lamborghini EspadaClassic CarsBase card616.00
124Lamborghini JalpaClassic CarsBase card723.50
125Lamborghini LM002Classic CarsBase card616.00
126Lamborghini MiuraClassic CarsBase card623.00
127Lancia Delta IntegraleClassic CarsBase card623.00
128Land Rover Series 1Classic CarsBase card632.00
129Lotus ElanClassic CarsBase card616.00
130Lotus EliteClassic CarsBase card641.50
131Lotus EspritClassic CarsBase card616.00
132Lotus EuropaClassic CarsBase card515.00
133Marcos 3-Litre GTClassic CarsBase card522.50
134Maserati GhibliClassic CarsBase card623.00
135Mazda MX-5Classic CarsBase card623.00
136Mercedes Benz 300Sl GullwingClassic CarsBase card717.00
137Messerschmitt Kr200Classic CarsBase card616.00
138Mg AClassic CarsBase card616.00
139Mg BClassic CarsBase card632.00
140Mg Metro Gr 4Classic CarsBase card717.00
141Mg XpowerClassic CarsBase card824.00
142Morgan Plus 4Classic CarsBase card632.00
143Morgan Plus 8Classic CarsBase card616.00
144Morris Mini Minor 850Classic CarsBase card717.00
145Morris Minor 1000 TourerClassic CarsBase card616.00
146Opel GTClassic CarsBase card623.00
147Peugeot 205Classic CarsBase card606.00
148Peugeot 356Classic CarsBase card632.00
149Peugeot 968Classic CarsBase card623.00
150Reliant ScimitarClassic CarsBase card623.00
151Renault Clio MK1Classic CarsBase card732.33
152Rolls-Royce CamargueClassic CarsBase card616.00
153Rolls-Royce CornicheClassic CarsBase card623.00
154Rolls-Royce Phantom VIClassic CarsBase card522.50
155Saab 96Classic CarsBase card623.00
156Sunbeam TigerClassic CarsBase card623.00
157Suzuki CappucchinoClassic CarsBase card623.00
158Toyota MR2Classic CarsBase card515.00
159Triumph GT6Classic CarsBase card616.00
160Triumph StagClassic CarsBase card623.00
161Triumph SpitfireClassic CarsBase card616.00
162Triumph TR6Classic CarsBase card616.00
163TVR CerberaClassic CarsBase card623.00
164TVR ChimaeraClassic CarsBase card623.00
165TVR GriffithClassic CarsBase card641.50
166TVR TasminClassic CarsBase card606.00
167Vauxhall AstraClassic CarsBase card707.00
168Vauxhall Carlton LotusClassic CarsBase card623.00
169Volkswagen GolfClassic CarsBase card623.00
170Volkswagen Karmann GhiaClassic CarsBase card616.00
171Volvo 1800EClassic CarsBase card616.00
172Volvo AmazonClassic CarsBase card623.00
173Audi Urban ConceptCrazy Mods And ConceptsBase card632.00
174Brabus Mercedes G-WagenCrazy Mods And ConceptsBase card723.50
175Bugatti Vision Gran TurismoCrazy Mods And ConceptsBase card717.00
176Giugiaro BrividioCrazy Mods And ConceptsBase card616.00
177Hamann Lamborghini AventadorCrazy Mods And ConceptsBase card723.50
178Honda Project 2&4Crazy Mods And ConceptsBase card616.00
179Hyundai N2025Crazy Mods And ConceptsBase card616.00
180Lexus LF-NXCrazy Mods And ConceptsBase card616.00
181Mansory Lamborghini HuracanCrazy Mods And ConceptsBase card723.50
182Mansory Rolls-Royce WraithCrazy Mods And ConceptsBase card623.00
183Mercedes Benz IAACrazy Mods And ConceptsBase card632.00
184Toyota FTBHCrazy Mods And ConceptsBase card616.00
185Audi R8New Top Gear GamechangersBase card632.00
186Ferrari F12New Top Gear GamechangersBase card824.00
187Jaguar F-PaceNew Top Gear GamechangersBase card616.00
188Land Rover DefenderNew Top Gear GamechangersBase card606.00
189Mclaren 570SNew Top Gear GamechangersBase card623.00
190McLaren 675LTNew Top Gear GamechangersBase card616.00
191Porsche MacanNew Top Gear GamechangersBase card606.00
192Reliant RialtoNew Top Gear GamechangersBase card616.00
193Alfa Romeo 4CModern CarsShiny623.00
194Aston Martin DB9Modern CarsShiny632.00
195Aston Marin V12 Vantage SModern CarsShiny632.00
196Bentley Continental Flying SpurModern CarsShiny616.00
197Bugatti VeyronModern CarsShiny606.00
198Ferrari 488 SpiderModern CarsShiny723.50
199Ferrari California TModern CarsShiny717.00
200Ferrari GTC 4Modern CarsShiny717.00
201Jaguar FtypeModern CarsShiny641.50
202Lamborghini AventadorModern CarsShiny717.00
203Lotus 3-ElevenModern CarsShiny632.00
204Maserati GrancabrioModern CarsShiny616.00
205Mclaren 570GTModern CarsShiny623.00
206Nissan GTRModern CarsShiny623.00
207Morgan 3 WheelerModern CarsShiny623.00
208Porsche 911Modern CarsShiny623.00
209Audi QuattroClassic CarsShiny732.33
210Austin Mini CooperClassic CarsShiny515.00
211Bentley ArnageClassic CarsShiny515.00
212BMW M1Classic CarsShiny616.00
213Bugatti Eb110Classic CarsShiny707.00
214Delorean Dmc12Classic CarsShiny723.50
215Ferrari Dino 246Classic CarsShiny623.00
216Ferrari F40Classic CarsShiny808.00
217Honda NSXClassic CarsShiny623.00
218Jaguar EtypeClassic CarsShiny616.00
219Lamorghini CountachClassic CarsShiny707.00
220Lancia StratosClassic CarsShiny824.00
221Lotus SevenClassic CarsShiny606.00
222Mazda RX7Classic CarsShiny623.00
223Pontiac Trans AmClassic CarsShiny717.00
224Volkswagen Super BeetleClassic CarsShiny717.00
225Aston Martin DB11Modern CarsSuper Shiny606.00
226Aston Martin VanquishModern CarsSuper Shiny623.00
227Bugatti ChironModern CarsSuper Shiny707.00
228Ferrari LaferrariModern CarsSuper Shiny818.00
229Lamborghini CentenarioModern CarsSuper Shiny818.00
230McLaren P1Modern CarsSuper Shiny707.00
231Rolls-Royce DawnModern CarsSuper Shiny616.00
232Aston Martin DB5Classic CarsSuper Shiny717.00
233Ferrari TestarossaClassic CarsSuper Shiny717.00
234Jaguar XJ220Classic CarsSuper Shiny505.00
235Lotus EliseClassic CarsSuper Shiny606.00
236McLaren F1Classic CarsSuper Shiny606.00
237Porsche 911Classic CarsSuper Shiny606.00
238Rolls-Royce Silver CloudClassic CarsSuper Shiny723.50
239Top Gear LogoTop GearSuper Shiny606.00
240All New Top Gear PresentersTop GearSuper Shiny606.00
LE1bBronze - Jaguar F-TypeModern CarsLimited Edition707.00
LE1gGold - Bugatti ChironModern CarsLimited Edition808.00
LE1sSilver - Aston Martin DB11Modern CarsLimited Edition808.00
LE2bBronze - Porsche 911Classic CarsLimited Edition808.00
LE2gGold - McLaren F1Classic CarsLimited Edition919.00
LE2sSilver - Lamborghini CountachClassic CarsLimited Edition909.00
LE3The StigTop GearLimited Edition717.00