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Topps Transformers Movie Cards

Topps Transformers Movie Cards

Anno: 2007
Totale Carte collezionabili: 131

Anteprima raccolta (68% immagini scannerizzate)

raccolte: 0 / completate: 0


1Optimus PrimeGallery / AutobotBase Card000.00
2Optimus Prime - In His PrimeGallery / AutobotBase Card000.00
3BumblebeeGallery / AutobotBase Card000.00
4Bumblebee - Sam's BodyguardGallery / AutobotBase Card000.00
5MegatronGallery / AutobotBase Card000.00
6Megatron - The Source of All EvilGallery / DecepticonBase Card000.00
7BarricadeGallery / DecepticonBase Card000.00
8IronhideGallery / AutobotBase Card000.00
9JazzGallery / AutobotBase Card000.00
10StarscreamGallery / DecepticonBase Card000.00
11RatchetGallery / AutobotBase Card000.00
12Ratchet - A War to End WarsGallery / AutobotBase Card000.00
13BlackoutGallery / DecepticonBase Card000.00
14Blackout - Blackout's BabyGallery / DecepticonBase Card000.00
15Frenzy - is arguably the weirdest of the DecepGallery / DecepticonBase Card000.00
16Frenzy - An especially nasty and devious DecepGallery / DecepticonBase Card000.00
17Optimus Prime - Autobot VehiclesGallery / AutobotBase Card000.00
18Bumblebee - Alternate ModesGallery / AutobotBase Card000.00
19Shia LaBeouf as Sam WitwickyCharactersBase Card000.00
20Megan Fox as Mikaela BanesCharactersBase Card000.00
21Jon Voight as John KellerCharactersBase Card000.00
22Josh Nuhamel as Capt. LennowCharactersBase Card000.00
23Rachael Taylor as Maggie MarconiCharactersBase Card000.00
24Anthony Anderson as Glen WhitmannCharactersBase Card000.00
25Tyrese Gibson as Staff Sgt. EppsCharactersBase Card000.00
26John Turturro as Agent SimmonsCharactersBase Card000.00
27Kevin Nunn & Julie White as Ron & Judy WitwickyCharactersBase Card000.00
28A Chilling DiscoveryThe FilmBase Card000.00
29More Than meets the EyeThe FilmBase Card000.00
30Incident at SOCCENTThe FilmBase Card000.00
31Attacked by BlackoutThe FilmBase Card000.00
32Cut the Hard LinesThe FilmBase Card000.00
33Just a Teen Named SamThe FilmBase Card000.00
34A Global EmergencyThe FilmBase Card000.00
35Desert TrekThe FilmBase Card000.00
36Mega-Hot Grease MonkeyThe FilmBase Card000.00
37Assault on QatarThe FilmBase Card000.00
38Robot on the RampageThe FilmBase Card000.00
39It Won't Go Down!The FilmBase Card000.00
40RescuedThe FilmBase Card000.00
41A Bot, a Girl and a RobotThe FilmBase Card000.00
42In Barricade's ClutchesThe FilmBase Card000.00
43Terror from the StarsThe FilmBase Card000.00
44Transformers on EarthThe FilmBase Card000.00
45Not the Tooth FairyThe FilmBase Card000.00
46Heavy Metal AlliesThe FilmBase Card000.00
47Metal MorphosisThe FilmBase Card000.00
48On the Road AgainThe FilmBase Card000.00
49A Conference with KellerThe FilmBase Card000.00
50Destination: Hoover DamThe FilmBase Card000.00
51Inside Hoover DamThe FilmBase Card000.00
52Alien MetamorphosisThe FilmBase Card000.00
53Battle of the GiantsThe FilmBase Card000.00
54Against the DecepticonsThe FilmBase Card000.00
55Fearsome AdversaryThe FilmBase Card000.00
56Airborne MenaceThe FilmBase Card000.00
57Our World Under SiegeThe FilmBase Card000.00
58To Defend the EarthThe FilmBase Card000.00
59Has Sam the Right Stuff?The FilmBase Card000.00
60Earth's Final StandThe FilmBase Card000.00
61Protecting the AllsparkThe FilmBase Card000.00
62AftermathThe FilmBase Card000.00
63Tomorrow's ConflictThe FilmBase Card000.00
64Filming FrenzyThe ProductionBase Card000.00
65Blood and SandThe ProductionBase Card000.00
66Hero with a HeartThe ProductionBase Card000.00
67On LocationThe ProductionBase Card000.00
68Behemoth on IceThe ProductionBase Card000.00
69The Weirdest Props EverThe ProductionBase Card000.00
70Filming a Secret WorldThe ProductionBase Card000.00
71A Canvas of ConflictThe ProductionBase Card000.00
72The Witwicky LegacyThe ProductionBase Card000.00
73From Above and BehindThe Video GameBase Card000.00
74Titans UnleashedThe Video GameBase Card000.00
75Cybernetic Life-FormThe Video GameBase Card000.00
76Programmed to KillThe Video GameBase Card000.00
77Robotic DefendersThe Video GameBase Card000.00
78Megatron Transforms...The Video GameBase Card000.00
79Invading the SkiesThe Video GameBase Card000.00
80Terror from On HighThe Video GameBase Card000.00
81Above the Stricken CityThe Video GameBase Card000.00
82Passing the AllsparkThe Video GameBase Card000.00
83The Dream of Optimus PrimeThe Video GameBase Card000.00
84Behold... Cybertron!The Video GameBase Card000.00
85Prequel CoverComic Art / Dan FigueroaBase Card000.00
86Robot WorldComic Art / Dan FigueroaBase Card000.00
87Somewhere in SpaceComic Art / Dan FigueroaBase Card000.00
88Killer InstinctComic Art / Dan FigueroaBase Card000.00
89Ba-Doom!Comic Art / Dan FigueroaBase Card000.00
90Transformers Checklist-Base Card000.00
ACMegan Fox as Mikaela Banes
-Chase Card / Autograph Card000.00
AMM1SOCCENT Soldiers - Humans (Uniform Jacket)
-Chase Card / Authentic Movie Memorabilia000.00
AMM2SOCCENT Soldiers - Humans (Uniform Pants)
-Chase Card / Authentic Movie Memorabilia000.00
ASC1James Bukauskas [aka Bukshot]
-Chase Card / Artist Sketch Card000.00
ASC2Josh Burcham
-Chase Card / Artist Sketch Card000.00
ASC3Guido Guidi
-Chase Card / Artist Sketch Card000.00
ASC4Pablo Hidalgo
-Chase Card / Artist Sketch Card000.00
ASC5Tom Hodges
-Chase Card / Artist Sketch Card000.00
ASC6Marcel Matere
-Chase Card / Artist Sketch Card000.00
ASC7Alex Milne
-Chase Card / Artist Sketch Card000.00
ASC8Robby Musso
-Chase Card / Artist Sketch Card000.00
ASC9James Orfalo
-Chase Card / Artist Sketch Card000.00
ASC10Juan Carlos Ramos
-Chase Card / Artist Sketch Card000.00
ASC11Nick Roche
-Chase Card / Artist Sketch Card000.00
ASC12Rob Ruffalo
-Chase Card / Artist Sketch Card000.00
EFC1Blackout-Chase Card / Embossed Foil Card000.00
EFC2Bumblebee-Chase Card / Embossed Foil Card000.00
EFC3Barricade-Chase Card / Embossed Foil Card000.00
EFC4Frenzy-Chase Card / Embossed Foil Card000.00
EFC5Ironhide-Chase Card / Embossed Foil Card000.00
EFC6Jazz-Chase Card / Embossed Foil Card000.00
EFC7Megatron-Chase Card / Embossed Foil Card000.00
EFC8Optimus Prime-Chase Card / Embossed Foil Card000.00
EFC9Ratchet-Chase Card / Embossed Foil Card000.00
EFC10Starscream-Chase Card / Embossed Foil Card000.00
FC1BumblebeeAutobotChase Card / Foil Card000.00
FC2Optimus PrimeAutobotChase Card / Foil Card000.00
FC3RatchetAutobotChase Card / Foil Card000.00
FC4JazzAutobotChase Card / Foil Card000.00
FC5IronhideAutobotChase Card / Foil Card000.00
FC6BlackoutDecepticonChase Card / Foil Card000.00
FC7BarricadeDecepticonChase Card / Foil Card000.00
FC8MegatronDecepticonChase Card / Foil Card000.00
FC9FrenzyDecepticonChase Card / Foil Card000.00
FC10StarscreamDecepticonChase Card / Foil Card000.00
FPMC1Optimus Prime-Chase Card / Flix-Pix Motion Card000.00
FPMC2Megatron-Chase Card / Flix-Pix Motion Card000.00
FPMC3Bumblebee-Chase Card / Flix-Pix Motion Card000.00
FPMC4Barricade-Chase Card / Flix-Pix Motion Card000.00
FPMC5Ratchet-Chase Card / Flix-Pix Motion Card000.00
PCards Ship May (dealer sell sheet)-Promo Card000.00