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Upper Deck Battlefield Earth

Upper Deck Battlefield Earth

Anno: 2000
Totale Carte collezionabili: 97

Anteprima raccolta (83% immagini scannerizzate)

raccolte: 1 / completate: 1


1I'm Sorry-Base Card101.00
2Jonnie Mourns-Base Card101.00
3Chrissie-Base Card101.00
4The Dragon-Base Card101.00
5Jonnie Fights-Base Card101.00
6Rock & Carlo-Base Card101.00
7Captured-Base Card101.00
8Unsupervised Man-Animal-Base Card101.00
9What's Going On Here?-Base Card101.00
10Save the Going-Away Jokes for Later-Base Card101.00
11Jonnie Gets a Gun-Base Card101.00
12I'll Be Damned-Base Card101.00
13Human Processing Center-Base Card101.00
14Hose Down-Base Card101.00
15Feeding Time-Base Card101.00
16Jonnie Unites the Humans-Base Card101.00
17Off Planet-Base Card101.00
18Enslaved-Base Card101.00
19Chaos!-Base Card101.00
20Escape?-Base Card101.00
21Psychlos-Base Card101.00
22Drain Pipe Escape-Base Card101.00
23Change of Plans-Base Card101.00
24Let the Man-Animal Escape-Base Card101.00
25The Plan-Base Card101.00
26Mutiny-Base Card101.00
27Meet Chirk-Base Card101.00
28Raw Rat!-Base Card101.00
29Captured Again-Base Card101.00
30Man-Animals Can't Fly-Base Card101.00
31Security Chief-Base Card101.00
32Breaking & Entering-Base Card101.00
33Do You Understand?-Base Card101.00
34Counter-Attack-Base Card101.00
35Another Test-Base Card101.00
36Declaration of Independence-Base Card101.00
37Terl-Base Card101.00
38Killing Cows-Base Card101.00
39Demonstration of Strength-Base Card101.00
40Surprise!-Base Card101.00
41Tables Are Turned-Base Card101.00
42Leverage, Leverage-Base Card101.00
43Chrissie!-Base Card101.00
44Strategic Deception-Base Card000.00
45Collared-Base Card101.00
46Ker-Base Card101.00
47Learning to Fly-Base Card101.00
48Mining-Base Card101.00
49Friends on the Outside-Base Card101.00
50Planning Revolt-Base Card101.00
51Where Is Fort Knox?-Base Card101.00
52Gold-Base Card101.00
53Gold Bounty-Base Card101.00
54Gold Bars?-Base Card101.00
55Terl's Gold-Base Card101.00
56Alliance Formed-Base Card101.00
57Dissension-Base Card101.00
58Ker's Plan Fails-Base Card101.00
59Who's Going to Psychlo?-Base Card101.00
60The Future Race-Base Card101.00
61Carlo Blows the Dome Open-Base Card101.00
62Terl's Defeat-Base Card101.00
63Surrounded by Gold-Base Card101.00
64Jonnie Goodboy Tyler - Barry Pepper-Base Card101.00
65Carlo, Jonnie & Floyd-Base Card101.00
66Chrissie - Sabine Karsenti-Base Card101.00
67Parson Staffer - Michael Byrne-Base Card101.00
68Terl - John Travolta-Base Card101.00
69Ker - Forest Whitaker-Base Card101.00
70Chirk - Kelly Preston-Base Card101.00
71Psychlo Guard-Base Card101.00
72District Manager Zete - Michael Macrae-Base Card101.00
73Jonnie and Terl - Early concept-Base Card101.00
74Psychlo Blasters-Base Card101.00
75Control Bunker-Base Card101.00
76Corridor-Base Card101.00
77Earth: 3000 A.D.-Base Card101.00
78Psychlo Sketches-Base Card101.00
79Psychlo Buildings-Base Card101.00
80Human Zoo-Base Card101.00
81Statue-Base Card101.00
82Model Shop-Base Card101.00
83Touch-Up-Base Card101.00
84Rehearsal-Base Card101.00
85Under Repair-Base Card101.00
86Action!-Base Card101.00
87Becoming Psychlo-Base Card101.00
88Red Screen-Base Card101.00
89Psychlo Mark II-Base Card101.00
90Checklist-Base Card101.00
AC1Barry Pepper as Jonnie "Goodboy" Tyler
AutographsChase card101.00
AC2John Travolta as Terl
AutographsChase card101.00
AC3Forest Whitaker as Ker
AutographsChase card101.00
PD1John Travolta - TerlPowerDeckChase card101.00
PD2John Travolta - TerlPowerDeckChase card101.00
PD3Forest Whitaker - KerPowerDeckChase card101.00
PD4Barry Pepper - Jonnie "Goodboy" TylerPowerDeckChase card101.00