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Upper Deck Deadpool

Upper Deck Deadpool

Anno: 2019
Totale Carte collezionabili: 542

Anteprima raccolta (50% immagini scannerizzate)

raccolte: 1 / completate: 0


1Knock, Knock-Base Card101.00
2Have Some Fun-Base Card101.00
3The End is Nigh-Base Card101.00
4Adrift in time-Base Card101.00
5Flyboy-Base Card101.00
6Leave Him Be-Base Card101.00
7Hit It!-Base Card101.00
8Logic-Base Card101.00
9Upside Down-Base Card101.00
10Rooftop-Base Card101.00
11Is That Thing On?-Base Card101.00
12This Fight Is Over-Base Card101.00
13Gotta Bounce-Base Card101.00
14Outta My way-Base Card101.00
15The Helmet-Base Card101.00
16Sock Puppet-Base Card101.00
17The Man-Base Card101.00
18Hoboken-Base Card101.00
19Yahoos-Base Card101.00
20Rough Draft-Base Card101.00
21Sunset-Base Card101.00
22Funeral-Base Card101.00
23D.P. Inc-Base Card101.00
24Johnny Handsome-Base Card101.00
25Wolvie-Base Card101.00
26Hello New York-Base Card101.00
27Hey Weasel-Base Card101.00
28Bang!-Base Card101.00
29The Mind-Base Card101.00
30Young Deadpool-Base Card101.00
31Tacos-Base Card101.00
32Recap Page-Base Card101.00
33Arms Crossed-Base Card101.00
34Mans Best Friend-Base Card101.00
35You'll Be Ok-Base Card101.00
36Bunker-Base Card101.00
37Open Mic-Base Card101.00
3840 Years-Base Card101.00
39World's Greatest Mercenary-Base Card101.00
40Stitched Together-Base Card101.00
41#1-Base Card101.00
42Low Profile-Base Card101.00
43At The Movies-Base Card101.00
44Pool Cycle-Base Card101.00
45Magneto Was Right-Base Card101.00
46Alien Baby-Base Card101.00
47Origin Story-Base Card101.00
48Cool 30 Years Ago-Base Card101.00
49What Now Boss?-Base Card101.00
50I Can Explain-Base Card101.00
51Storage-Base Card101.00
52Garage-Base Card101.00
53Taking A Call-Base Card101.00
54Unicorn Backpack-Base Card101.00
55Official Business-Base Card101.00
56Abomination-Base Card101.00
57The DP Corps-Base Card101.00
58Crue!-Base Card101.00
59Spring In Your Step-Base Card101.00
60Who's Next?-Base Card101.00
61Grand Design-Base Card101.00
62Circus-Base Card101.00
63Pandapool-Base Card101.00
64Hero-Base Card101.00
65Utility Belt-Base Card101.00
66Wolverine-Pool-Base Card101.00
67Not So Lucky-Base Card101.00
68Married-Base Card101.00
69Deadfist-Base Card101.00
70Jacuzzi-Base Card101.00
71Spirit Animal-Base Card101.00
72Clean Up-Base Card101.00
73Toy Box-Base Card101.00
74Hire Me?-Base Card101.00
75Camel-Base Card101.00
76Have It Your Way-Base Card101.00
77Kumite-Base Card101.00
78Just Boo Boos-Base Card101.00
79Pulled It Off-Base Card101.00
80Ole!-Base Card101.00
81Pleased To Meet You-Base Card101.00
82Rehabilitate-Base Card101.00
83Deadpool's Back!-Base Card101.00
84Geez!-Base Card101.00
85Tolliver I'm Home-Base Card101.00
86Deadpool Vs. Domino!-Base Card101.00
87Whaddo I Do?-Base Card101.00
88Shatterstar-Base Card101.00
89We Ain't Equals-Base Card101.00
90Take Care Of Business-Base Card101.00
91Wade Wilson's War-Base Card101.00
92Packs Quite A Kick-Base Card101.00
93Fallin'-Base Card101.00
94Bad Mistake!-Base Card101.00
95Yeeha!-Base Card101.00
96Damage Control-Base Card101.00
97It's Time To Die!-Base Card101.00
98Get With The Program Cable-Base Card101.00
99Paycheck-Base Card101.00
100You're Wrong Deadpool-Base Card101.00
101Earth-616High SeriesBase Card101.00
102Accept No Substitutes!High SeriesBase Card101.00
103BuzzkillHigh SeriesBase Card101.00
104ChainsawHigh SeriesBase Card101.00
105It's A TrapHigh SeriesBase Card101.00
106Boom!High SeriesBase Card101.00
107Hiya/ WadeHigh SeriesBase Card101.00
108Team 1High SeriesBase Card101.00
109Team 2High SeriesBase Card101.00
1106 ArmsHigh SeriesBase Card101.00
111Molson!High SeriesBase Card101.00
112Snikt!High SeriesBase Card101.00
113DinosaursHigh SeriesBase Card101.00
114You Tell'Em!High SeriesBase Card101.00
115Not In The FaceHigh SeriesBase Card101.00
116Action MontageHigh SeriesBase Card101.00
117Action Montage pt. 2High SeriesBase Card101.00
118Shark-PoolHigh SeriesBase Card101.00
119Deadpool Inc.High SeriesBase Card101.00
120RainHigh SeriesBase Card101.00
121Set Them FreeHigh SeriesBase Card101.00
122Last Deadpool StandingHigh SeriesBase Card101.00
123Carbon-Fiber KatanasHigh SeriesBase Card101.00
124Cut Cable's Heart OutHigh SeriesBase Card101.00
125Nice Bone StructureHigh SeriesBase Card101.00
126We LostHigh SeriesBase Card101.00
127Vs. CableHigh SeriesBase Card101.00
128Fun Right?High SeriesBase Card101.00
129RegicideHigh SeriesBase Card101.00
130You Killed My FamilyHigh SeriesBase Card101.00
3D1Cable3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D2All Angles3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D3King of Hearts3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D4Target Practice3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D53-Dimensional3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D6Daisy3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D7Dinosaur3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D8Top Rope3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D9In Orbit3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D10Vampires3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D11The Corps3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D12Ballerina3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D13Cupid3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D14Surface of The Moon3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D15Train Robbery3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D16New Challenger3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D17Deadpool Party3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D18Reading Comics3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D19Don't Mess With Us3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D20Ahoy3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D21Lizard-People3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D22Zero Gravity3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D23Battlefield3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D24Deadpool Rings3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D25Coming Through3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D26Fish Bowl3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D27Selfie3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D28Off The Page3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D29Bats3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D30Monster3-D Lenticulars - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
3D31Wanted3-D Lenticulars - Tier 2Chase Card101.00
3D32Sharp Edges3-D Lenticulars - Tier 2Chase Card101.00
3D33Under Control3-D Lenticulars - Tier 2Chase Card101.00
3D34Nick Fury3-D Lenticulars - Tier 2Chase Card101.00
3D35Pizza Time3-D Lenticulars - Tier 2Chase Card101.00
3D36Down The Middle3-D Lenticulars - Tier 2Chase Card101.00
3D37Celebration3-D Lenticulars - Tier 2Chase Card101.00
3D38Letters3-D Lenticulars - Tier 2Chase Card101.00
3D39Up In Flames3-D Lenticulars - Tier 2Chase Card101.00
3D40Head Stone3-D Lenticulars - Tier 3Chase Card101.00
3D41Parkour3-D Lenticulars - Tier 3Chase Card101.00
3D42The Holidays3-D Lenticulars - Tier 3Chase Card101.00
CWD-1Step 1Chimichangas with DeadpoolChase Card101.00
CWD-2Step 2Chimichangas with DeadpoolChase Card101.00
CWD-3Step 3Chimichangas with DeadpoolChase Card101.00
CWD-4Step 4Chimichangas with DeadpoolChase Card101.00
CWD-5Step 5Chimichangas with DeadpoolChase Card101.00
CWD-6Step 6Chimichangas with DeadpoolChase Card101.00
CWD-7Step 7Chimichangas with DeadpoolChase Card101.00
CWD-8Step 8Chimichangas with DeadpoolChase Card101.00
DG1KidpoolDeadglassChase Card101.00
DG2VenompoolDeadglassChase Card101.00
DG3PhoenixpoolDeadglassChase Card101.00
DG4Agent Emily PrestonDeadglassChase Card101.00
DG5Ellie CamachoDeadglassChase Card101.00
DG6Green DeadpoolDeadglassChase Card101.00
DG7Sheriff DeadpoolDeadglassChase Card101.00
DG8Deadpool 2099DeadglassChase Card101.00
DG9Ultimate DeadpoolDeadglassChase Card101.00
DG10HellcowDeadglassChase Card101.00
DG11New CostumeDeadglassChase Card101.00
DG12Dog PoolDeadglassChase Card101.00
DG13Widdle WadeDeadglassChase Card101.00
DG14X-UniformDeadglassChase Card101.00
DG15Wade WilsonDeadglassChase Card101.00
DG16Thunderbolts DeadpoolDeadglassChase Card101.00
DG17ZenpoolDeadglassChase Card101.00
DG18WolverinepoolDeadglassChase Card101.00
DG19HulkpoolDeadglassChase Card101.00
DG20Pulp DeadpoolDeadglassChase Card101.00
DP1Dogpool PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP2Katana PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP3Dogpool Scratching PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP4D.P. Corps PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP5Headpool PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP6Lady Deadpool PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP7Lady Deadpool Katana PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP8Deadpool Blue Splash PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP9Power Wheel PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP10Dark Side PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP11Ladypool & Dogpool PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP12Deadpool Fam PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP13Kidpool Hoodie PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP14Outta The Way PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP15Graffiti PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP16Profile PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP17Arms Crossed PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP18Common Sense PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP19Chibipool PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP20No Deadpool PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP21Headpool Eye PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP22Headpool Zombie PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP23Propeller Hat PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP24Deadpool Mask PatchDeadpatch - Tier 1Chase Card101.00
DP25Wade PatchDeadpatch - Tier 2Chase Card101.00
DP26Chibipool Waving PatchDeadpatch - Tier 2Chase Card101.00
DP27Deadpool-moji PatchDeadpatch - Tier 2Chase Card101.00
DP28Psst... PatchDeadpatch - Tier 2Chase Card101.00
DP29Here Comes Deadpool PatchDeadpatch - Tier 2Chase Card101.00
DP30The Insufferable Deadpool PatchDeadpatch - Tier 2Chase Card101.00
DP31Chibipool Head PatchDeadpatch - Tier 2Chase Card101.00
DP32Incoming PatchDeadpatch - Tier 2Chase Card101.00
DP33To Be Continued PatchDeadpatch - Tier 2Chase Card101.00
DP34Waiter PatchDeadpatch - Tier 3Chase Card101.00
DP35ToonpoolDeadpatch - Tier 3Chase Card101.00
DP36Swan Dive PatchDeadpatch - Tier 3Chase Card101.00
DP37Classic PatchDeadpatch - Tier 3Chase Card101.00
DP38!? PatchDeadpatch - Tier 3Chase Card101.00
DP39Deadpool Speaking PatchDeadpatch - Tier 3Chase Card101.00
DP40Flower PatchDeadpatch - Tier 4Chase Card101.00
DP41Selfie PatchDeadpatch - Tier 4Chase Card101.00
DP42Lost In Space PatchDeadpatch - Tier 4Chase Card101.00
DB1UltronDeadpool BombingChase Card101.00
DB2Gorr The God ButcherDeadpool BombingChase Card101.00
DB3Shadow KingDeadpool BombingChase Card101.00
DB4Omega RedDeadpool BombingChase Card101.00
DB5ArcadeDeadpool BombingChase Card101.00
DB6MystiqueDeadpool BombingChase Card101.00
DB7LokiDeadpool BombingChase Card101.00
DB8BullseyeDeadpool BombingChase Card101.00
DB9Red SkullDeadpool BombingChase Card101.00
DB10JuggernautDeadpool BombingChase Card101.00
DB11HelaDeadpool BombingChase Card101.00
DB12Silver SamuraiDeadpool BombingChase Card101.00
MTP1CableMeet the Pools!Chase Card101.00
MTP2WolverineMeet the Pools!Chase Card101.00
MTP3Deadpool PulpMeet the Pools!Chase Card101.00
MTP4Wadey WilsonMeet the Pools!Chase Card101.00
MTP5Hydra BobMeet the Pools!Chase Card101.00
MTP6Blind AlMeet the Pools!Chase Card101.00
MTP7WeaselMeet the Pools!Chase Card101.00
MTP8Negasonic Teenage WarheadMeet the Pools!Chase Card101.00
MTP9GwenpoolMeet the Pools!Chase Card101.00
MTP10Lady DeadpoolMeet the Pools!Chase Card101.00
MTP11KidpoolMeet the Pools!Chase Card101.00
MTP12HeadpoolMeet the Pools!Chase Card101.00
MTP13DogpoolMeet the Pools!Chase Card101.00
MTP14MasacreMeet the Pools!Chase Card101.00
MTP15Hit-MonkeyMeet the Pools!Chase Card101.00
MTP16ShiklahMeet the Pools!Chase Card101.00
MTP17DominoMeet the Pools!Chase Card101.00
MTP18Evil DeadpoolMeet the Pools!Chase Card101.00
NMC-1Piece 1
New Mutants 98 Comic Cuts - CoversChase Card101.00
NMC-2Piece 2
New Mutants 98 Comic Cuts - CoversChase Card101.00
NMC-3Piece 3
New Mutants 98 Comic Cuts - CoversChase Card101.00
NMC-4Piece 4
New Mutants 98 Comic Cuts - CoversChase Card101.00
NMC-5Piece 5
New Mutants 98 Comic Cuts - CoversChase Card101.00
NMC-6Piece 6
New Mutants 98 Comic Cuts - CoversChase Card101.00
NMC-7Piece 7
New Mutants 98 Comic Cuts - CoversChase Card101.00
NMC-8Piece 8
New Mutants 98 Comic Cuts - CoversChase Card101.00
NMC-9Piece 9
New Mutants 98 Comic Cuts - CoversChase Card101.00
NMINew Mutants #98
New Mutants 98 Comic Cuts - InteriorsChase Card101.00
SKT1Adam FieldsSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT2Agus SumantriSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT3Ahjay CerezoSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT4Al MilgromSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT5Andrew FernandesSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT6Andrew LopezSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT7Andy SparkeSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT8Anthony FigaroSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT9Aposcar Guevara CruzSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT10Bryan "SilverBaX" SheppardSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT11Bryan TillmanSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT12Cesar FloresSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT13Chris WilldigSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT14Criss MitchellSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT15Ed Mark F. dela CruzSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT16Elvin HernandezSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT17Ethan CastilloSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT18Gary ODD EdmundSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT19Gerardo "Todd" VertizSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT20Glen CanlasSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT21Gordon WillsSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT22Harold GeorgeSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT23JadrankoSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT24Jeff AbarSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT25Jeffrey BenitezSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT26Jim O'RileySketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT27Johnathan RupleSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT28Johnny TownsendSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT29Jucylande Paula de Oliveira Jr.Sketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT30Mai IrvingSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT31Marcelo FerreiraSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT32Marlon FernandesSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT33Melike AcarSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT34Mick and Matt GlebeSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT35Mike MorrisonSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT36Omar SotoSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT37Paul HillSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT38Peter ClintonSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT39Phil BuckenhamSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT40Randy MartinezSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT41Rhiannon OwensSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT42Ruben EnriquezSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT43Sean ForneySketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT44Shea ZubairSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT45Sherwin SantiagoSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT46Tom AmiciSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT47Vicente MoaveroSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SKT48William CrabbSketch CardsChase Card101.00
SB11989 Upper Deck BaseballSport Ball!Chase Card101.00
SB21989 Upper Deck BaseballSport Ball!Chase Card101.00
SB31992 Upper Deck BasketballSport Ball!Chase Card101.00
SB41989 Fleer BaseballSport Ball!Chase Card101.00
SB51987 Fleer BaseballSport Ball!Chase Card101.00
SB61990-1991 Upper Deck HockeySport Ball!Chase Card101.00
SB71991-1992 Upper Deck HockeySport Ball!Chase Card101.00
SB81989 Upper Deck BaseballSport Ball!Chase Card101.00
SB91994 Collector's Choice BaseballSport Ball!Chase Card101.00
SB101986 Fleer BaseballSport Ball!Chase Card101.00
SB111988 Fleer BaseballSport Ball!Chase Card101.00
SB121984 Fleer BaseballSport Ball!Chase Card101.00
1bKnock, Knock-Base Card / Black101.00
2bHave Some Fun-Base Card / Black101.00
3bThe End is Nigh-Base Card / Black101.00
4bAdrift in time-Base Card / Black101.00
5bFlyboy-Base Card / Black101.00
6bLeave Him Be-Base Card / Black101.00
7bHit It!-Base Card / Black101.00
8bLogic-Base Card / Black101.00
9bUpside Down-Base Card / Black101.00
10bRooftop-Base Card / Black101.00
11bIs That Thing On?-Base Card / Black101.00
12bThis Fight Is Over-Base Card / Black101.00
13bGotta Bounce-Base Card / Black101.00
14bOutta My way-Base Card / Black101.00
15bThe Helmet-Base Card / Black101.00
16bSock Puppet-Base Card / Black101.00
17bThe Man-Base Card / Black101.00
18bHoboken-Base Card / Black101.00
19bYahoos-Base Card / Black101.00
20bRough Draft-Base Card / Black101.00
21bSunset-Base Card / Black101.00
22bFuneral-Base Card / Black101.00
23bD.P. Inc-Base Card / Black101.00
24bJohnny Handsome-Base Card / Black101.00
25bWolvie-Base Card / Black101.00
26bHello New York-Base Card / Black101.00
27bHey Weasel-Base Card / Black101.00
28bBang!-Base Card / Black101.00
29bThe Mind-Base Card / Black101.00
30bYoung Deadpool-Base Card / Black101.00
31bTacos-Base Card / Black101.00
32bRecap Page-Base Card / Black101.00
33bArms Crossed-Base Card / Black101.00
34bMans Best Friend-Base Card / Black101.00
35bYou'll Be Ok-Base Card / Black101.00
36bBunker-Base Card / Black101.00
37bOpen Mic-Base Card / Black101.00
38b40 Years-Base Card / Black101.00
39bWorld's Greatest Mercenary-Base Card / Black101.00
40bStitched Together-Base Card / Black101.00
41b#1-Base Card / Black101.00
42bLow Profile-Base Card / Black101.00
43bAt The Movies-Base Card / Black101.00
44bPool Cycle-Base Card / Black101.00
45bMagneto Was Right-Base Card / Black101.00
46bAlien Baby-Base Card / Black101.00
47bOrigin Story-Base Card / Black101.00
48bCool 30 Years Ago-Base Card / Black101.00
49bWhat Now Boss?-Base Card / Black101.00
50bI Can Explain-Base Card / Black101.00
51bStorage-Base Card / Black101.00
52bGarage-Base Card / Black101.00
53bTaking A Call-Base Card / Black101.00
54bUnicorn Backpack-Base Card / Black101.00
55bOfficial Business-Base Card / Black101.00
56bAbomination-Base Card / Black101.00
57bThe DP Corps-Base Card / Black101.00
58bCrue!-Base Card / Black101.00
59bSpring In Your Step-Base Card / Black101.00
60bWho's Next?-Base Card / Black101.00
61bGrand Design-Base Card / Black101.00
62bCircus-Base Card / Black101.00
63bPandapool-Base Card / Black101.00
64bHero-Base Card / Black101.00
65bUtility Belt-Base Card / Black101.00
66bWolverine-Pool-Base Card / Black101.00
67bNot So Lucky-Base Card / Black101.00
68bMarried-Base Card / Black101.00
69bDeadfist-Base Card / Black101.00
70bJacuzzi-Base Card / Black101.00
71bSpirit Animal-Base Card / Black101.00
72bClean Up-Base Card / Black101.00
73bToy Box-Base Card / Black101.00
74bHire Me?-Base Card / Black101.00
75bCamel-Base Card / Black101.00
76bHave It Your Way-Base Card / Black101.00
77bKumite-Base Card / Black101.00
78bJust Boo Boos-Base Card / Black101.00
79bPulled It Off-Base Card / Black101.00
80bOle!-Base Card / Black101.00
81bPleased To Meet You-Base Card / Black101.00
82bRehabilitate-Base Card / Black101.00
83bDeadpool's Back!-Base Card / Black101.00
84bGeez!-Base Card / Black101.00
85bTolliver I'm Home-Base Card / Black101.00
86bDeadpool Vs. Domino!-Base Card / Black101.00
87bWhaddo I Do?-Base Card / Black101.00
88bShatterstar-Base Card / Black101.00
89bWe Ain't Equals-Base Card / Black101.00
90bTake Care Of Business-Base Card / Black101.00
91bWade Wilson's War-Base Card / Black101.00
92bPacks Quite A Kick-Base Card / Black101.00
93bFallin'-Base Card / Black101.00
94bBad Mistake!-Base Card / Black101.00
95bYeeha!-Base Card / Black101.00
96bDamage Control-Base Card / Black101.00
97bIt's Time To Die!-Base Card / Black101.00
98bGet With The Program Cable-Base Card / Black101.00
99bPaycheck-Base Card / Black101.00
100bYou're Wrong Deadpool-Base Card / Black101.00
1pKnock, Knock-Base Card / Pink101.00
2pHave Some Fun-Base Card / Pink101.00
3pThe End is Nigh-Base Card / Pink101.00
4pAdrift in time-Base Card / Pink101.00
5pFlyboy-Base Card / Pink101.00
6pLeave Him Be-Base Card / Pink101.00
7pHit It!-Base Card / Pink101.00
8pLogic-Base Card / Pink101.00
9pUpside Down-Base Card / Pink101.00
10pRooftop-Base Card / Pink101.00
11pIs That Thing On?-Base Card / Pink101.00
12pThis Fight Is Over-Base Card / Pink101.00
13pGotta Bounce-Base Card / Pink101.00
14pOutta My way-Base Card / Pink101.00
15pThe Helmet-Base Card / Pink101.00
16pSock Puppet-Base Card / Pink101.00
17pThe Man-Base Card / Pink101.00
18pHoboken-Base Card / Pink101.00
19pYahoos-Base Card / Pink101.00
20pRough Draft-Base Card / Pink101.00
21pSunset-Base Card / Pink101.00
22pFuneral-Base Card / Pink101.00
23pD.P. Inc-Base Card / Pink101.00
24pJohnny Handsome-Base Card / Pink101.00
25pWolvie-Base Card / Pink101.00
26pHello New York-Base Card / Pink101.00
27pHey Weasel-Base Card / Pink101.00
28pBang!-Base Card / Pink101.00
29pThe Mind-Base Card / Pink101.00
30pYoung Deadpool-Base Card / Pink101.00
31pTacos-Base Card / Pink101.00
32pRecap Page-Base Card / Pink101.00
33pArms Crossed-Base Card / Pink101.00
34pMans Best Friend-Base Card / Pink101.00
35pYou'll Be Ok-Base Card / Pink101.00
36pBunker-Base Card / Pink101.00
37pOpen Mic-Base Card / Pink101.00
38p40 Years-Base Card / Pink101.00
39pWorld's Greatest Mercenary-Base Card / Pink101.00
40pStitched Together-Base Card / Pink101.00
41p#1-Base Card / Pink101.00
42pLow Profile-Base Card / Pink101.00
43pAt The Movies-Base Card / Pink101.00
44pPool Cycle-Base Card / Pink101.00
45pMagneto Was Right-Base Card / Pink101.00
46pAlien Baby-Base Card / Pink101.00
47pOrigin Story-Base Card / Pink101.00
48pCool 30 Years Ago-Base Card / Pink101.00
49pWhat Now Boss?-Base Card / Pink101.00
50pI Can Explain-Base Card / Pink101.00
51pStorage-Base Card / Pink101.00
52pGarage-Base Card / Pink101.00
53pTaking A Call-Base Card / Pink101.00
54pUnicorn Backpack-Base Card / Pink101.00
55pOfficial Business-Base Card / Pink101.00
56pAbomination-Base Card / Pink101.00
57pThe DP Corps-Base Card / Pink101.00
58pCrue!-Base Card / Pink101.00
59pSpring In Your Step-Base Card / Pink101.00
60pWho's Next?-Base Card / Pink101.00
61pGrand Design-Base Card / Pink101.00
62pCircus-Base Card / Pink101.00
63pPandapool-Base Card / Pink101.00
64pHero-Base Card / Pink101.00
65pUtility Belt-Base Card / Pink101.00
66pWolverine-Pool-Base Card / Pink101.00
67pNot So Lucky-Base Card / Pink101.00
68pMarried-Base Card / Pink101.00
69pDeadfist-Base Card / Pink101.00
70pJacuzzi-Base Card / Pink101.00
71pSpirit Animal-Base Card / Pink101.00
72pClean Up-Base Card / Pink101.00
73pToy Box-Base Card / Pink101.00
74pHire Me?-Base Card / Pink101.00
75pCamel-Base Card / Pink101.00
76pHave It Your Way-Base Card / Pink101.00
77pKumite-Base Card / Pink101.00
78pJust Boo Boos-Base Card / Pink101.00
79pPulled It Off-Base Card / Pink101.00
80pOle!-Base Card / Pink101.00
81pPleased To Meet You-Base Card / Pink101.00
82pRehabilitate-Base Card / Pink101.00
83pDeadpool's Back!-Base Card / Pink101.00
84pGeez!-Base Card / Pink101.00
85pTolliver I'm Home-Base Card / Pink101.00
86pDeadpool Vs. Domino!-Base Card / Pink101.00
87pWhaddo I Do?-Base Card / Pink101.00
88pShatterstar-Base Card / Pink101.00
89pWe Ain't Equals-Base Card / Pink101.00
90pTake Care Of Business-Base Card / Pink101.00
91pWade Wilson's War-Base Card / Pink101.00
92pPacks Quite A Kick-Base Card / Pink101.00
93pFallin'-Base Card / Pink101.00
94pBad Mistake!-Base Card / Pink101.00
95pYeeha!-Base Card / Pink101.00
96pDamage Control-Base Card / Pink101.00
97pIt's Time To Die!-Base Card / Pink101.00
98pGet With The Program Cable-Base Card / Pink101.00
99pPaycheck-Base Card / Pink101.00
100pYou're Wrong Deadpool-Base Card / Pink101.00