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Panini NFL 2021

Panini NFL 2021

Jaar: 2021
Aantal stickers: 1461

• The official and exclusive sticker and card collection of the NFL
• Each of the NFL’s 32 teams will be featured on its own spread of two color pages, where collectors can place the stickers of the team’s main players.
• Each Team Spread will include 16 stickers.
• Look for one special “big-head” style player illustration sticker per team!
• Pages and stickers dedicated to the 2020 NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl LV
• One page highlighting notable players selected in the 2021 NFL Draft
• One page showcasing the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2021
• The trading card set will include 68 of the best NFL veterans and 32 of the most collectible 2021 rookies.

Voorvertoning verzameling (44% ingescande foto's)

verzamelaars: 132 / compleet: 65


Volledige checklist (Aantal stickers: 1461)
1Panini LogoIntroductionholographic25231.09
2AFC Divisional Chiefs vs BrownsPlayoffs-26221.18
3AFC Championship Chiefs vs BillsPlayoffsholographic33181.83
4AFC Divisional Bills vs RavensPlayoffs-22181.22
5AFC Wild Card Browns vs SteelersPlayoffs-22280.79
6AFC Wild Card Bills vs ColtsPlayoffs-26201.30
7AFC Wild Card Ravens vs TitansPlayoffs-20220.91
8NFC Wild Card Rams vs SeahawksPlayoffs-25171.47
9NFC Wild Card Buccaneers vs WashingtonPlayoffs-24241.00
10NFC Wild Card Saints vs BearsPlayoffs-22201.10
11NFC Divisional Packers vs RamsPlayoffs-11930.12
12NFC Championship Buccaneers vs PackersPlayoffsholographic23260.88
13NFC Divisional Buccaneers vs SaintsPlayoffs-23280.82
14Frank ClarkSuper Bowl LV-111000.11
15Rob GronkowskiSuper Bowl LV-121050.11
16Anthony HitchensSuper Bowl LV-23320.72
17Ronald Jones IISuper Bowl LV-32152.13
18Rob GronkowskiSuper Bowl LV-10990.10
19Leonard FournetteSuper Bowl LV-121000.12
20Antoine Winfield Jr.Super Bowl LV-29181.61
21Devin WhiteSuper Bowl LV-13890.15
22Tom Brady (MVP)Super Bowl LVholographic43172.53
23Alan FanecaHall of Fame – Class of 2021-11930.12
24Calvin JohnsonHall of Fame – Class of 2021-22221.00
25John LynchHall of Fame – Class of 2021-12950.13
26Peyton ManningHall of Fame – Class of 2021-24280.86
27Drew PearsonHall of Fame – Class of 2021-19310.61
28Charles WoodsonHall of Fame – Class of 2021-13920.14
29Trevor Lawrence2021 NFL Draft-16920.17
30Zach Wilson2021 NFL Draft-33211.57
31Trey Lance2021 NFL Draft-16910.18
32Kyle Pitts2021 NFL Draft-27191.42
33Ja’Marr Chase2021 NFL Draft-12970.12
34Jaylen Waddle2021 NFL Draft-13910.14
35DeVonta Smith2021 NFL Draft-26270.96
36Justin Fields2021 NFL Draft-12960.13
37Mac Jones2021 NFL Draft-11990.11
38Najee Harris2021 NFL Draft-20230.87
39Team LogoAFC Teams / Buffalo Billsholographic29211.38
40Josh AllenAFC Teams / Buffalo Billsholographic25141.79
41Stefon Diggs (Drawing)AFC Teams / Buffalo Bills-30181.67
42Tre’Davious WhiteAFC Teams / Buffalo Billsholographic21300.70
43Josh AllenAFC Teams / Buffalo Bills-22250.88
44Zack MossAFC Teams / Buffalo Bills-26211.24
45Devin SingletaryAFC Teams / Buffalo Bills-21230.91
46Stefon DiggsAFC Teams / Buffalo Bills-22221.00
47Gabriel DavisAFC Teams / Buffalo Bills-25221.14
48Cole BeasleyAFC Teams / Buffalo Bills-22230.96
49Tremaine EdmundsAFC Teams / Buffalo Bills-23270.85
50Tre’Davious WhiteAFC Teams / Buffalo Bills-23231.00
51Taron JohnsonAFC Teams / Buffalo Bills-24191.26
52Jordan PoyerAFC Teams / Buffalo Bills-22280.79
53Micah HydeAFC Teams / Buffalo Bills-14440.32
54Tyler BassAFC Teams / Buffalo Bills-25241.04
55Team LogoAFC Teams / Miami Dolphinsholographic28161.75
56Tua TagovailoaAFC Teams / Miami Dolphinsholographic27171.59
57Xavien Howard (Drawing)AFC Teams / Miami Dolphins-29191.53
58DeVante ParkerAFC Teams / Miami Dolphinsholographic27171.59
59Tua TagovailoaAFC Teams / Miami Dolphins-26201.30
60Myles GaskinAFC Teams / Miami Dolphins-24221.09
61Salvon AhmedAFC Teams / Miami Dolphins-30211.43
62DeVante ParkerAFC Teams / Miami Dolphins-22171.29
63Preston WilliamsAFC Teams / Miami Dolphins-20300.67
64Will Fuller VAFC Teams / Miami Dolphins-25300.83
65Jaylen Waddle (Rookie)AFC Teams / Miami Dolphins-29161.81
66Mike GesickiAFC Teams / Miami Dolphins-22250.88
67Emmanuel OgbahAFC Teams / Miami Dolphins-26211.24
68Jerome BakerAFC Teams / Miami Dolphins-27201.35
69Byron JonesAFC Teams / Miami Dolphins-25141.79
70Xavien HowardAFC Teams / Miami Dolphins-24250.96
71Team LogoAFC Teams / New England Patriotsholographic33171.94
72Damien HarrisAFC Teams / New England Patriotsholographic27221.23
73Jakobi Meyers (Drawing)AFC Teams / New England Patriots-24201.20
74Stephon GilmoreAFC Teams / New England Patriotsholographic22350.63
75Cam NewtonAFC Teams / New England Patriots-28221.27
76Mac Jones (Rookie)AFC Teams / New England Patriots-29142.07
77Damien HarrisAFC Teams / New England Patriots-25201.25
78Sony MichelAFC Teams / New England Patriots-21181.17
79James WhiteAFC Teams / New England Patriots-19320.59
80Jakobi MeyersAFC Teams / New England Patriots-20220.91
81Chase WinovichAFC Teams / New England Patriots-25320.78
82Dont’A HightowerAFC Teams / New England Patriots-26221.18
83Ja’Whaun BentleyAFC Teams / New England Patriots-30241.25
84Stephon GilmoreAFC Teams / New England Patriots-25251.00
85J.C. JacksonAFC Teams / New England Patriots-30181.67
86Adrian PhillipsAFC Teams / New England Patriots-32122.67
87Team LogoAFC Teams / New York Jetsholographic24260.92
88Quinnen WilliamsAFC Teams / New York Jetsholographic25270.93
89Jamison Crowder (Drawing)AFC Teams / New York Jets-30211.43
90Zach WilsonAFC Teams / New York Jetsholographic25151.67
91Zach Wilson (Rookie)AFC Teams / New York Jets-29142.07
92La’Mical PerineAFC Teams / New York Jets-27171.59
93Ty JohnsonAFC Teams / New York Jets-23201.15
94Michael Carter (Rookie)AFC Teams / New York Jets-22250.88
95Jamison CrowderAFC Teams / New York Jets-25231.09
96Corey DavisAFC Teams / New York Jets-29211.38
97Elijah Moore (Rookie)AFC Teams / New York Jets-26241.08
98Denzel MimsAFC Teams / New York Jets-23250.92
99Chris Herndon IVAFC Teams / New York Jets-22191.16
100Mekhi BectonAFC Teams / New York Jets-22230.96
101Quinnen WilliamsAFC Teams / New York Jets-23211.10
102Marcus MayeAFC Teams / New York Jets-27191.42
103Team LogoAFC Teams / Baltimore Ravensholographic26290.90
104Lamar JacksonAFC Teams / Baltimore Ravensholographic30261.15
105J.K. Dobbins (Drawing)AFC Teams / Baltimore Ravens-31171.82
106Mark AndrewsAFC Teams / Baltimore Ravensholographic26171.53
107Lamar JacksonAFC Teams / Baltimore Ravens-26241.08
108J.K. DobbinsAFC Teams / Baltimore Ravens-23290.79
109Gus EdwardsAFC Teams / Baltimore Ravens-25251.00
110Marquise BrownAFC Teams / Baltimore Ravens-22270.81
111Devin DuvernayAFC Teams / Baltimore Ravens-22260.85
112Rashod Bateman (Rookie)AFC Teams / Baltimore Ravens-25211.19
113Mark AndrewsAFC Teams / Baltimore Ravens-28151.87
114Calais CampbellAFC Teams / Baltimore Ravens-16360.44
115Patrick QueenAFC Teams / Baltimore Ravens-25231.09
116Marcus PetersAFC Teams / Baltimore Ravens-24270.89
117Marlon HumphreyAFC Teams / Baltimore Ravens-28201.40
118Justin TuckerAFC Teams / Baltimore Ravens-24250.96
119Team LogoAFC Teams / Cincinnati Bengalsholographic34231.48
120Tyler BoydAFC Teams / Cincinnati Bengalsholographic29241.21
121Joe Burrow (Drawing)AFC Teams / Cincinnati Bengals-27241.13
122Tee HigginsAFC Teams / Cincinnati Bengalsholographic27231.17
123Joe BurrowAFC Teams / Cincinnati Bengals-30211.43
124Joe MixonAFC Teams / Cincinnati Bengals-27161.69
125Samaje PerineAFC Teams / Cincinnati Bengals-28231.22
126Tyler BoydAFC Teams / Cincinnati Bengals-25290.86
127Tee HigginsAFC Teams / Cincinnati Bengals-31152.07
128Ja’Marr Chase (Rookie)AFC Teams / Cincinnati Bengals-30221.36
129Drew SampleAFC Teams / Cincinnati Bengals-26251.04
130Sam HubbardAFC Teams / Cincinnati Bengals-25201.25
131Germaine PrattAFC Teams / Cincinnati Bengals-26280.93
132Vonn BellAFC Teams / Cincinnati Bengals-24201.20
133Jessie Bates IIIAFC Teams / Cincinnati Bengals-25221.14
134Brandon WilsonAFC Teams / Cincinnati Bengals-23250.92
135Team LogoAFC Teams / Cleveland Brownsholographic28251.12
136Baker MayfieldAFC Teams / Cleveland Brownsholographic27211.29
137Myles Garrett (Drawing)AFC Teams / Cleveland Browns-26211.24
138Nick ChubbAFC Teams / Cleveland Brownsholographic27161.69
139Baker MayfieldAFC Teams / Cleveland Browns-24241.00
140Nick ChubbAFC Teams / Cleveland Browns-23201.15
141Kareem HuntAFC Teams / Cleveland Browns-24211.14
142Jarvis LandryAFC Teams / Cleveland Browns-22270.81
143Odell Beckham Jr.AFC Teams / Cleveland Browns-29171.71
144Anthony Schwartz (Rookie)AFC Teams / Cleveland Browns-24221.09
145Austin HooperAFC Teams / Cleveland Browns-22240.92
146Jack ConklinAFC Teams / Cleveland Browns-32201.60
147Myles GarrettAFC Teams / Cleveland Browns-25191.32
148Sione TakitakiAFC Teams / Cleveland Browns-26201.30
149Denzel WardAFC Teams / Cleveland Browns-29241.21
150Jamie GillanAFC Teams / Cleveland Browns-32142.29
151Team LogoAFC Teams / Pittsburgh Steelersholographic31241.29
152T.J. WattAFC Teams / Pittsburgh Steelersholographic27191.42
153Chase Claypool (Drawing)AFC Teams / Pittsburgh Steelers-27211.29
154Ben RoethlisbergerAFC Teams / Pittsburgh Steelersholographic29221.32
155Ben RoethlisbergerAFC Teams / Pittsburgh Steelers-24270.89
156Najee Harris (Rookie)AFC Teams / Pittsburgh Steelers-27181.50
157Benny Snell Jr.AFC Teams / Pittsburgh Steelers-24161.50
158Chase ClaypoolAFC Teams / Pittsburgh Steelers-30221.36
159Diontae JohnsonAFC Teams / Pittsburgh Steelers-22171.29
160JuJu Smith-SchusterAFC Teams / Pittsburgh Steelers-26211.24
161James WashingtonAFC Teams / Pittsburgh Steelers-26251.04
162Eric EbronAFC Teams / Pittsburgh Steelers-20220.91
163Stephon TuittAFC Teams / Pittsburgh Steelers-24171.41
164T.J. WattAFC Teams / Pittsburgh Steelers-26201.30
165Minkah FitzpatrickAFC Teams / Pittsburgh Steelers-26191.37
166Terrell EdmundsAFC Teams / Pittsburgh Steelers-19300.63
167Team LogoAFC Teams / Houston Texansholographic22201.10
168Brandin CooksAFC Teams / Houston Texansholographic29281.04
169Zach Cunningham (Drawing)AFC Teams / Houston Texans-25241.04
170Deshaun WatsonAFC Teams / Houston Texansholographic23240.96
171Deshaun WatsonAFC Teams / Houston Texans-22181.22
172Davis Mills (Rookie)AFC Teams / Houston Texans-23280.82
173David JohnsonAFC Teams / Houston Texans-21240.88
174Phillip LindsayAFC Teams / Houston Texans-20171.18
175Brandin CooksAFC Teams / Houston Texans-24270.89
176Randall CobbAFC Teams / Houston Texans-24131.85
177Keke CouteeAFC Teams / Houston Texans-24171.41
178Jordan AkinsAFC Teams / Houston Texans-23171.35
179Whitney MercilusAFC Teams / Houston Texans-23280.82
180Zach CunninghamAFC Teams / Houston Texans-30221.36
181Justin ReidAFC Teams / Houston Texans-20350.57
182Ka’imi FairbairnAFC Teams / Houston Texans-27161.69
183Team LogoAFC Teams / Indianapolis Coltsholographic31201.55
184Darius LeonardAFC Teams / Indianapolis Coltsholographic20240.83
185Carson Wentz (Drawing)AFC Teams / Indianapolis Colts-12860.14
186Jonathan TaylorAFC Teams / Indianapolis Coltsholographic27191.42
187Carson WentzAFC Teams / Indianapolis Colts-32162.00
188Jonathan TaylorAFC Teams / Indianapolis Colts-24250.96
189Nyheim HinesAFC Teams / Indianapolis Colts-19260.73
190T.Y. HiltonAFC Teams / Indianapolis Colts-19200.95
191Michael Pittman Jr.AFC Teams / Indianapolis Colts-21270.78
192Zach PascalAFC Teams / Indianapolis Colts-31191.63
193Mo Alie-CoxAFC Teams / Indianapolis Colts-23250.92
194Quenton NelsonAFC Teams / Indianapolis Colts-29181.61
195DeForest BucknerAFC Teams / Indianapolis Colts-27201.35
196Darius LeonardAFC Teams / Indianapolis Colts-30142.14
197Kenny MooreAFC Teams / Indianapolis Colts-21290.72
198Rodrigo BlankenshipAFC Teams / Indianapolis Colts-22240.92
199Team LogoAFC Teams / Jacksonville Jaguarsholographic31231.35
200James RobinsonAFC Teams / Jacksonville Jaguarsholographic24241.00
201Trevor Lawrence (Drawing)AFC Teams / Jacksonville Jaguars-13910.14
202DJ Chark Jr.AFC Teams / Jacksonville Jaguarsholographic25340.74
203Trevor Lawrence (Rookie)AFC Teams / Jacksonville Jaguars-26161.63
204James RobinsonAFC Teams / Jacksonville Jaguars-31142.21
205Travis Etienne Jr. (Rookie)AFC Teams / Jacksonville Jaguars-27191.42
206DJ Chark Jr.AFC Teams / Jacksonville Jaguars-20141.43
207Laviska Shenault Jr.AFC Teams / Jacksonville Jaguars-27231.17
208Collin JohnsonAFC Teams / Jacksonville Jaguars-22280.79
209Dawuane SmootAFC Teams / Jacksonville Jaguars-23171.35
210Joe SchobertAFC Teams / Jacksonville Jaguars-27181.50
211Myles JackAFC Teams / Jacksonville Jaguars-26171.53
212CJ HendersonAFC Teams / Jacksonville Jaguars-25300.83
213Tre HerndonAFC Teams / Jacksonville Jaguars-28142.00
214Andrew WingardAFC Teams / Jacksonville Jaguars-25171.47
215Team LogoAFC Teams / Tennessee Titansholographic27211.29
216Derrick HenryAFC Teams / Tennessee Titansholographic27290.93
217Ryan Tannehill (Drawing)AFC Teams / Tennessee Titans-25260.96
218A.J. BrownAFC Teams / Tennessee Titansholographic29211.38
219Ryan TannehillAFC Teams / Tennessee Titans-27141.93
220Derrick HenryAFC Teams / Tennessee Titans-27300.90
221A.J. BrownAFC Teams / Tennessee Titans-27181.50
222Dez Fitzpatrick (Rookie)AFC Teams / Tennessee Titans-27171.59
223Anthony FirkserAFC Teams / Tennessee Titans-16360.44
224Taylor LewanAFC Teams / Tennessee Titans-20240.83
225Jeffery SimmonsAFC Teams / Tennessee Titans-26171.53
226Rashaan EvansAFC Teams / Tennessee Titans-28142.00
227Jayon BrownAFC Teams / Tennessee Titans-15280.54
228Harold LandryAFC Teams / Tennessee Titans-20300.67
229Kevin ByardAFC Teams / Tennessee Titans-22240.92
230Brett KernAFC Teams / Tennessee Titans-23191.21
231Team LogoAFC Teams / Denver Broncosholographic23201.15
232Drew LockAFC Teams / Denver Broncosholographic30171.76
233Melvin Gordon III (Drawing)AFC Teams / Denver Broncos-10990.10
234Bradley ChubbAFC Teams / Denver Broncosholographic23191.21
235Drew LockAFC Teams / Denver Broncos-22211.05
236Melvin Gordon IIIAFC Teams / Denver Broncos-27221.23
237Javonte Williams (Rookie)AFC Teams / Denver Broncos-21171.24
238Jerry JeudyAFC Teams / Denver Broncos-32162.00
239Courtland SuttonAFC Teams / Denver Broncos-26151.73
240KJ HamlerAFC Teams / Denver Broncos-31221.41
241Noah FantAFC Teams / Denver Broncos-22221.00
242Bradley ChubbAFC Teams / Denver Broncos-28231.22
243Malik ReedAFC Teams / Denver Broncos-29211.38
244Von MillerAFC Teams / Denver Broncos-22270.81
245Justin SimmonsAFC Teams / Denver Broncos-25221.14
246Brandon McManusAFC Teams / Denver Broncos-28211.33
247Team LogoAFC Teams / Kansas City Chiefsholographic23250.92
248Tyreek HillAFC Teams / Kansas City Chiefsholographic28191.47
249Travis Kelce (Drawing)AFC Teams / Kansas City Chiefs-14970.14
250Patrick Mahomes IIAFC Teams / Kansas City Chiefsholographic28211.33
251Patrick Mahomes IIAFC Teams / Kansas City Chiefs-24161.50
252Clyde Edwards-HelaireAFC Teams / Kansas City Chiefs-32191.68
253Tyreek HillAFC Teams / Kansas City Chiefs-23171.35
254Mecole Hardman Jr.AFC Teams / Kansas City Chiefs-25290.86
255Travis KelceAFC Teams / Kansas City Chiefs-27241.13
256Chris JonesAFC Teams / Kansas City Chiefs-27211.29
257Frank ClarkAFC Teams / Kansas City Chiefs-21370.57
258Anthony HitchensAFC Teams / Kansas City Chiefs-31231.35
259L’Jarius SneedAFC Teams / Kansas City Chiefs-26251.04
260Tyrann MathieuAFC Teams / Kansas City Chiefs-26270.96
261Daniel SorensenAFC Teams / Kansas City Chiefs-23181.28
262Harrison ButkerAFC Teams / Kansas City Chiefs-22201.10
263Team LogoAFC Teams / Las Vegas Raidersholographic35172.06
264Derek CarrAFC Teams / Las Vegas Raidersholographic27191.42
265Darren Waller (Drawing)AFC Teams / Las Vegas Raiders-24250.96
266Josh JacobsAFC Teams / Las Vegas Raidersholographic29161.81
267Derek CarrAFC Teams / Las Vegas Raiders-22211.05
268Josh JacobsAFC Teams / Las Vegas Raiders-33152.20
269Kenyan DrakeAFC Teams / Las Vegas Raiders-27191.42
270Henry Ruggs IIIAFC Teams / Las Vegas Raiders-31122.58
271Hunter RenfrowAFC Teams / Las Vegas Raiders-22280.79
272Darren WallerAFC Teams / Las Vegas Raiders-27320.84
273Maxx CrosbyAFC Teams / Las Vegas Raiders-25251.00
274Nick KwiatkoskiAFC Teams / Las Vegas Raiders-26191.37
275Cory LittletonAFC Teams / Las Vegas Raiders-21260.81
276Trayvon Mullen Jr.AFC Teams / Las Vegas Raiders-25300.83
277Johnathan AbramAFC Teams / Las Vegas Raiders-29221.32
278Jeff HeathAFC Teams / Las Vegas Raiders-24151.60
279Team LogoAFC Teams / Los Angeles Chargersholographic29291.00
280Keenan AllenAFC Teams / Los Angeles Chargersholographic26221.18
281Justin Herbert (Drawing)AFC Teams / Los Angeles Chargers-11950.12
282Joey BosaAFC Teams / Los Angeles Chargersholographic24250.96
283Justin HerbertAFC Teams / Los Angeles Chargers-27201.35
284Austin EkelerAFC Teams / Los Angeles Chargers-23171.35
285Joshua KelleyAFC Teams / Los Angeles Chargers-25280.89
286Keenan AllenAFC Teams / Los Angeles Chargers-23221.05
287Mike WilliamsAFC Teams / Los Angeles Chargers-30271.11
288Jalen GuytonAFC Teams / Los Angeles Chargers-24201.20
289Josh Palmer (Rookie)AFC Teams / Los Angeles Chargers-26241.08
290Jared CookAFC Teams / Los Angeles Chargers-25260.96
291Joey BosaAFC Teams / Los Angeles Chargers-22221.00
292Uchenna NwosuAFC Teams / Los Angeles Chargers-24231.04
293Kenneth MurrayAFC Teams / Los Angeles Chargers-18390.46
294Kyzir WhiteAFC Teams / Los Angeles Chargers-27231.17
295Team LogoNFC Teams / Dallas Cowboysholographic31191.63
296Ezekiel ElliottNFC Teams / Dallas Cowboysholographic31181.72
297Amari Cooper (Drawing)NFC Teams / Dallas Cowboys-121010.12
298Dak PrescottNFC Teams / Dallas Cowboysholographic34132.62
299Dak PrescottNFC Teams / Dallas Cowboys-33211.57
300Ezekiel ElliottNFC Teams / Dallas Cowboys-26211.24
301Tony PollardNFC Teams / Dallas Cowboys-20340.59
302Amari CooperNFC Teams / Dallas Cowboys-24221.09
303CeeDee LambNFC Teams / Dallas Cowboys-28151.87
304Michael GallupNFC Teams / Dallas Cowboys-21400.53
305Dalton SchultzNFC Teams / Dallas Cowboys-26171.53
306Zack MartinNFC Teams / Dallas Cowboys-24221.09
307DeMarcus LawrenceNFC Teams / Dallas Cowboys-24221.09
308Jaylon SmithNFC Teams / Dallas Cowboys-31152.07
309Leighton Vander EschNFC Teams / Dallas Cowboys-26201.30
310Trevon DiggsNFC Teams / Dallas Cowboys-28181.56
311Team LogoNFC Teams / New York Giantsholographic30221.36
312Evan EngramNFC Teams / New York Giantsholographic26181.44
313Saquon Barkley (Drawing)NFC Teams / New York Giants-28281.00
314Daniel JonesNFC Teams / New York Giantsholographic24231.04
315Daniel JonesNFC Teams / New York Giants-27141.93
316Saquon BarkleyNFC Teams / New York Giants-25141.79
317Kenny GolladayNFC Teams / New York Giants-27181.50
318Sterling ShepardNFC Teams / New York Giants-17340.50
319Darius SlaytonNFC Teams / New York Giants-26231.13
320Kadarius Toney (Rookie)NFC Teams / New York Giants-26221.18
321Evan EngramNFC Teams / New York Giants-28350.80
322Nate SolderNFC Teams / New York Giants-26191.37
323Leonard WilliamsNFC Teams / New York Giants-18290.62
324Blake MartinezNFC Teams / New York Giants-24211.14
325Logan RyanNFC Teams / New York Giants-27231.17
326Jabrill PeppersNFC Teams / New York Giants-25221.14
327Team LogoNFC Teams / Philadelphia Eaglesholographic30301.00
328Jalen HurtsNFC Teams / Philadelphia Eaglesholographic31231.35
329Fletcher Cox (Drawing)NFC Teams / Philadelphia Eagles-16910.18
330Miles SandersNFC Teams / Philadelphia Eaglesholographic30251.20
331Jalen HurtsNFC Teams / Philadelphia Eagles-26181.44
332Miles SandersNFC Teams / Philadelphia Eagles-26241.08
333Kenneth Gainwell (Rookie)NFC Teams / Philadelphia Eagles-27191.42
334Greg Ward Jr.NFC Teams / Philadelphia Eagles-33122.75
335Travis FulghamNFC Teams / Philadelphia Eagles-28171.65
336Jalen ReagorNFC Teams / Philadelphia Eagles-28132.15
337DeVonta Smith (Rookie)NFC Teams / Philadelphia Eagles-28151.87
338Dallas GoedertNFC Teams / Philadelphia Eagles-27191.42
339Zach ErtzNFC Teams / Philadelphia Eagles-26290.90
340Fletcher CoxNFC Teams / Philadelphia Eagles-25260.96
341Brandon GrahamNFC Teams / Philadelphia Eagles-28271.04
342Alex SingletonNFC Teams / Philadelphia Eagles-28271.04
343Team LogoNFC Teams / Washington Football Teamholographic29300.97
344Antonio GibsonNFC Teams / Washington Football Teamholographic30201.50
345Chase Young (Drawing)NFC Teams / Washington Football Team-121020.12
346Terry McLaurinNFC Teams / Washington Football Teamholographic26221.18
347Ryan FitzpatrickNFC Teams / Washington Football Team-25211.19
348Antonio GibsonNFC Teams / Washington Football Team-25211.19
349J.D. McKissicNFC Teams / Washington Football Team-22260.85
350Terry McLaurinNFC Teams / Washington Football Team-27290.93
351Cam SimsNFC Teams / Washington Football Team-27132.08
352Steven Sims Jr.NFC Teams / Washington Football Team-28181.56
353Curtis SamuelNFC Teams / Washington Football Team-21280.75
354Logan ThomasNFC Teams / Washington Football Team-22240.92
355Montez SweatNFC Teams / Washington Football Team-25201.25
356Chase YoungNFC Teams / Washington Football Team-20121.67
357Jon BosticNFC Teams / Washington Football Team-20230.87
358Kendall FullerNFC Teams / Washington Football Team-26290.90
359Team LogoNFC Teams / Chicago Bearsholographic37152.47
360Roquan SmithNFC Teams / Chicago Bearsholographic27241.13
361Khalil Mack (Drawing)NFC Teams / Chicago Bears-25241.04
362David MontgomeryNFC Teams / Chicago Bearsholographic28300.93
363Andy DaltonNFC Teams / Chicago Bears-32191.68
364Justin Fields (Rookie)NFC Teams / Chicago Bears-34181.89
365David MontgomeryNFC Teams / Chicago Bears-22171.29
366Tarik CohenNFC Teams / Chicago Bears-25231.09
367Allen Robinson IINFC Teams / Chicago Bears-27221.23
368Darnell MooneyNFC Teams / Chicago Bears-23201.15
369Anthony MillerNFC Teams / Chicago Bears-27201.35
370Cole KmetNFC Teams / Chicago Bears-28251.12
371Jimmy GrahamNFC Teams / Chicago Bears-24340.71
372Khalil MackNFC Teams / Chicago Bears-33152.20
373Roquan SmithNFC Teams / Chicago Bears-26161.63
374Danny TrevathanNFC Teams / Chicago Bears-28161.75
375Team LogoNFC Teams / Detroit Lionsholographic32171.88
376D’Andre SwiftNFC Teams / Detroit Lionsholographic28320.88
377Jared Goff (Drawing)NFC Teams / Detroit Lions-131070.12
378T.J. HockensonNFC Teams / Detroit Lionsholographic30251.20
379Jared GoffNFC Teams / Detroit Lions-25221.14
380D’Andre SwiftNFC Teams / Detroit Lions-28191.47
381Jamaal WilliamsNFC Teams / Detroit Lions-24290.83
382Amon-Ra St. Brown (Rookie)NFC Teams / Detroit Lions-29211.38
383Quintez CephusNFC Teams / Detroit Lions-26241.08
384T.J. HockensonNFC Teams / Detroit Lions-29261.12
385Romeo OkwaraNFC Teams / Detroit Lions-29231.26
386Trey FlowersNFC Teams / Detroit Lions-20270.74
387Jamie CollinsNFC Teams / Detroit Lions-27201.35
388Amani OruwariyeNFC Teams / Detroit Lions-22270.81
389Jeff OkudahNFC Teams / Detroit Lions-29241.21
390Tracy WalkerNFC Teams / Detroit Lions-28211.33
391Team LogoNFC Teams / Green Bay Packersholographic28201.40
392Aaron RodgersNFC Teams / Green Bay Packersholographic35191.84
393Davante Adams (Drawing)NFC Teams / Green Bay Packers-23181.28
394Za’Darius SmithNFC Teams / Green Bay Packersholographic29191.53
395Aaron RodgersNFC Teams / Green Bay Packers-31181.72
396Aaron JonesNFC Teams / Green Bay Packers-26270.96
397AJ DillonNFC Teams / Green Bay Packers-28211.33
398Davante AdamsNFC Teams / Green Bay Packers-32231.39
399Allen LazardNFC Teams / Green Bay Packers-18260.69
400Marquez Valdes-ScantlingNFC Teams / Green Bay Packers-25181.39
401Robert TonyanNFC Teams / Green Bay Packers-23270.85
402Za’Darius SmithNFC Teams / Green Bay Packers-33211.57
403Jaire AlexanderNFC Teams / Green Bay Packers-32231.39
404Darnell Savage Jr.NFC Teams / Green Bay Packers-32181.78
405Adrian AmosNFC Teams / Green Bay Packers-23231.00
406Mason CrosbyNFC Teams / Green Bay Packers-24201.20
407Team LogoNFC Teams / Minnesota Vikingsholographic30271.11
408Adam ThielenNFC Teams / Minnesota Vikingsholographic26270.96
409Justin Jefferson (Drawing)NFC Teams / Minnesota Vikings-12950.13
410Dalvin CookNFC Teams / Minnesota Vikingsholographic29241.21
411Kirk CousinsNFC Teams / Minnesota Vikings-33261.27
412Kellen Mond (Rookie)NFC Teams / Minnesota Vikings-25181.39
413Dalvin CookNFC Teams / Minnesota Vikings-23260.88
414Alexander MattisonNFC Teams / Minnesota Vikings-24211.14
415Adam ThielenNFC Teams / Minnesota Vikings-25320.78
416Justin JeffersonNFC Teams / Minnesota Vikings-26270.96
417Irv Smith Jr.NFC Teams / Minnesota Vikings-28251.12
418Eric KendricksNFC Teams / Minnesota Vikings-28241.17
419Jeff GladneyNFC Teams / Minnesota Vikings-27221.23
420Patrick PetersonNFC Teams / Minnesota Vikings-23221.05
421Cameron DantzlerNFC Teams / Minnesota Vikings-27251.08
422Harrison SmithNFC Teams / Minnesota Vikings-27191.42
423Team LogoNFC Teams / Atlanta Falconsholographic29340.85
424Matt RyanNFC Teams / Atlanta Falconsholographic25300.83
425Julio Jones (Drawing)NFC Teams / Atlanta Falcons-19950.20
426Calvin RidleyNFC Teams / Atlanta Falconsholographic31181.72
427Matt RyanNFC Teams / Atlanta Falcons-20300.67
428Mike DavisNFC Teams / Atlanta Falcons-25171.47
429Julio JonesNFC Teams / Atlanta Falcons-25161.56
430Calvin RidleyNFC Teams / Atlanta Falcons-23201.15
431Russell GageNFC Teams / Atlanta Falcons-24171.41
432Hayden HurstNFC Teams / Atlanta Falcons-24231.04
433Kyle Pitts (Rookie)NFC Teams / Atlanta Falcons-25141.79
434Dante Fowler Jr.NFC Teams / Atlanta Falcons-25290.86
435Deion JonesNFC Teams / Atlanta Falcons-26280.93
436Foye OluokunNFC Teams / Atlanta Falcons-31181.72
437A.J. TerrellNFC Teams / Atlanta Falcons-28201.40
438Younghoe KooNFC Teams / Atlanta Falcons-25241.04
439Team LogoNFC Teams / Carolina Panthersholographic26261.00
440DJ MooreNFC Teams / Carolina Panthersholographic24241.00
441Robby Anderson (Drawing)NFC Teams / Carolina Panthers-25251.00
442Christian McCaffreyNFC Teams / Carolina Panthersholographic26241.08
443Sam DarnoldNFC Teams / Carolina Panthers-22230.96
444Christian McCaffreyNFC Teams / Carolina Panthers-29161.81
445Chuba Hubbard (Rookie)NFC Teams / Carolina Panthers-25211.19
446DJ MooreNFC Teams / Carolina Panthers-33191.74
447Robby AndersonNFC Teams / Carolina Panthers-31152.07
448Terrace Marshall Jr. (Rookie)NFC Teams / Carolina Panthers-22260.85
449Ian ThomasNFC Teams / Carolina Panthers-26191.37
450Brian BurnsNFC Teams / Carolina Panthers-28181.56
451Shaq ThompsonNFC Teams / Carolina Panthers-31132.38
452Donte JacksonNFC Teams / Carolina Panthers-24320.75
453Juston BurrisNFC Teams / Carolina Panthers-25270.93
454Jeremy ChinnNFC Teams / Carolina Panthers-27181.50
455Team LogoNFC Teams / New Orleans Saintsholographic27241.13
456Alvin KamaraNFC Teams / New Orleans Saintsholographic28211.33
457Michael Thomas (Drawing)NFC Teams / New Orleans Saints-12960.13
458Taysom HillNFC Teams / New Orleans Saintsholographic28231.22
459Jameis WinstonNFC Teams / New Orleans Saints-26151.73
460Taysom HillNFC Teams / New Orleans Saints-25181.39
461Ian Book (Rookie)NFC Teams / New Orleans Saints-22221.00
462Alvin KamaraNFC Teams / New Orleans Saints-22290.76
463Latavius MurrayNFC Teams / New Orleans Saints-26161.63
464Michael ThomasNFC Teams / New Orleans Saints-25221.14
465Tre’Quan SmithNFC Teams / New Orleans Saints-25251.00
466David OnyemataNFC Teams / New Orleans Saints-20300.67
467Cameron JordanNFC Teams / New Orleans Saints-24221.09
468DeMario DavisNFC Teams / New Orleans Saints-27300.90
469Marshon LattimoreNFC Teams / New Orleans Saints-24260.92
470Malcolm JenkinsNFC Teams / New Orleans Saints-34231.48
471Team LogoNFC Teams / Tampa Bay Buccaneersholographic31191.63
472Mike EvansNFC Teams / Tampa Bay Buccaneersholographic32191.68
473Tom Brady (Drawing)NFC Teams / Tampa Bay Buccaneers-16890.18
474Ronald Jones IINFC Teams / Tampa Bay Buccaneersholographic24260.92
475Tom BradyNFC Teams / Tampa Bay Buccaneers-28191.47
476Kyle Trask (Rookie)NFC Teams / Tampa Bay Buccaneers-31251.24
477Ronald Jones IINFC Teams / Tampa Bay Buccaneers-30171.76
478Leonard FournetteNFC Teams / Tampa Bay Buccaneers-25260.96
479Mike EvansNFC Teams / Tampa Bay Buccaneers-28281.00
480Chris GodwinNFC Teams / Tampa Bay Buccaneers-27191.42
481Antonio BrownNFC Teams / Tampa Bay Buccaneers-24201.20
482Rob GronkowskiNFC Teams / Tampa Bay Buccaneers-31142.21
483Jason Pierre-PaulNFC Teams / Tampa Bay Buccaneers-23221.05
484Devin WhiteNFC Teams / Tampa Bay Buccaneers-28181.56
485Lavonte DavidNFC Teams / Tampa Bay Buccaneers-24191.26
486Carlton DavisNFC Teams / Tampa Bay Buccaneers-13340.38
487Team LogoNFC Teams / Arizona Cardinalsholographic29221.32
488DeAndre HopkinsNFC Teams / Arizona Cardinalsholographic25270.93
489Kyler Murray (Drawing)NFC Teams / Arizona Cardinals-31211.48
490Chase EdmondsNFC Teams / Arizona Cardinalsholographic32241.33
491Kyler MurrayNFC Teams / Arizona Cardinals-28161.75
492James ConnerNFC Teams / Arizona Cardinals-26261.00
493Chase EdmondsNFC Teams / Arizona Cardinals-25181.39
494DeAndre HopkinsNFC Teams / Arizona Cardinals-32201.60
495A.J. GreenNFC Teams / Arizona Cardinals-26161.63
496Christian KirkNFC Teams / Arizona Cardinals-29181.61
497Rondale Moore (Rookie)NFC Teams / Arizona Cardinals-29271.07
498J.J. WattNFC Teams / Arizona Cardinals-30231.30
499Chandler JonesNFC Teams / Arizona Cardinals-27241.13
500Jordan HicksNFC Teams / Arizona Cardinals-22250.88
501Byron MurphyNFC Teams / Arizona Cardinals-24280.86
502Budda BakerNFC Teams / Arizona Cardinals-23221.05
503Team LogoNFC Teams / Los Angeles Ramsholographic29251.16
504Robert WoodsNFC Teams / Los Angeles Ramsholographic34181.89
505Matthew Stafford (Drawing)NFC Teams / Los Angeles Rams-15980.15
506Aaron DonaldNFC Teams / Los Angeles Ramsholographic28201.40
507Matthew StaffordNFC Teams / Los Angeles Rams-28161.75
508Cam AkersNFC Teams / Los Angeles Rams-24340.71
509Darrell HendersonNFC Teams / Los Angeles Rams-26171.53
510Cooper KuppNFC Teams / Los Angeles Rams-30291.03
511Robert WoodsNFC Teams / Los Angeles Rams-26181.44
512Tutu Atwell (Rookie)NFC Teams / Los Angeles Rams-24260.92
513Tyler HigbeeNFC Teams / Los Angeles Rams-25231.09
514Aaron DonaldNFC Teams / Los Angeles Rams-22191.16
515Leonard FloydNFC Teams / Los Angeles Rams-27151.80
516Jalen RamseyNFC Teams / Los Angeles Rams-28251.12
517Darious WilliamsNFC Teams / Los Angeles Rams-21350.60
518Johnny HekkerNFC Teams / Los Angeles Rams-32251.28
519Team LogoNFC Teams / San Francisco 49ersholographic23240.96
520Brandon AiyukNFC Teams / San Francisco 49ersholographic28281.00
521Nick Bosa (Drawing)NFC Teams / San Francisco 49ers-15970.15
522George KittleNFC Teams / San Francisco 49ersholographic22260.85
523Jimmy GaroppoloNFC Teams / San Francisco 49ers-31201.55
524Trey Lance (Rookie)NFC Teams / San Francisco 49ers-32132.46
525Jeff Wilson Jr.NFC Teams / San Francisco 49ers-29201.45
526Raheem MostertNFC Teams / San Francisco 49ers-27251.08
527Trey Sermon (Rookie)NFC Teams / San Francisco 49ers-23300.77
528Deebo SamuelNFC Teams / San Francisco 49ers-32201.60
529Brandon AiyukNFC Teams / San Francisco 49ers-21240.88
530George KittleNFC Teams / San Francisco 49ers-25211.19
531Nick BosaNFC Teams / San Francisco 49ers-32221.45
532Fred WarnerNFC Teams / San Francisco 49ers-29221.32
533Dre GreenlawNFC Teams / San Francisco 49ers-30201.50
534Jimmie WardNFC Teams / San Francisco 49ers-28221.27
535Team LogoNFC Teams / Seattle Seahawksholographic31181.72
536Russell WilsonNFC Teams / Seattle Seahawksholographic29201.45
537Tyler Lockett (Drawing)NFC Teams / Seattle Seahawks-27271.00
538DK MetcalfNFC Teams / Seattle Seahawksholographic27251.08
539Russell WilsonNFC Teams / Seattle Seahawks-28161.75
540Chris CarsonNFC Teams / Seattle Seahawks-30201.50
541DK MetcalfNFC Teams / Seattle Seahawks-36123.00
542Tyler LockettNFC Teams / Seattle Seahawks-26181.44
543D’Wayne Eskridge (Rookie)NFC Teams / Seattle Seahawks-29221.32
544Will DisslyNFC Teams / Seattle Seahawks-25280.89
545Duane BrownNFC Teams / Seattle Seahawks-26171.53
546Jordyn BrooksNFC Teams / Seattle Seahawks-28201.40
547Bobby WagnerNFC Teams / Seattle Seahawks-28241.17
548Quandre DiggsNFC Teams / Seattle Seahawks-26191.37
549Jamal AdamsNFC Teams / Seattle Seahawks-28181.56
550Michael DicksonNFC Teams / Seattle Seahawks-29211.38
5512019 Pop Warner National ChampionshipPop Warner-13980.13
5522019 Pop Warner National ChampionshipPop Warner-14860.16
553J.J. Watt (Arizona Cardinals)Pop Warner-21260.81
5542019 Pop Warner National ChampionshipPop Warner-11890.12
5552019 Pop Warner National ChampionshipPop Warner-23260.88
556Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens)Pop Warner-15930.16
5572019 Pop Warner National ChampionshipPop Warner-15920.16
558NFL Logo
NFL Logo-121010.12
559NFL Logo
NFL Logo-14910.15
560NFL Logo
NFL Logo-14930.15
561NFL Logo
NFL Logo-14950.15
C1Tom BradyTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card16250.64
C2Za’Darius SmithGreen Bay PackersBase card16290.55
C3Tua TagovailoaMiami DolphinsBase card18230.78
C4Miles SandersPhiladelphia EaglesBase card20270.74
C5DeAndre HopkinsArizona CardinalsBase card18230.78
C6Justin JeffersonMinnesota VikingsBase card24171.41
C7T.J. WattPittsburgh SteelersBase card21191.11
C8Tyler LockettSeattle SeahawksBase card18300.60
C9Daniel JonesNew York GiantsBase card18270.67
C10Tyler BoydCincinnati BengalsBase card20290.69
C11Sam DarnoldCarolina PanthersBase card15350.43
C12Mike EvansTampa Bay BuccaneersBase card18310.58
C13T.J. HockensonDetroit LionsBase card18270.67
C14Davante AdamsGreen Bay PackersBase card18250.72
C15Keenan AllenLos Angeles ChargersBase card19181.06
C16Amari CooperDallas CowboysBase card18151.20
C17Terry McLaurinWashington Football TeamBase card17230.74
C18Josh AllenBuffalo BillsBase card15340.44
C19Nick ChubbCleveland BrownsBase card17250.68
C20Jamison CrowderNew York JetsBase card19310.61
C21Tyreek HillKansas City ChiefsBase card21360.58
C22Alvin KamaraNew Orleans SaintsBase card17290.59
C23Josh JacobsLas Vegas RaidersBase card16220.73
C24Christian McCaffreyCarolina PanthersBase card19240.79
C25Ronald Jones IITampa Bay BuccaneersBase card16270.59
C26Derrick HenryTennessee TitansBase card21141.50
C27Kyler MurrayArizona CardinalsBase card20240.83
C28Nick BosaSan Francisco 49ersBase card14370.38
C29Dalvin CookMinnesota VikingsBase card23211.10
C30DK MetcalfSeattle SeahawksBase card19280.68
C31Darius LeonardIndianapolis ColtsBase card18330.55
C32Patrick Mahomes IIKansas City ChiefsBase card19200.95
C33Aaron RodgersGreen Bay PackersBase card23250.92
C34Justin HerbertLos Angeles ChargersBase card17260.65
C35Ben RoethlisbergerPittsburgh SteelersBase card21151.40
C36DJ Chark Jr.Jacksonville JaguarsBase card21240.88
C37Julio JonesAtlanta FalconsBase card19300.63
C38Russell WilsonSeattle SeahawksBase card16310.52
C39Jonathan TaylorIndianapolis ColtsBase card22280.79
C40Michael ThomasNew Orleans SaintsBase card18181.00
C41Stefon DiggsBuffalo BillsBase card20220.91
C42Ryan TannehillTennessee TitansBase card23260.88
C43George KittleSan Francisco 49ersBase card22151.47
C44Matt RyanAtlanta FalconsBase card17220.77
C45Deshaun WatsonHouston TexansBase card21310.68
C46Chase YoungWashington Football TeamBase card16290.55
C47Carson WentzIndianapolis ColtsBase card22240.92
C48J.K. DobbinsBaltimore RavensBase card20410.49
C49David MontgomeryChicago BearsBase card19320.59
C50Aaron DonaldLos Angeles RamsBase card19300.63
C51Chase ClaypoolPittsburgh SteelersBase card22191.16
C52Dak PrescottDallas CowboysBase card20240.83
C53A.J. BrownTennessee TitansBase card22181.22
C54Saquon BarkleyNew York GiantsBase card20220.91
C55Darren WalkerLas Vegas RaidersBase card17370.46
C56Khalil MackChicago BearsBase card21230.91
C57Jalen HurtsPhiladelphia EaglesBase card21250.84
C58Ezekiel ElliottDallas CowboysBase card25310.81
C59Calvin RidleyAtlanta FalconsBase card21211.00
C60Lamar JacksonBaltimore RavensBase card20270.74
C61Myles GarrettCleveland BrownsBase card17280.61
C62Matthew StaffordLos Angeles RamsBase card26171.53
C63Bradley ChubbDenver BroncosBase card21240.88
C64Adam ThielenMinnesota VikingsBase card16340.47
C65Stephon GilmoreNew England PatriotsBase card19181.06
C66Joe BurrowCincinnati BengalsBase card20290.69
C67Travis KelceKansas City ChiefsBase card21211.00
C68Baker MayfieldCleveland BrownsBase card20270.74
C69Kyle Pitts
Atlanta FalconsRookie card19210.90
C70Patrick Surtain II
Denver BroncosRookie card25112.27
C71Travis Etienne Jr.
Jacksonville JaguarsRookie card20151.33
C72Elijah Moore
New York JetsRookie card21260.81
C73Mac Jones
New England PatriotsRookie card23201.15
C74Jaycee Horn
Carolina PanthersRookie card22290.76
C75Jaylen Waddle
Miami DolphinsRookie card18290.62
C76Ja’Marr Chase
Cincinnati BengalsRookie card18220.82
C77Davis Mills
Houston TexansRookie card21280.75
C78Jamin Davis
Washington Football TeamRookie card19240.79
C79Rashod Bateman
Baltimore RavensRookie card22201.10
C80Micah Parsons
Dallas CowboysRookie card17200.85
C81Ian Book
New Orleans SaintsRookie card20270.74
C82Zach Wilson
New York JetsRookie card17340.50
C83Najee Harris
Pittsburgh SteelersRookie card22300.73
C84Trey Lance
San Francisco 49ersRookie card24151.60
C85Zaven Collins
Arizona CardinalsRookie card16210.76
C86Tylan Wallace
Baltimore RavensRookie card20250.80
C87Kwity Paye
Indianapolis ColtsRookie card24151.60
C88Kenneth Gainwell
Philadelphia EaglesRookie card20210.95
C89Justin Fields
Chicago BearsRookie card21270.78
C90Kadarius Toney
New York GiantsRookie card18270.67
C91Rondale Moore
Arizona CardinalsRookie card20290.69
C92Michael Carter
New York JetsRookie card18340.53
C93Javonte Williams
Denver BroncosRookie card20260.77
C94Tutu Atwell
Los Angeles RamsRookie card21171.24
C95Kyle Trask
Tampa Bay BuccaneersRookie card22310.71
C96Terrace Marshall Jr.
Carolina PanthersRookie card20290.69
C97Josh Palmer
Los Angeles ChargersRookie card23191.21
C98Kellen Mond
Minnesota VikingsRookie card20220.91
C99DeVonta Smith
Philadelphia EaglesRookie card20300.67
C100Trevor Lawrence
Jacksonville JaguarsRookie card23181.28
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