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Panini The Royal Family

Panini The Royal Family

Jaar: 1988
Aantal stickers: 190

Voorvertoning verzameling (100% ingescande foto's)

verzamelaars: 5 / compleet: 7


1Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth IIThe Royal Family-020.00
2His Royal Highness The Prince PhilipThe Royal Family-120.50
3His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales KG KTThe Royal Family-020.00
4Her Royal Highness The Princess of WalesThe Royal Family-111.00
5H.R.H. The Princess Margaret (a) - H.R.H. The Prince Edward (b)Our Royal Familyfigure010.00
6H.R.H. Duke of York (a) - H.M. Queen Elizabeth II (b)Our Royal Familyfigure212.00
7H.R.H. The Prince of Wales (a) - H.R.H. The Prince William of Wales (b)Our Royal Familyfigure303.00
8H.R.H. Prince Henry of Wales (a) - H.R.H. The Princess Royal (b)Our Royal Familyfigure212.00
9Master Peter Phillips (a) - Miss Zara Phillips (b)Our Royal Familyfigure202.00
10H.R.H. Princess Alexandra (a) - H.R.H. The Prince Michael of Kent (b)Our Royal Familyfigure010.00
11H.R.H. The Duke of Kent (a) - H.R.H. The Duke of Gloucester (b)Our Royal Familyfigure212.00
12Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones (a) - Viscount Linley (b)Our Royal Familyfigure101.00
13The Queen and Prince PhilipThe Queen and Prince Philip-221.00
14Princess Elizabeth, aged 15,The Queen and Prince Philip-212.00
15Happy Anniversary!The Queen and Prince Philip-221.00
16Her Majesty in evening dressThe Queen and Prince Philip-020.00
17The Queen at the races in Hong Kong,The Queen and Prince Philip-202.00
18Prince Philip at the Royal Windsor Horse ShowThe Queen and Prince Philip-202.00
19Another of the 'Ruby' wedding photographs takenThe Queen and Prince Philip-221.00
20The traditional balcony scene at Buckingham PalaceThe Queen and Prince Philip-120.50
21Queen Elizabeth The Queen MotherThe Queen Mother-130.33
22A charming portrait of Lady Elizabeth Bowes - Lyon as a childThe Queen Mother-111.00
23During the war Queen ElizabethThe Queen Mother-221.00
24Always smiling, the Queen Mother is greetedThe Queen Mother-221.00
25The Queen Mother, gracious as ever,The Queen Mother-221.00
26On St Patrick's Day, the Queen MotherThe Queen Mother-212.00
27The Queen Mother visits the King's Troop Royal Horse ArtilleryThe Queen Mother-101.00
28Happy Birthday Grandma!The Queen Mother-202.00
29The Prince and Princess of WalesThe Prince and Princess of Wales-212.00
30Prince Charles after a hard day steeplechasing at Sandown ParkThe Prince and Princess of Wales-030.00
31A study in pink: our beautiful PrincessThe Prince and Princess of Wales-230.67
32A romantic shot of the young couple at Balmoral,The Prince and Princess of Wales-130.33
33Prince William is a lively boyThe Prince and Princess of Wales-140.25
34Little Prince Henry, or Harry as he is known,The Prince and Princess of Wales-130.33
35The Prince spent his 39th birthday in the Middle EastThe Prince and Princess of Wales-202.00
36Charles and Diana, like all visitors to the islands,The Prince and Princess of Wales-230.67
37The Duke and Duchess of YorkThe Duke and Duchess of York-111.00
38The happy young couple poseThe Duke and Duchess of York-212.00
39A relaxed looking Prince AndrewThe Duke and Duchess of York-120.50
40Prince Andrew himself, a keen photographer,The Duke and Duchess of York-221.00
41The Prince loves his fkying dutiesThe Duke and Duchess of York-221.00
42The Duchess has quickly settled into her royal dutiesThe Duke and Duchess of York-040.00
43The Duke and Duchess's tour of Canada in 1986The Duke and Duchess of York-221.00
44The Duke and Duchess attend many functions together,The Duke and Duchess of York-221.00
45Prince EdwardPrince Edward-221.00
46The Prince, like all his family,Prince Edward-101.00
47Edward in the library at his Cambridge college,Prince Edward-111.00
48Like all undergraduates the Prince found a bicyclePrince Edward-212.00
49Prince Edward, seen here travelling to a meeting in Scotland,Prince Edward-000.00
50The Prince organised the BBC's It's a Knockout tournamentPrince Edward-221.00
51Prince Edward as a boy, photographed with Frances his labrador,Prince Edward-111.00
52The Prince seen through the window of his study at CambridgePrince Edward-111.00
53The Princess Royal and Captain Mark PhillipsThe Princess Royal and Captain Mark Phillips-212.00
54The Princess and her husband often compete in the same horse trailsThe Princess Royal and Captain Mark Phillips-202.00
55The Princess on a visit to the Sudan for the Save the Children FundThe Princess Royal and Captain Mark Phillips-221.00
56Captain Phillips successfully combines farmingThe Princess Royal and Captain Mark Phillips-101.00
57The Princess is especially proud to have been made ChancellorThe Princess Royal and Captain Mark Phillips-313.00
58The Princess and Captain Phillips at the Olympic Games in MontrealThe Princess Royal and Captain Mark Phillips-221.00
59Peter Phillips, the Queen's first grandchild,The Princess Royal and Captain Mark Phillips-230.67
60Zara, already a good rider herself,The Princess Royal and Captain Mark Phillips-230.67
61Princess MargaretPrincess Margaret-101.00
62Princess Margaret Rose, aged 11,Princess Margaret-212.00
63Princess Margaret arriving at Covent GardenPrincess Margaret-240.50
64The Princess in CopenhagenPrincess Margaret-212.00
65Princess Margaret attending a balletPrincess Margaret-130.33
66Viscount Linley and Lady Sarah Armstrong-JonesPrincess Margaret-130.33
67The Princess inspecting the many changesPrincess Margaret-020.00
68A charming birthday portrait of Princess MargaretPrincess Margaret-120.50
69The Duke and Duchess of GloucesterThe Duke and Duchess of Gloucester-111.00
70The Duke at the Royal Gala performance of The Lion,The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester-101.00
71The lovely Duchess is always a popular figureThe Duke and Duchess of Gloucester-221.00
72Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke's mother,The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester-202.00
73The Duchess, glamorous in the diamondThe Duke and Duchess of Gloucester-212.00
74The Duke's presence, like all the Royal Family,The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester-120.50
75Princess Alice at yet another royal functionThe Duke and Duchess of Gloucester-230.67
76The Gloucester childrenThe Duke and Duchess of Gloucester-020.00
77The Duke and Duchess of KentThe Duke and Duchess of Kent-120.50
78The Duke in uniformThe Duke and Duchess of Kent-212.00
79The Duchess too has military connectionsThe Duke and Duchess of Kent-212.00
80The Duke on a royal walkabout on a visit to New Zeland in 1982The Duke and Duchess of Kent-212.00
81The Duchess, who has a beautiful singing voice,The Duke and Duchess of Kent-202.00
82The Earl of St Andrews, the couple's eldest son,The Duke and Duchess of Kent-212.00
83Lady Helen Windsor is an attractive and lively young woman,The Duke and Duchess of Kent-221.00
84Lord Nicholas Windsor is the youngest son,The Duke and Duchess of Kent-202.00
85Prince and Princess Michael of KentPrince and Princess Michael of Kent-010.00
86The Prince and Princess attending a film premierePrince and Princess Michael of Kent-212.00
87Princess Michael attending the Woman of the World lunchPrince and Princess Michael of Kent-212.00
88Prince Michael is a good all-round sportsmanPrince and Princess Michael of Kent-202.00
89Princess Michael, a keen horserider,Prince and Princess Michael of Kent-212.00
90The Prince is a keen spectator and competitorPrince and Princess Michael of Kent-000.00
91Young Lord Frederick Windsor with his pony,Prince and Princess Michael of Kent-101.00
92Lady Gabriella Windsor too has inherited her family's love of horsesPrince and Princess Michael of Kent-111.00
93Princess Alexandra and The Honourable Angus OgilvyPrincess Alexandra and the Honourable Angus Ogilvy-202.00
94The Ogilvy family photographed at their home,Princess Alexandra and the Honourable Angus Ogilvy-120.50
95Princess Alexandra signing a visitors book on a visit to JerseyPrincess Alexandra and the Honourable Angus Ogilvy-202.00
96The Honourable Angus Ogilvy after serving in the Scots Guards,Princess Alexandra and the Honourable Angus Ogilvy-020.00
97Princess Alexandra, in this elegant portrait shows all the charmPrincess Alexandra and the Honourable Angus Ogilvy-202.00
98James Ogilvy, after a short spell in the army,Princess Alexandra and the Honourable Angus Ogilvy-212.00
99Marina Ogilvy is a lively adventurous young womanPrincess Alexandra and the Honourable Angus Ogilvy-230.67
100The Princess and Mr Ogilvy on the ceremonial drivePrincess Alexandra and the Honourable Angus Ogilvy-010.00
101Altrough the Queen's real birthday is 21st AprilRoyal Ceremonial-303.00
102The daily ceremony of Changing the GuardRoyal Ceremonial-120.50
103The Prince and Princess of Wales ride from St George's ChapelRoyal Ceremonial-212.00
104The Queen and Prince Philip in the procession to St George's ChapelRoyal Ceremonial-202.00
105One of the Queen's most important duties is to take partRoyal Ceremonial-202.00
106The magnificent glass coachRoyal Ceremonial-230.67
107In most years, just before Easter on Maundy ThursdayRoyal Ceremonial-111.00
108King Charles II founded the Royal Hospital at ChelseaRoyal Ceremonial-202.00
109Lady Diana Spencer on the arm jo her father, Earl Spencer,Royal Weddings-230.67
110Charles and Diana, now husband and wife,Royal Weddings-120.50
111Charles and Diana drive to Buckingham PalaceRoyal Weddings-313.00
112Princess Anne on the arm of Captain Mark PhillipsRoyal Weddings-212.00
113Andrew and Sarah enjoying the time honoured customRoyal Weddings-212.00
114Another balcony sceneRoyal Weddings-303.00
115This is the wedding photograph of the Duke and Duchess of YorkRoyal Weddings-202.00
116Off on their honeymoon, Andrew and Sarah drive through LondonRoyal Weddings-221.00
117The Queen's Coronation in 1953Royal Jewelleryfigure221.00
118The Queen (a) - The Princess of Wales (b)Royal Jewelleryfigure212.00
119The Queen Mother (a) - The Princess of Wales (b)Royal Jewelleryfigure000.00
120The Queen (a) - The Duchess of York (b)Royal Jewelleryfigure120.50
121The Duchess of Gloucester (a) - Princess Margaret (b)Royal Jewelleryfigure111.00
122The Princess of Wales (a) - The Queen (b)Royal Jewelleryfigure111.00
123The Princess Royal (a) - The Queen (b)Royal Jewelleryfigure212.00
124The Queen (a) - The Princess of Wales (b)Royal Jewelleryfigure221.00
125Buckingham PalacePalaces, Castles and Royal Residences-230.67
126Kensington PalacePalaces, Castles and Royal Residences-221.00
127Highgrove HousePalaces, Castles and Royal Residences-221.00
128Gatcombe ParkPalaces, Castles and Royal Residences-221.00
129The Castle of MeyPalaces, Castles and Royal Residences-212.00
130Balmoral CastlePalaces, Castles and Royal Residences-212.00
131Sandringham HousePalaces, Castles and Royal Residences-212.00
132Windsor CastlePalaces, Castles and Royal Residences-230.67
133The family in the gorgeous wild flower gardenCharles and Diana at Home-230.67
134The Prince and Princess in the drawing room at Kensington PalaceCharles and Diana at Home-221.00
135Enjoying the sun and the fresh air - the Princess of WalesCharles and Diana at Home-212.00
136The Prince in the grounds at HighgroveCharles and Diana at Home-120.50
137Prince William and Prince Henry in the day room at Kensington PalaceCharles and Diana at Home-202.00
138The young Princess playing with their rocking horsesCharles and Diana at Home-130.33
139Prince Charles in Kensington PalaceCharles and Diana at Home-212.00
140The Princess of Wales at her desk in Kensington PalaceCharles and Diana at Home-111.00
141The QueenPublic Duties-212.00
142The Queen and Prince PhilipPublic Duties-212.00
143The Princess of WalesPublic Duties-221.00
144Prince CharlesPublic Duties-202.00
145The Duke and Duchess of YorkPublic Duties-010.00
146Sticker 146Public Duties-212.00
147Prince CharlesPublic Duties-120.50
148The QueenPublic Duties-120.50
149The Princess of WalesPublic Duties-230.67
150The QueenPublic Duties-111.00
151The Princess of WalesPublic Duties-130.33
152The Prince and Princess of WalesPublic Duties-221.00
153The Princess of WalesPublic Duties-120.50
154Prince CharlesPublic Duties-120.50
155The Princess of Wales and the Duchess of YorkPublic Duties-120.50
156The Queen MotherPublic Duties-303.00
157The Duchess of YorkPublic Duties-202.00
158The Princess of WalesPublic Duties-120.50
159The Princess RoyalPublic Duties-212.00
160Princess Michael of KentPublic Duties-202.00
161The Queen MotherPublic Duties-212.00
162Prince PhilipPublic Duties-212.00
163Prince EdwardPublic Duties-221.00
164The Princess of WalesPublic Duties-120.50
165The Royal FamilyPublic Duties-120.50
166The Prince and Princess of WalesPublic Duties-120.50
167The Queen MotherPublic Duties-120.50
168Prince William and Prince HenryPublic Duties-202.00
169The Prince and Princess of WalesPublic Duties-111.00
170The Princess of WalesPublic Duties-212.00
171Prince CharlesPublic Duties-130.33
172The Princess of WalesPublic Duties-212.00
173The QueenGlittering Occasions-202.00
174The Duchess of Kent and Lady Helen WindsorGlittering Occasions-221.00
175The Princess of WalesGlittering Occasions-212.00
176The Queen MotherGlittering Occasions-020.00
177The Queen and Prince PhilipGlittering Occasions-212.00
178Princess MargaretGlittering Occasions-111.00
179The Prince and Princess of WalesGlittering Occasions-212.00
180The Duchess of YorkGlittering Occasions-221.00
181The Duchess of YorkThe Sporting Royals-111.00
182Prince CharlesThe Sporting Royals-202.00
183The QueenThe Sporting Royals-221.00
184The Princess RoyalThe Sporting Royals-230.67
185Prince PhillipThe Sporting Royals-202.00
186The Princess of WalesThe Sporting Royals-313.00
187The Duke of York and Captain Mark PhillipsThe Sporting Royals-212.00
188Prince WilliamThe Sporting Royals-313.00
189Prince CharlesThe Royal Jubilee Trusts and The Prince's Trust-212.00
190The Princess of WalesThe Royal Jubilee Trusts and The Prince's Trust-230.67
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