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Artbox Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Artbox Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

År: 2005
Totalt antall kort: 266

Forhåndsvisning av samling (21% scannede bilder)

samler: 1 / fullført: 2


1Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-Base card111.00
2Willy Wonka-Base card101.00
3Charlie Bucket-Base card111.00
4Grandpa Joe-Base card120.50
5Augustus Gloop-Base card101.00
6Mrs. Gloop-Base card101.00
7Veruca Salt-Base card101.00
8Mr. Salt-Base card101.00
9Violet Beuregarde-Base card101.00
10Mrs. Beauregarde-Base card101.00
11Mike Teavee-Base card101.00
12Mr. Teavee-Base card101.00
13Mrs. Bucket-Base card111.00
14Mr. Bucket-Base card101.00
15Dr. Wilbur Wonka-Base card101.00
16Oompa-Loompas-Base card101.00
17Grandma Josephine-Base card101.00
18Grandpa George and Grandma Georgina-Base card111.00
19Every Corner of the World-Base card101.00
20A Horrible Empty Feeling-Base card101.00
21Nothing Goes Better Than Cabbage with Cabbage-Base card101.00
22A Head for Willy Wonka!-Base card101.00
23Working for Wonka-Base card101.00
24That Man Was a Genius!-Base card101.00
25Just the Beginning...-Base card111.00
26One Hundred Rooms of Chocolate-Base card101.00
27The Largest Chocolate Factory in History-Base card101.00
28Opening Day-Base card111.00
29Don't Make It Gross-Base card101.00
30I'm Closing My Factory Forever-Base card101.00
31Nothing's Impossible-Base card101.00
32The First Ticket-Base card111.00
33What a Repulsive Boy-Base card111.00
34Told You It'd Be a Porker!-Base card101.00
35V-E-R-U-C-A-Base card101.00
36Where's My Golden Ticket?!-Base card111.00
37A Whipple-Scrumptious Birthday Present-Base card101.00
38We'll Share It-Base card101.00
39A Gumchewer, Mostly-Base card101.00
40I Hate Chocolate-Base card101.00
41A Secret Hoard-Base card101.00
42One Wonka's Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight, Please-Base card111.00
43Take It Straight Home-Base card101.00
44Yippeeeeeeee!-Base card101.00
45The First of February-Base card101.00
46Welcome to My Humble Factory-Base card101.00
47Willy Wonka!-Base card111.00
48Far Too Much to See-Base card101.00
49An Important Room, This!-Base card101.00
50Don't Lose Your Heads-Base card101.00
51Enjoy!-Base card120.50
52Just Delicious-Base card101.00
53Better than Cabbage Soup!-Base card101.00
54It's a Little Person!-Base card101.00
55They're Oompa-Loompas-Base card111.00
56The Call of His Enormous Stomach-Base card101.00
57He's Gonna Stick-Base card101.00
58What's So Funny?-Base card111.00
59Wonka's Private Yacht-Base card111.00
60Onward!-Base card101.00
61Trick Or Treat!-Base card111.00
62The Most Important Room in the Entire Factory-Base card111.00
63Hiss, Sizzle, Clank, Sputter!-Base card111.00
64What's This?-Base card101.00
65A Full Three-Course Dinner-Base card101.00
66My Kind of Gum-Base card111.00
67A Blueberry As a Daughter-Base card101.00
68A True Calling-Base card101.00
69Squirrels!-Base card101.00
70Not For Sale-Base card111.00
71Is That Mink?-Base card111.00
72Don't Touch...-Base card101.00
73A Bad Nut-Base card111.00
74The Television Room-Base card101.00
75The Latest and Greatest Invention-Base card101.00
76Mumbler!-Base card101.00
77It's Gotta Be Real Big-Base card101.00
78Watch the Screen-Base card111.00
79What About People?-Base card111.00
80All You Think About Is Chocolate!-Base card101.00
81Try Every Channel!-Base card101.00
82Smaller Than an Oompa-Loompa-Base card101.00
83There's Someone At the Door-Base card101.00
84P-p-p-p-p-...-Base card101.00
85Open!-Base card111.00
86I Haven't Seen Bicuspids Like These Since...-Base card101.00
87Brainstorming-Base card111.00
88You Smell Like Peanuts!-Base card101.00
89Raspberry Kites?-Base card111.00
90Checklist-Base card101.00
AC1Helena Bonham Carter as Mrs. Bucket
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
AC2Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
AC3James Fox as Mr. Salt
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
AC4Jordan Fry as Mike Teavee
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
AC5Freddie Highmore as Charlie Bucket
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
AC6David Kelly as Grandpa Joe
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
AC7Christopher Lee as Dr. Wilbur Wonka
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
AC8Missi Pyle as Mrs Beauregarde
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
AC9Annasophia Robb as Violet Beauregarde
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
AC10Deep Roy as Oompa Loompa
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
AC11Philip Wiegratz as Augustus Gloop
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
AC12Julia Winter as Veruca Salt
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
CC1Augustus Gloop's Striped Top
Costume CardChase Card101.00
CC2Charlie Bucket's Pants
Costume CardChase Card101.00
CC3Charlie Bucket's Sweater
Costume CardChase Card101.00
CC4Grandpa Joe's Jacket
Costume CardChase Card101.00
CC5Mike Teavee's Skull Shirt
Costume CardChase Card101.00
CC6Mr. Salt's Costume
Costume CardChase Card101.00
CC7Mr. Salt's Tie
Costume CardChase Card101.00
CC8Mr. Teavee's Pants
Costume CardChase Card101.00
CC9Mrs. Beauregarde's Pants
Costume CardChase Card101.00
CC10Mrs. Beauregarde's Track Halter
Costume CardChase Card101.00
CC11Mrs. Gloop's Dress
Costume CardChase Card101.00
CC12Oompa Loompa's Black Outfit
Costume CardChase Card101.00
CC13Oompa Loompa's Red Outfit
Costume CardChase Card101.00
CC14Oompa Loompa's White Outfit
Costume CardChase Card101.00
CC15Veruca Salt's Costume
Costume CardChase Card101.00
CC16Violet Beauregarde's Tracksuit Top
Costume CardChase Card101.00
CC17Wonka Factory Employees
Costume CardChase Card101.00
CC18Workers in the Candy Store
Costume CardChase Card101.00
PC1Burlap Nut Bag and Worker's Apron from Salt's Nut Factory
Prop CardsChase Card101.00
PC2Chilly Chocolate Creme Candy wrapper
Prop CardsChase Card101.00
PC3Chocolate Bar
Prop CardsChase Card101.00
PC4Contest Announcement
Prop CardsChase Card101.00
PC5Golden Ticket
Prop CardsChase Card101.00
PC6Grass from Factory - Short
Prop CardsChase Card101.00
PC7Grass from Factory - Long
Prop CardsChase Card101.00
PC8Nutty Crunch Surprise Candy wrapper
Prop CardsChase Card101.00
PC9Red Ribbon from Opening Day Ceremony
Prop CardsChase Card101.00
PC10Smilex Toothpaste Box
Prop CardsChase Card101.00
PC11Tablecloth from the Bucket Household
Prop CardsChase Card101.00
PC12Triple Dazzle Caramel Candy wrapper
Prop CardsChase Card101.00
PC13Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight Candy Wrapper
Prop CardsChase Card101.00
PC14Wonka Box of Chocolates from Pondicherry's Palace
Prop CardsChase Card101.00
PC15Wonka Display Box
Prop CardsChase Card101.00
PC16Wrapping Paper from Charlie's Birthday
Prop CardsChase Card101.00
GT-PC1Chilly Chocolate Creme Candy Wrapper
Golden Ticket Prop CardsChase Card101.00
GT-PC2Nutty Crunch Surprise Candy Wrapper
Golden Ticket Prop CardsChase Card101.00
GT-PC3Triple Dazzle Caramel Candy Wrapper
Golden Ticket Prop CardsChase Card101.00
GT-PC4Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight Candy Wrapper
Golden Ticket Prop CardsChase Card101.00
R1The Best Kind Of Prize Is A SurpriseHolographic Foil CardsChase Card101.00
R2There's No Knowing Where They're GoingHolographic Foil CardsChase Card101.00
R3I Eat More CandyHolographic Foil CardsChase Card101.00
R4I Want It NowHolographic Foil CardsChase Card101.00
R5Chewing Gum Is Really Gross. Chewing Gum I Hate The MostHolographic Foil CardsChase Card101.00
R6Once Again You Really Shouldn't MumbleHolographic Foil CardsChase Card101.00
R7WHolographic Foil CardsChase Card101.00
R8WHolographic Foil CardsChase Card101.00
R9WHolographic Foil CardsChase Card101.00
M1The Best Kind Of Prize Is A SurpriseRetail Foil CardsChase Card101.00
M2There's No Knowing Where They're GoingRetail Foil CardsChase Card101.00
M3I Eat More CandyRetail Foil CardsChase Card101.00
M4I Want My Golden TicketRetail Foil CardsChase Card111.00
M5Chewing Gum Is Really Gross. Chewing Gum I Hate The MostRetail Foil CardsChase Card101.00
M6Once Again You Really Shouldn't MumbleRetail Foil CardsChase Card101.00
M7WRetail Foil CardsChase Card101.00
M8WRetail Foil CardsChase Card101.00
M9WRetail Foil CardsChase Card101.00
BT1BubblegumScratch 'n Sniff Box ToppersChase Card101.00
BT2MarshmallowScratch 'n Sniff Box ToppersChase Card101.00
BT3PeppermintScratch 'n Sniff Box ToppersChase Card101.00
BT4ChocolateScratch 'n Sniff Box ToppersChase Card101.00
T1Charlie & Chocolate Factory Johnny Depp as Willy WonkaTin ExclusivesChase Card101.00
SD-PC1Chilly Chocolate Creme Candy Wrapper
San Diego Comic Con Prop CardsChase Card101.00
SD-PC2Nutty Crunch Surprise Candy Wrapper
San Diego Comic Con Prop CardsChase Card101.00
SD-PC3Triple Dazzle Caramel Candy Wrapper
San Diego Comic Con Prop CardsChase Card101.00
SD-PC4Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight Candy Wrapper
San Diego Comic Con Prop CardsChase Card101.00
P-1Charlie & Chocolate Factory-Promo Card101.00
P-2Charlie & Chocolate Factory-Promo Card101.00
P-3Charlie & Chocolate Factory-Promo Card101.00
P-4Charlie & Chocolate Factory-Promo Card101.00
PF-1Charlie & Chocolate Factory - In Theaters Summer 2005Pink Foil DVD Promo Card SetPromo Card101.00
PF-2Charlie & Chocolate Factory - In Theaters Summer 2005Pink Foil DVD Promo Card SetPromo Card101.00
PF-3Charlie & Chocolate Factory - In Theaters Summer 2005Pink Foil DVD Promo Card SetPromo Card101.00
PF-4Charlie & Chocolate Factory - In Theaters Summer 2005Pink Foil DVD Promo Card SetPromo Card101.00
PF-5Charlie & Chocolate Factory - In Theaters Summer 2005Pink Foil DVD Promo Card SetPromo Card101.00
1orCharlie and the Chocolate Factory-Base card / Orange101.00
2orWilly Wonka-Base card / Orange101.00
3orCharlie Bucket-Base card / Orange101.00
4orGrandpa Joe-Base card / Orange101.00
5orAugustus Gloop-Base card / Orange101.00
6orMrs. Gloop-Base card / Orange101.00
7orVeruca Salt-Base card / Orange101.00
8orMr. Salt-Base card / Orange101.00
9orViolet Beuregarde-Base card / Orange101.00
10orMrs. Beauregarde-Base card / Orange101.00
11orMike Teavee-Base card / Orange101.00
12orMr. Teavee-Base card / Orange101.00
13orMrs. Bucket-Base card / Orange101.00
14orMr. Bucket-Base card / Orange101.00
15orDr. Wilbur Wonka-Base card / Orange101.00
16orOompa-Loompas-Base card / Orange101.00
17orGrandma Josephine-Base card / Orange101.00
18orGrandpa George and Grandma Georgina-Base card / Orange101.00
19orEvery Corner of the World-Base card / Orange101.00
20orA Horrible Empty Feeling-Base card / Orange101.00
21orNothing Goes Better Than Cabbage with Cabbage-Base card / Orange101.00
22orA Head for Willy Wonka!-Base card / Orange101.00
23orWorking for Wonka-Base card / Orange101.00
24orThat Man Was a Genius!-Base card / Orange101.00
25orJust the Beginning...-Base card / Orange101.00
26orOne Hundred Rooms of Chocolate-Base card / Orange101.00
27orThe Largest Chocolate Factory in History-Base card / Orange101.00
28orOpening Day-Base card / Orange101.00
29orDon't Make It Gross-Base card / Orange101.00
30orI'm Closing My Factory Forever-Base card / Orange101.00
31orNothing's Impossible-Base card / Orange101.00
32orThe First Ticket-Base card / Orange101.00
33orWhat a Repulsive Boy-Base card / Orange101.00
34orTold You It'd Be a Porker!-Base card / Orange101.00
35orV-E-R-U-C-A-Base card / Orange101.00
36orWhere's My Golden Ticket?!-Base card / Orange101.00
37orA Whipple-Scrumptious Birthday Present-Base card / Orange101.00
38orWe'll Share It-Base card / Orange101.00
39orA Gumchewer, Mostly-Base card / Orange101.00
40orI Hate Chocolate-Base card / Orange101.00
41orA Secret Hoard-Base card / Orange101.00
42orOne Wonka's Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight, Please-Base card / Orange101.00
43orTake It Straight Home-Base card / Orange101.00
44orYippeeeeeeee!-Base card / Orange101.00
45orThe First of February-Base card / Orange101.00
46orWelcome to My Humble Factory-Base card / Orange101.00
47orWilly Wonka!-Base card / Orange101.00
48orFar Too Much to See-Base card / Orange101.00
49orAn Important Room, This!-Base card / Orange101.00
50orDon't Lose Your Heads-Base card / Orange101.00
51orEnjoy!-Base card / Orange101.00
52orJust Delicious-Base card / Orange101.00
53orBetter than Cabbage Soup!-Base card / Orange101.00
54orIt's a Little Person!-Base card / Orange101.00
55orThey're Oompa-Loompas-Base card / Orange101.00
56orThe Call of His Enormous Stomach-Base card / Orange101.00
57orHe's Gonna Stick-Base card / Orange101.00
58orWhat's So Funny?-Base card / Orange101.00
59orWonka's Private Yacht-Base card / Orange101.00
60orOnward!-Base card / Orange101.00
61orTrick Or Treat!-Base card / Orange101.00
62orThe Most Important Room in the Entire Factory-Base card / Orange101.00
63orHiss, Sizzle, Clank, Sputter!-Base card / Orange101.00
64orWhat's This?-Base card / Orange101.00
65orA Full Three-Course Dinner-Base card / Orange101.00
66orMy Kind of Gum-Base card / Orange101.00
67orA Blueberry As a Daughter-Base card / Orange101.00
68orA True Calling-Base card / Orange101.00
69orSquirrels!-Base card / Orange101.00
70orNot For Sale-Base card / Orange101.00
71orIs That Mink?-Base card / Orange101.00
72orDon't Touch...-Base card / Orange101.00
73orA Bad Nut-Base card / Orange101.00
74orThe Television Room-Base card / Orange101.00
75orThe Latest and Greatest Invention-Base card / Orange101.00
76orMumbler!-Base card / Orange101.00
77orIt's Gotta Be Real Big-Base card / Orange101.00
78orWatch the Screen-Base card / Orange101.00
79orWhat About People?-Base card / Orange101.00
80orAll You Think About Is Chocolate!-Base card / Orange101.00
81orTry Every Channel!-Base card / Orange101.00
82orSmaller Than an Oompa-Loompa-Base card / Orange101.00
83orThere's Someone At the Door-Base card / Orange101.00
84orP-p-p-p-p-...-Base card / Orange101.00
85orOpen!-Base card / Orange101.00
86orI Haven't Seen Bicuspids Like These Since...-Base card / Orange101.00
87orBrainstorming-Base card / Orange101.00
88orYou Smell Like Peanuts!-Base card / Orange101.00
89orRaspberry Kites?-Base card / Orange101.00
90orChecklist-Base card / Orange101.00
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