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Topps The Simpsons

Topps The Simpsons

År: 1990
Totalt antall kort: 110

Forhåndsvisning av samling (100% scannede bilder)

samler: 4 / fullført: 4


1Don't forget your lunches!CardBase230.67
3I'm Lisa Simpson--I'm above domestic cleaning!CardBase120.50
4I'm Bart Seemp-seau, famous underwater explorerCardBase111.00
5No more television--for all eternity!CardBase120.50
6I have an announcement to make: I'm bored!CardBase111.00
7Marge--you're my wife, but cupcakes are my mistress!CardBase130.33
8Calm down, boy! It was just a nightmare!CardBase111.00
9Comics are for kids, boy!CardBase111.00
10Time for our favorite cartoon, 'Itchy & Scratchy.'CardBase111.00
11The family that mambos together, stays together!CardBase120.50
12Bart! / Uh, Oh ...CardBase111.00
13Are we at Weenie Barn yet?CardBase111.00
14We're the grown-ups and you're the children--understand?CardBase130.33
15Help! I'm a fully developed female trapped inside the body of a child!CardBase111.00
16Suck! Suck!CardBase111.00
17Now get in there and clean up that mess!CardBase111.00
18Come back here, you little smartass!CardBase111.00
19Tolstoy Schmolstoy! Space Mutants II is what I call a work of genius!CardBase140.25
20I'm no supervising technician ... I'm a technical supervisor.CardBase120.50
21All right! 'America's Most Armed and Dangerous' is on!CardBase111.00
22Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!CardBase120.50
23Suck! Suck! Suck!CardBase120.50
24Homework is society's way of torturing their young!CardBase130.33
25No reststops for the next 16 hours!CardBase111.00
26Zee brave undair sea exploraire wrestles ze yuge sea monstair to zee better endCardBase120.50
27Look Homer, clean as a whistle!CardBase120.50
28We can never let him down. He'll kill us.CardBase101.00
29Don't bug me, I'm studying, man!CardBase111.00
30And don't come out till you sparkle, boy!CardBase101.00
31Maggie? Lisa? You in there?CardBase111.00
32Should I turn on the TV?CardBase130.33
33Don't have a cow, man!CardBase111.00
34Bart! Get back here!!!CardBase111.00
35Anybody seen Maggie?CardBase101.00
36Marge, let's run away from home.CardBase111.00
37She's such an adorable infant!CardBase130.33
38It's the Bart Simpson Show, starring Bart Simpson, and featuring ...CardBase120.50
39Quiet! Genius at work, man!CardBase120.50
40Shut up back there, you little smart alecks!CardBase120.50
41Bart! Did you eat all the pork rinds?CardBase130.33
42What'll it be tonight, marge? The Rusty Barnacle or The Singing Sirloin?CardBase120.50
43Suck! Suck! Suck!CardBase101.00
44March your butts straight up to bed, you little hellions! Pronto!CardBase120.50
45Happy Father's Day, Dad. They were 12 for a dollar at Bud's 'Big 'n' Wide' Shop.CardBase101.00
46Stand back, comrades! The smell alone from this closet can be lethal!CardBase120.50
47There's nothing more disheartening to young fertile minds than the 5:00 news hours!CardBase130.33
48Right on, dude!CardBase101.00
49Who do you think you are, Thomas Edison?CardBase111.00
50This looks like the work of one Bartholomew J. Simpson!CardBase221.00
51You said 'Left.' I said 'Right.'CardBase111.00
52It's Quiet. Yeah, too quiet.CardBase111.00
53Kids out there in T.V. land ... You're being duped!CardBase120.50
54There's only so much one hell raisin' kid can take, man!CardBase111.00
55It's amazing how much beauty andCardBase130.33
57Who ate my cookies?!!!CardBase120.50
58Back off Homer. I happen to be haviCardBase111.00
59I said, Knock It Off!!CardBase120.50
60Don't blame us, Dad! We're merelyCardBase111.00
61Go to bed! Go to bed! Right now!!CardBase120.50
62There's only one cookie left! And somebody's responsible!CardBase111.00
63I didn't do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything.CardBase130.33
64Gangway man!CardBase130.33
65Which one of you ate my last donut!CardBase120.50
66Bart? Uh oh gotta hide.CardBase111.00
67Last one to the breakfast table is a wimp, man!CardBase111.00
68God help me.CardBase101.00
69Bart, you're such a dimwit!CardBase111.00
70I'm Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?CardBase120.50
71Your father's chasing after Bart because he loves him. Nice try Mom.CardBase111.00
73I can't wait to see the happy little elves! Oh, grow up, man! The crappy little elves are for babies!CardBase111.00
74Why you little....!!!! Lets break for a commercialCardBase111.00
75For the last time, I'm the parent and you're the children!CardBase111.00
76I think it's time to go down to The Dairy Den for some frosty chocolate milkshakes!CardBase120.50
77Let's take turns yelling into the canyon, Lisa, you start. Okay. Borrrrring!!!CardBase130.33
78Marge! Where's the personals section of today's paper?!CardBase120.50
79We have no idea who made this mess.CardBase101.00
80This is the life, man!CardBase111.00
81Me, Bartunga! Me, Leesumba!CardBase101.00
82Unga, Bunga, Yunga, Ho!CardBase120.50
83There is justice in the world, MaggieCardBase111.00
84Suck, suck, suck, suck, suck.CardBase120.50
85Uh, oh....CardBase111.00
86Another day of parental oppressionCardBase111.00
87Aye carumba!CardBase111.00
88Apple polisher! Thank you very much, I take that as a compliment!CardBase130.33
S3Peace, Man.Sticker-111.00
S4Bart SimpsonSticker-101.00
S5Maggie SimpsonSticker-111.00
S6Marge SimpsonSticker-111.00
S7Homer SimpsonSticker-111.00
S8The SimpsonsSticker-111.00
S9All-American DadSticker-101.00
S10Family PortraitSticker-111.00
S11I'm Bart Simpson. Who the Hell are You?Sticker-101.00
S12War Is Hell, Man.Sticker-101.00
S13There was a little accident at the Power Plant today ...Sticker-101.00
S14Go For It, Dude!!Sticker-111.00
S15No Way, Man!Sticker-111.00
S16Cowabunga, Man!Sticker-111.00
S17I'm going to tell Mom and Dad!Sticker-111.00
S18The All-American FamilySticker-101.00
S19Queen of the BluesSticker-111.00
S20Suck Suck SuckSticker-111.00
S21Fun has a name and it's Bartholomew J. Simpson.Sticker-101.00
S22That's My Boy!Sticker-101.00
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