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SkyBox The Lion King. Part 1

The Lion King. Part 1

Rok: 1994
Wszystkie karty: 106

Podgląd kolekcji (100% zeskanowanych obrazów)

kolekcjonuje: 6 / zakończyło: 1

Lista kontrolna

1A tale of courage, adventure and humorStory CardsBase Cards111.00
2Animals and birds stirStory CardsBase Cards111.00
3The animals waitStory CardsBase Cards120.50
4The ceremony is about to beginStory CardsBase Cards111.00
5Rafiki lifts Simba for all to seeStory CardsBase Cards120.50
6"Don't turn your back on me!"Story CardsBase Cards111.00
7Everything the light touches is our kingdomStory CardsBase Cards212.00
8The forbidden elephant graveyardStory CardsBase Cards101.00
9Eager for adventureStory CardsBase Cards120.50
10"I just can't wait to be king."Story CardsBase Cards120.50
11The getawayStory CardsBase Cards120.50
12A spectacular zebra saluteStory CardsBase Cards120.50
13A brightly-colored pyramidStory CardsBase Cards111.00
14Toward the elephant graveyardStory CardsBase Cards111.00
15A spooky sight to beholdStory CardsBase Cards111.00
16"I laugh in the face of danger."Story CardsBase Cards212.00
17A trio of vicious, wise-cracking hyenasStory CardsBase Cards111.00
18"Did we order this dinner to go?"Story CardsBase Cards111.00
19Trapped!Story CardsBase Cards120.50
20A mighty roar eruptsStory CardsBase Cards111.00
21"Dad, I'm ... I'm sorry."Story CardsBase Cards212.00
22"The kings will always be there to guide you."Story CardsBase Cards120.50
23Scar sings of his planStory CardsBase Cards101.00
24A surprise to die forStory CardsBase Cards111.00
25Simba runs for his lifeStory CardsBase Cards202.00
26Mufasa plunges into the gorgeStory CardsBase Cards120.50
27"Hold on!"Story CardsBase Cards111.00
28Mufasa catches SimbaStory CardsBase Cards120.50
29Mufasa disappearsStory CardsBase Cards202.00
30Mufasa fears for his lifeStory CardsBase Cards111.00
31"Long live the king."Story CardsBase Cards111.00
32"Noooooooo!"Story CardsBase Cards111.00
33Simba runs awayStory CardsBase Cards111.00
34Escape from the hyenasStory CardsBase Cards120.50
35Pin cushions and cactuss buttsStory CardsBase Cards120.50
36Scar assumes the throneStory CardsBase Cards212.00
37Buzzards fly overheadStory CardsBase Cards111.00
38"Jeez, it's a lion!"Story CardsBase Cards120.50
39Hakuna MatataStory CardsBase Cards111.00
40A jungle paradiseStory CardsBase Cards120.50
41Fresh out of zebraStory CardsBase Cards111.00
42The fine art of eating bugsStory CardsBase Cards120.50
43The great kings of the pastStory CardsBase Cards120.50
44It is timeStory CardsBase Cards101.00
45Run for your lifeStory CardsBase Cards120.50
46It's Nala!Story CardsBase Cards120.50
47"You wouldn't understand."Story CardsBase Cards212.00
48"You said you'd always be there..."Story CardsBase Cards202.00
49An odd little voice singsStory CardsBase Cards111.00
50"I know your father."Story CardsBase Cards111.00
51"He lives in you."Story CardsBase Cards212.00
52"Remember who you are."Story CardsBase Cards111.00
53Simba marches toward his destinyStory CardsBase Cards111.00
54Forced to hunt for foodStory CardsBase Cards120.50
55There is no foodStory CardsBase Cards111.00
56Simba is revealedStory CardsBase Cards101.00
57"I'm a little surprised to see you -- alive."Story CardsBase Cards111.00
58Either step down as king or fightStory CardsBase Cards111.00
59"It was an accident."Story CardsBase Cards111.00
60A blast of furyStory CardsBase Cards111.00
61A large roar growsStory CardsBase Cards212.00
62"Eeeee-yaaaaa!"Story CardsBase Cards120.50
63To a pack of hungry hyenas belowStory CardsBase Cards111.00
64Simba takes his place in the Circle of LifeStory CardsBase Cards111.00
65A new lion king is bornStory CardsBase Cards120.50
66SimbaCharacter CardsBase Cards111.00
67MufasaCharacter CardsBase Cards212.00
68SarabiCharacter CardsBase Cards120.50
69NalaCharacter CardsBase Cards101.00
70ScarCharacter CardsBase Cards212.00
71ZazuCharacter CardsBase Cards111.00
72RafikiCharacter CardsBase Cards120.50
73TimonCharacter CardsBase Cards111.00
74PumbaaCharacter CardsBase Cards120.50
75HyenasCharacter CardsBase Cards111.00
76The Circle of Life - BirthThe Circle of LifeBase Cards120.50
77The Circle of Life - ChildhoodThe Circle of LifeBase Cards120.50
78The Circle of Life - LossThe Circle of LifeBase Cards111.00
79The Circle of Life - Young SimbaThe Circle of LifeBase Cards101.00
80The Circle of Life - RomanceThe Circle of LifeBase Cards111.00
81The Circle of Life - AdulthoodThe Circle of LifeBase Cards212.00
82The Circle of Life - RebirthThe Circle of LifeBase Cards120.50
83Man, Are You Ugleeeee!Animal HumorBase Cards120.50
84Dangling at the Bottom of the Food Chain.Animal HumorBase Cards111.00
85Who You Callin' Oopid-Stay?Animal HumorBase Cards111.00
86Sit Down Before You Hurt Yourself.Animal HumorBase Cards120.50
87Mooo Oooo Oove It!Animal HumorBase Cards111.00
88Home Is Where Your Rump Rests.Animal HumorBase Cards111.00
89Checklist Card AChecklistBase Cards120.50
90Checklist Card BChecklistBase Cards120.50
F1SimbaEmbossed FoilsChase Crads404.00
F2MufasaEmbossed FoilsChase Crads404.00
F3NalaEmbossed FoilsChase Crads404.00
F4ScarEmbossed FoilsChase Crads404.00
F5RafikiEmbossed FoilsChase Crads414.00
F6ZazuEmbossed FoilsChase Crads404.00
F7PumbaaEmbossed FoilsChase Crads505.00
F8TimonEmbossed FoilsChase Crads404.00
F9Shenzi, Banzai and EdEmbossed FoilsChase Crads404.00
L1"I Never Get To Go Anywhere!"Lenticular HologramsChase Crads303.00
L2Future King of the JungleLenticular HologramsChase Crads404.00
P1Simba - I Just Can't Wait To Be King!Pop-Up CardsChase Crads404.00
P2Rafiki - Circle of LifePop-Up CardsChase Crads404.00
P3Mufasa - Remember Who You Are.Pop-Up CardsChase Crads404.00
P4Banzai - Who You Callin' Oopid-Stay?Pop-Up CardsChase Crads404.00
P5Scar - The Evil UnclePop-Up CardsChase Crads505.00