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Inkworks Smallville Season 4

Smallville Season 4

Anul: 2005
Toate cartonasele: 130

colectionand: 0 / terminat: 0

Lista de verificare

Numar.TitluSectiuneTipAm nevoieOferNevoie/Oferta.
1Smallville (Title Card)-Base Card000.00
2Clark Kent-Base Card000.00
3Lois Lane-Base Card000.00
4Lana Lang-Base Card000.00
5Jason Teague-Base Card000.00
6Lex Luthor-Base Card000.00
7Chloe Sullivan-Base Card000.00
8Jonathan & Martha Kent-Base Card000.00
9Lionel Luthor-Base Card000.00
10Buried Secrets-Base Card000.00
11The Second Stone-Base Card000.00
12Clark's Quest-Base Card000.00
13Witch Crafty-Base Card000.00
14The Guardian-Base Card000.00
15The Root of Power-Base Card000.00
16The Final Stone-Base Card000.00
17Completion-Base Card000.00
18On to Higher Learnin-Base Card000.00
19A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma-Base Card000.00
20Witness-Base Card000.00
21Clean Slate-Base Card000.00
22Hidden Assests-Base Card000.00
23A Real Hottie-Base Card000.00
24To the Rescue!-Base Card000.00
25Chloe R.I.P.-Base Card000.00
26The Boy of Steel-Base Card000.00
27Bet Your Life-Base Card000.00
28The Sand Man Cometh-Base Card000.00
29Tempus Fugit-Base Card000.00
30Least Likely To Be...-Base Card000.00
31The Lion at Bay-Base Card000.00
32Switching Fates-Base Card000.00
33The Price of Freedom-Base Card000.00
34The Tipping Point-Base Card000.00
35Soul Mates-Base Card000.00
36The Son You Always Wanted-Base Card000.00
37Lightning Strikes-Base Card000.00
38Hot Water-Base Card000.00
39On Guard-Base Card000.00
40A Witch in Time-Base Card000.00
41Ptomaine Course-Base Card000.00
42Tough Enough-Base Card000.00
43Three Months Later...CrusadeBase Card000.00
44Magic in ParisCrusadeBase Card000.00
45Krypton's Child is Fleet in FlightCrusadeBase Card000.00
46Black KCrusadeBase Card000.00
47Grave MattersGoneBase Card000.00
48Chloe Lives!GoneBase Card000.00
49Skin DeepFaçadeBase Card000.00
50A Bad Face DayFaçadeBase Card000.00
51Commanding AttentionDevotedBase Card000.00
52Krypton-adeDevotedBase Card000.00
53Speed ThrillsRunBase Card000.00
54On the RunRunBase Card000.00
55Foreign ExchangeTransferenceBase Card000.00
56Power UnfetteredTransferenceBase Card000.00
57Pushing Her LuckJinxBase Card000.00
58Skewing the OddsJinxBase Card000.00
59Mark of the SwitchSpellBase Card000.00
60Witches' BrewSpellBase Card000.00
61Killer DateBoundBase Card000.00
62A Woman ScornedBoundBase Card000.00
63Day-maresScareBase Card000.00
64Apolcalyptic VisionsScareBase Card000.00
65Rehabilitated?UnsafeBase Card000.00
66Red LoveUnsafeBase Card000.00
67ScapegoatPariahBase Card000.00
68SacrificePariahBase Card000.00
69Killer in Bunny Slippers?RecruitBase Card000.00
70Blood TiesRecruitBase Card000.00
71DoggoneKryptoBase Card000.00
72Family MattersKryptoBase Card000.00
73LegacySacredBase Card000.00
74Crouching Tiger, Hidden LanaSacredBase Card000.00
75Wild ChildLucyBase Card000.00
76A Merry ChaseLucyBase Card000.00
77The Real Lex?OnyxBase Card000.00
78I Am The Villian...OnyxBase Card000.00
79Queen BSpiritBase Card000.00
80Revenge ChicSpiritBase Card000.00
81Tabula RasaBlankBase Card000.00
82PentimentoBlankBase Card000.00
83Evan's GiftAgelessBase Card000.00
84Vita BrevisAgelessBase Card000.00
85High School HighForeverBase Card000.00
86HostagesForeverBase Card000.00
87Graduation DayCommencementBase Card000.00
88The SentriesCommencementBase Card000.00
89CommencementCommencementBase Card000.00
90Checklist-Base Card000.00
A26Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor
Autographed CardsChase Card000.00
A27Erica Durance as Lois Lane
Autographed CardsChase Card000.00
A28Margot Kidder as Bridgette Crosby
Autographed CardsChase Card000.00
A29Sarah Carter as Alicia Baker
Autographed CardsChase Card000.00
A30Peyton List as Lucy Lane
Autographed CardsChase Card000.00
A31Jonathan Bennett as Kevin Grady
Autographed CardsChase Card000.00
A32Rob Freeman as Coach Quigley
Autographed CardsChase Card000.00
A33Kyle Gallner as Bart Allen
Autographed CardsChase Card000.00
A34Trent Ford as Mikhail Mxyzptlk
Autographed CardsChase Card000.00
AR-1Redemption Card
Autographed CardsChase Card000.00
BL-1Fire / PassionKryptonian SymbolsChase Card000.00
BL-2Water / EmotionKryptonian SymbolsChase Card000.00
BL-3Air / IntellectKryptonian SymbolsChase Card000.00
CL-1NemesisNemesis CaseChase Card000.00
LC-1Lois & Clark (puzzle 1)BlankChase Card000.00
LC-2Lois & Clark (puzzle 2)RecruitChase Card000.00
LC-3Lois & Clark (puzzle 3)GoneChase Card000.00
LC-4Lois & Clark (puzzle 4)RecruitChase Card000.00
LC-5Lois & Clark (puzzle 5)BlankChase Card000.00
LC-6Lois & Clark (puzzle 6)KryptoChase Card000.00
LC-7Lois & Clark (puzzle 7)CrusadeChase Card000.00
LC-8Lois & Clark (puzzle 8)CrusadeChase Card000.00
LC-9Lois & Clark (puzzle 9)RecruitChase Card000.00
PW1Shirt worn by Michael Rosenbaum as Lex LuthorForeverChase Card000.00
PW1-AShirt worn by Michael Rosenbaum as Lex
Autographed PieceworksChase Card000.00
PW2Shirt worn by Tom Welling as Clark KentCommencementChase Card000.00
PW3Skirt worn by Kristin Kreuk as Lana LangSpellChase Card000.00
PW4T-shirt worn by Erica Durance as Lois LaneKryptoChase Card000.00
PW5T-shirt worn by Jensen Ackles as Jason TeaguePariahChase Card000.00
PW6Jacket worn by Jayne Seymour as Genevieve TeagueZeroChase Card000.00
PW7Suit pants worn by Margot Kidder as Bridgette CrosbyTransferenceChase Card000.00
SM4-14 cast-Promo Card000.00
SM4-iClark & Lois-Promo Card000.00
SM4-UK9 cast-Promo Card000.00
SW-1The Dying CurseSwitchcraft CardsChase Card000.00
SW-2Sign of ChangeSwitchcraft CardsChase Card000.00
SW-3Belle, Book & BloodstainSwitchcraft CardsChase Card000.00
SW-4WitchSWitchSwitchcraft CardsChase Card000.00
SW-5Stone KillerSwitchcraft CardsChase Card000.00
SW-6Blood PriceSwitchcraft CardsChase Card000.00