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Topps The Lord of the Rings. The Fellowship of the Ring

Topps The Lord of the Rings. The Fellowship of the Ring

Anul: 2001
Toate cartonasele: 202

Previzualizare colectie (73% imagini scanate)

colectionand: 9 / terminat: 3

Lista de verificare

Numar.TitluSectiuneTipAm nevoieOferNevoie/Oferta.
1The Legend Comes to Life-Base card321.50
2GandalfWizardBase card313.00
3BilboHobbitBase card313.00
4FrodoHobbitBase card431.33
5SamHobbitBase card522.50
6MerryHobbitBase card303.00
7PippinHobbitBase card414.00
8AragornMortal ManBase card212.00
9ArwenElven WomanBase card404.00
10BoromirMortal ManBase card202.00
11ElrondElven ManBase card221.00
12LegolasElven ManBase card331.00
13GimliDwarfBase card522.50
14GaladrielElven WomanBase card422.00
15CelebornElven ManBase card505.00
16SarumanWizardBase card404.00
17LurtzUruk-Hai OrcBase card414.00
18The Witch KingRingwraithBase card414.00
19Arriving in Hobbiton-Base card313.00
20A Heartfelt Reunion-Base card340.75
21Bag End-Base card515.00
22Hobbit Celebration-Base card313.00
23Bilbo's Big Night-Base card414.00
24Trick or Treat?-Base card303.00
25Happy Birthday, Bilbo!-Base card404.00
26The Big Surprise-Base card321.50
27Confronting Bilbo-Base card404.00
28Secret of the Ring-Base card422.00
29Dark Legacy-Base card505.00
30The Quest Begins-Base card313.00
31The Lord of Isengard-Base card303.00
32Battle of the Wizards-Base card505.00
33Hobbit Friends Reunited-Base card414.00
34The Ringwraith-Base card404.00
35The Hobbits Take Cover-Base card505.00
36Escaping Death's Clutches-Base card414.00
37Inn of the Prancing Pony-Base card414.00
38Temptation-Base card321.50
39Confronting Strider-Base card505.00
40Death of the Gatekeeper-Base card414.00
41Eluding the Ringwraiths-Base card505.00
42A Treacherous Trek-Base card313.00
43Facing the Dark Riders-Base card414.00
44Caught by the Ringwraiths-Base card505.00
45The Flame and the Sword-Base card313.00
46Strider Attacks-Base card321.50
47Vision of the Witch King-Base card313.00
48Frodo Stricken!-Base card313.00
49Caverns of Horror-Base card404.00
50Birthing of an Uruk-Hai-Base card212.00
51Trollshaw Forest-Base card313.00
52The Arrival of Arwen-Base card404.00
53An Angel of Mercy-Base card404.00
54Ringwraith Attack-Base card505.00
55Reunited with Bilbo-Base card303.00
56Elrond of Rivendell-Base card404.00
57Dissent in the Council-Base card404.00
58The Ringbearer's Move-Base card404.00
59The Fellowship of Nine-Base card313.00
60A Hobbit's Fate-Base card303.00
61The Coming of Lurtz-Base card404.00
62A New Breed of Orc-Base card414.00
63The Pass of Caradhras-Base card202.00
64Speak Friend and Enter-Base card404.00
65Remembering the Way-Base card404.00
66Inside Balin's Tomb-Base card414.00
67Fool of a Took!-Base card303.00
68Drums of the Enemy-Base card414.00
69The Fellowship Battles-Base card414.00
70Frodo's Fight for Life-Base card404.00
71The Balrog of Morgoth-Base card404.00
72Escape to Lothlorien-Base card414.00
73Toward New Adventure-Base card505.00
74Pledged to the Cause-Base card414.00
75The Uruk-Hai Attack-Base card414.00
76The Might of a Dwarf-Base card404.00
77The Battle of Amon-Hen-Base card404.00
78The Horn of Gondor-Base card505.00
79Army of the Damned-Base card303.00
80Destiny of the Hobbits-Base card505.00
81The Uruks Fall-Base card404.00
82Of Magic and Make-upBehind the ScenesBase card404.00
83On the Dark SideBehind the ScenesBase card303.00
84Christopher Lee, Prince of DarknessBehind the ScenesBase card404.00
85Bringing Bad End to LifeBehind the ScenesBase card505.00
86A Most Enchanting SubjectBehind the ScenesBase card404.00
87Monsters, Monsters EverywhereBehind the ScenesBase card422.00
88A Rigorous AdventureBehind the ScenesBase card404.00
89The Director's VisionBehind the ScenesBase card414.00
90Checklist-Base card505.00
A1Frodo-U.K. Exclusive Card505.00
A2Gandalf-U.K. Exclusive Card505.00
A3Aragorn-U.K. Exclusive Card505.00
A4Lurtz-U.K. Exclusive Card505.00
A5Title Logo-U.K. Exclusive Card505.00
A6Saruman-U.K. Exclusive Card505.00
A7Boromir-U.K. Exclusive Card505.00
A8Legolas-U.K. Exclusive Card505.00
A9Gimli-U.K. Exclusive Card505.00
AC1Sean Astin as Sam
-Autograph card404.00
AC2Cate Blanchett as Galadriel
-Autograph card404.00
AC3Billy Boyd as Pippin
-Autograph card404.00
AC4Sir Ian Holm as Bilbo
-Autograph card404.00
AC5Sir Ian McKellen as Gandalf
-Autograph card404.00
AC6Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn
-Autograph card404.00
AC7Liv Tyler as Arwen
-Autograph card404.00
AC8Elijah Wood as Frodo
-Autograph card404.00
AC9John Rhys-Davies as Gimli
-Autograph card404.00
AC10Sean Bean as Boromir
Outside North AmericanAutograph card404.00
AC11Christopher Lee as Saruman
Outside North AmericanAutograph card404.00
AC12Orlando Bloom as Legolas
Outside North AmericanAutograph card404.00
AC13Dominic Monaghan as Merry
Outside North AmericanAutograph card404.00
AC14Hugo Weaving as Elrond
Outside North AmericanAutograph card404.00
BT1Frodo looking at RingOutside North AmericanBonus Foil Card505.00
BT2Frodo looking out, with RingOutside North AmericanBonus Foil Card505.00
C1ChecklistPreview SetNew Zealand and Australia Edition Card505.00
C2GandalfPreview SetNew Zealand and Australia Edition Card505.00
C3BilboPreview SetNew Zealand and Australia Edition Card505.00
C4FrodoPreview SetNew Zealand and Australia Edition Card505.00
C5SamPreview SetNew Zealand and Australia Edition Card505.00
C6MerryPreview SetNew Zealand and Australia Edition Card505.00
C7PippinPreview SetNew Zealand and Australia Edition Card505.00
C8AragornPreview SetNew Zealand and Australia Edition Card505.00
C9ArwenPreview SetNew Zealand and Australia Edition Card505.00
C10BoromirPreview SetNew Zealand and Australia Edition Card505.00
C11ElrondPreview SetNew Zealand and Australia Edition Card505.00
C12LegolasPreview SetNew Zealand and Australia Edition Card505.00
C13GimliPreview SetNew Zealand and Australia Edition Card505.00
C14GaladrielPreview SetNew Zealand and Australia Edition Card505.00
C15CelebornPreview SetNew Zealand and Australia Edition Card505.00
C16SarumanPreview SetNew Zealand and Australia Edition Card505.00
C17LurtzPreview SetNew Zealand and Australia Edition Card505.00
C18Uruk-HaiPreview SetNew Zealand and Australia Edition Card505.00
C19OrcsPreview SetNew Zealand and Australia Edition Card505.00
C20RingwraithsPreview SetNew Zealand and Australia Edition Card505.00
F1Cartonas F1--505.00
F2Cartonas F2--505.00
F3Cartonas F3--505.00
F4Cartonas F4--505.00
F5Cartonas F5--505.00
F6Cartonas F6--505.00
F7Cartonas F7--505.00
F8Cartonas F8--505.00
F9Cartonas F9--505.00
F10Cartonas F10--505.00
L1ChecklistPreview SetU.K. Edition Card505.00
L2GandalfPreview SetU.K. Edition Card505.00
L3BilboPreview SetU.K. Edition Card505.00
L4FrodoPreview SetU.K. Edition Card505.00
L5SamPreview SetU.K. Edition Card505.00
L6MerryPreview SetU.K. Edition Card505.00
L7PippinPreview SetU.K. Edition Card505.00
L8AragornPreview SetU.K. Edition Card505.00
L9ArwenPreview SetU.K. Edition Card505.00
L10BoromirPreview SetU.K. Edition Card505.00
L11ElrondPreview SetU.K. Edition Card505.00
L12LegolasPreview SetU.K. Edition Card505.00
L13GimliPreview SetU.K. Edition Card505.00
L14GaladrielPreview SetU.K. Edition Card505.00
L15CelebornPreview SetU.K. Edition Card505.00
L16SarumanPreview SetU.K. Edition Card505.00
L17LurtzPreview SetU.K. Edition Card505.00
L18Uruk-HaiPreview SetU.K. Edition Card505.00
L19OrcsPreview SetU.K. Edition Card505.00
L20RingwraithsPreview SetU.K. Edition Card505.00
P1The Legend Comes to Life Frodo with sword-Promo Card303.00
P1FBFThe Legend Comes to Life Frodo with sword
-Promo Card303.00
P1UKThe Legend Comes to Life Frodo with swordUK versionPromo Card202.00
P2The Legend Comes to Life Four armed hobbits-Promo Card202.00
P2FBFThe Legend Comes to Life Four armed hobbits
-Promo Card303.00
P3The Orc Army Wizard, Orc attack-Promo Card303.00
P3FBFThe Orc Army Wizard, Orc attack
-Promo Card303.00
PF1Gimli-Chase card505.00
PF2Saruman-Chase card505.00
PF3Frodo-Chase card505.00
PF4Lurtz-Chase card505.00
PF5The Witch King-Chase card505.00
PF6Boromir-Chase card505.00
PF7Elrond-Chase card505.00
PF8Lurtz-Chase card505.00
PF9Ringwraiths-Chase card505.00
PF10Orc Attack-Chase card505.00
PS1Bilbo-Puzzle Sticker Card505.00
PS2Boromir-Puzzle Sticker Card505.00
PS3Frodo-Puzzle Sticker Card505.00
PS4Gandalf-Puzzle Sticker Card505.00
PS5Gimli-Puzzle Sticker Card505.00
PS6Legolas-Puzzle Sticker Card505.00
PS7Aragorn-Puzzle Sticker Card505.00
PS8Gandalf-Puzzle Sticker Card505.00
PS9Arwen-Puzzle Sticker Card505.00
PS10Sam & Frodo-Puzzle Sticker Card505.00
SF1Gimli-Special Foil Card404.00
SF2Saruman-Special Foil Card313.00
SF3Frodo-Special Foil Card313.00
SF4Lurtz-Special Foil Card313.00
SF5The Witch King-Special Foil Card404.00
SF6Boromir-Special Foil Card313.00
SF7Elrond-Special Foil Card404.00
SF8Lurtz-Special Foil Card313.00
SF9Ringwraiths-Special Foil Card303.00
SF10Orc Attack-Special Foil Card313.00
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