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Topps The Lord of the Rings. The Fellowship of the Ring. Extra Set

Topps The Lord of the Rings. The Fellowship of the Ring. Extra Set

Anul: 2002
Toate cartonasele: 80

Previzualizare colectie (96% imagini scanate)

colectionand: 4 / terminat: 4

Lista de verificare

Numar.TitluSectiuneTipAm nevoieOferNevoie/Oferta.
91(Title Card)-Base card212.00
92Gift of the Rings-Base card202.00
93The Dark Lord Sauron-Base card202.00
94Forged in Fire-Base card212.00
95Rallying Against Mordor-Base card202.00
96The Clash of Steel-Base card202.00
97The Invincible One-Base card202.00
98Day of the Dark Lord-Base card202.00
99The Defeat of Sauron-Base card202.00
100Evil Never Dies-Base card202.00
101Isildur's Prize-Base card202.00
102Lure of the Ring-Base card202.00
103Sauron's Stronghold-Base card202.00
104In Search of the Truth-Base card202.00
105The New Ringbearer-Base card202.00
106Frodo's Mission-Base card202.00
107Night of the Ringwraiths-Base card202.00
108The Eye of Sauron-Base card202.00
109Betrayed by Saruman-Base card202.00
110Throttled by Evil Magic-Base card202.00
111The Fall of Gandalf-Base card202.00
112The Black Rider-Base card202.00
113The Inn of the Prancing Pony-Base card202.00
114In League with Evil-Base card202.00
115In the Service of Saruman-Base card202.00
116Assault on a Forest-Base card202.00
117The Wraiths' True Form-Base card202.00
118The Witch King Attacks-Base card202.00
119Encounter with Ghostly Terror-Base card202.00
120Aragorn to the Rescue-Base card202.00
121Help from a Flying Friend-Base card202.00
122The Water Horses-Base card202.00
123The Beauty of Rivendell-Base card202.00
124Memories of the Epic Battle-Base card202.00
125It Should Have Ended That Day-Base card202.00
126Bilbo's Fond Farewell-Base card202.00
127The Nine on Their Way-Base card202.00
128The Watcher Attacks-Base card202.00
129Seized by the Watcher-Base card202.00
130Entering the Mines of Moria-Base card202.00
131Bilbo's Life-Saving Gifts-Base card202.00
132Bellow of the Cave Troll-Base card202.00
133Monster in the Middle-Base card202.00
134Hide and Seek-Base card202.00
135The Cave Troll Battles On-Base card202.00
136The Orc Swarm-Base card202.00
137Surrounded!-Base card202.00
138Leaping for Life-Base card202.00
139A Bridge Too Far?-Base card202.00
140Fury of the Balrog-Base card202.00
141Creature of Shadow and Flame-Base card202.00
142His Final Stand-Base card202.00
143The Fall of Gandalf-Base card202.00
144The Splendor of Lothlorien-Base card202.00
145Galadriel's Temptation-Base card202.00
146The Fortress City-Base card202.00
147The Coming of Lurtz-Base card202.00
148Pillars of the Kings-Base card202.00
149In the Twilight World-Base card202.00
150United in Their Cause-Base card202.00
151Against the Uruk-Hai-Base card202.00
152Boromir's Funeral-Base card202.00
153What Lies Beyond-Base card202.00
154Against Sauron's MinionsThe Two Towers PreviewBase card202.00
155Conscience of the KingThe Two Towers PreviewBase card202.00
156The Battle of Helm's DeepThe Two Towers PreviewBase card202.00
157The Courage of AragornThe Two Towers PreviewBase card202.00
158Horrors and HeroesThe Two Towers PreviewBase card202.00
159Eomer of RohanThe Two Towers PreviewBase card202.00
160A Woman of WonderThe Two Towers PreviewBase card202.00
161Fellowship AlliesThe Two Towers PreviewBase card202.00
162A Hobbit's JourneyThe Two Towers PreviewBase card202.00
AMMA1Boromir's Cloak
Authentic Movie Memorabilia / Level AChase card404.00
AMMA2Frodo's Travel Jacket
Authentic Movie Memorabilia / Level AChase card404.00
AMMA3Merry's Travel Cloak
Authentic Movie Memorabilia / Level AChase card404.00
AMMA4Pippin's Travel Cloak
Authentic Movie Memorabilia / Level AChase card303.00
AMMA5Sam's Travel Waistcoat
Authentic Movie Memorabilia / Level AChase card303.00
AMMB1Arwen's Riding Outfit
Authentic Movie Memorabilia / Level BChase card404.00
AMMB2Bilbo's Rivendell Waistcoat
Authentic Movie Memorabilia / Level BChase card404.00
AMMB3Frodo's Elven Nightshirt
Authentic Movie Memorabilia / Level BChase card404.00
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