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Topps The Lord of the Rings. Trilogy

Topps The Lord of the Rings. Trilogy

Anul: 2004
Toate cartonasele: 126

Previzualizare colectie (84% imagini scanate)

colectionand: 5 / terminat: 6

Lista de verificare

Numar.TitluSectiuneTipAm nevoieOferNevoie/Oferta.
1The Rings BestowedThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
2Sauron's Key to PowerThe Fellowship of the Ring-505.00
3The Fall of IsildurThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
4Into a Hobbit's HandsThe Fellowship of the Ring-505.00
5Magic in the ShireThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
6The Epic Journey BeginsThe Fellowship of the Ring-505.00
7Passing of the ElvesThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
8Practitioners of PowerThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
9A New AllyThe Fellowship of the Ring-505.00
10The Dark RidersThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
11Mountaintop TerrorThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
12Stabbed by a SpectreThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
13Uruk-Hai MasterThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
14Arwen's EscapeThe Fellowship of the Ring-505.00
15Awakening in RivendellThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
16Wizards in ConflictThe Fellowship of the Ring-505.00
17Once and Future KingsThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
18Challenge for FrodoThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
19The Fellowship is FormedThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
20AvalancheThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
21The WatcherThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
22"They Call it a Mine!"The Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
23Terror of the Cave TrollThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
24Vanquished!The Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
25Shadow and FlameThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
26Friends, Foes and FiendsThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
27Dark VisionThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
28Evil QueenThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
29Gifts from the ElvesThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
30Troubled CompanionsThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
31Attacked by Uruk-HaiThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
32The Fate of BoromirThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
33Friends to the EndThe Fellowship of the Ring-404.00
34Plunge Into an AbyssThe Two Towers-505.00
35Elven RopeThe Two Towers-505.00
36The Taming of GollumThe Two Towers-404.00
37March to IsengardThe Two Towers-404.00
38Poisoning RohanThe Two Towers-404.00
39The Three HuntersThe Two Towers-505.00
40Way Through the MarshesThe Two Towers-404.00
41Spectral TerrorsThe Two Towers-404.00
42TreeherderThe Two Towers-505.00
43The White WizardThe Two Towers-404.00
44The Black GateThe Two Towers-505.00
45Dark Time in RohanThe Two Towers-505.00
46The King's ReleaseThe Two Towers-404.00
47Make for Helm's DeepThe Two Towers-404.00
48Culinary DelightsThe Two Towers-404.00
49Torn from WithinThe Two Towers-505.00
50Warg AmbushThe Two Towers-404.00
51Clash on the PlainsThe Two Towers-404.00
52Isengard UnleashedThe Two Towers-505.00
53Brothers of GondorThe Two Towers-505.00
54"Master Betrayed Us!"The Two Towers-404.00
55The Eve of BattleThe Two Towers-505.00
56Elves Join the FightThe Two Towers-404.00
57Helm's Deep Under SiegeThe Two Towers-404.00
58"War Affects Us All"The Two Towers-404.00
59Breaching the Deeping WallThe Two Towers-404.00
60Furious Fight to SurviveThe Two Towers-404.00
61Gandalf Turns the TideThe Two Towers-404.00
62Isengard FloodedThe Two Towers-404.00
63Saved from the NazgulThe Two Towers-404.00
64The Final TallyThe Two Towers-505.00
65The Spoils of WarThe Two Towers-404.00
66Choosing the Dark PathThe Two Towers-404.00
67Smeagol and DeagolThe Return of the King-404.00
68Seeing Stone of PowerThe Return of the King-404.00
69Saruman's WrathThe Return of the King-404.00
70Gollum's DeceptionThe Return of the King-404.00
71Journey to the Grey HavensThe Return of the King-404.00
72"Deep Breath"The Return of the King-404.00
73Minas MorgulThe Return of the King-404.00
74A Beacon of HopeThe Return of the King-505.00
75Pledge to TheodenThe Return of the King-404.00
76Flight of the FellbeastsThe Return of the King-505.00
77Saved by the White WizardThe Return of the King-505.00
78"Go Home Sam"The Return of the King-505.00
79"Retake Osgiliath"The Return of the King-404.00
80"Join Us!"The Return of the King-404.00
81Isildur's HeirThe Return of the King-404.00
82Corsair BosonThe Return of the King-404.00
83Orc HordesThe Return of the King-404.00
84Nazgul TerrorThe Return of the King-404.00
85Morgul LordThe Return of the King-505.00
86Caught in a WebThe Return of the King-505.00
87"Let Him Go!"The Return of the King-404.00
88Funeral PyreThe Return of the King-404.00
89Legion of MumakilThe Return of the King-404.00
90"I am No Man!"The Return of the King-505.00
91Oath FulfilledThe Return of the King-404.00
92The Mouth of SauronThe Return of the King-404.00
93"Destroy It!"The Return of the King-404.00
94Precious!The Return of the King-404.00
95Quest FulfilledThe Return of the King-404.00
96Coronations of the KingThe Return of the King-404.00
97Heroes of the ShireThe Return of the King-404.00
98End of the JourneyThe Return of the King-404.00
99Into the WestThe Return of the King-505.00
AC1Noel Appleby as Everard Proudfoot
AutographsChase card101.00
AC2Sala Baker as Sauron
AutographsChase card101.00
AC3Billy Boyd as Pippin
AutographsChase card101.00
AC4Bernard Hill as Théoden
AutographsChase card101.00
AC5Ian Holm as Bilbo
AutographsChase card101.00
AC6Bruce Hopkins as Gamling
AutographsChase card101.00
AC7Bret McKenzie as Figwit
AutographsChase card101.00
AC8Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn
AutographsChase card101.00
AC9Viggo Mortensen as King Elessar
AutographsChase card101.00
AC10John Noble as Denethor
AutographsChase card101.00
AC11Liv Tyler as Arwen
AutographsChase card101.00
AC12Karl Urban as Éomer
AutographsChase card101.00
AC13Stephen Ure as Gorbag
AutographsChase card101.00
AC14David Wenham as Faramir
AutographsChase card101.00
M1Aragorn's House of Healing Shirt
Memorabilia CardsChase card101.00
M2Bilbo's Grey Havens Waistcoat
Memorabilia CardsChase card101.00
M3Elrond's Rivendell Robe
Memorabilia CardsChase card101.00
M4Éowyn's Edoras Stables Dress
Memorabilia CardsChase card101.00
M5Éowyn's Golden Hall Dress
Memorabilia CardsChase card101.00
M6Frodo's Elven Tunic
Memorabilia CardsChase card101.00
M7Pippin's Gondorian Tunic
Memorabilia CardsChase card101.00
M8Sam's Elven Tunic
Memorabilia CardsChase card101.00
M9Witch-King's Robe
Memorabilia CardsChase card101.00
P1The Fellowship of the Ring-Promo card101.00
P2The Two Towers-Promo card101.00
P3Return of the KingSan Diego Comic-ConPromo card101.00
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