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Topps The Lord of the Rings. The two towers

Topps The Lord of the Rings. The two towers

Anul: 2002
Toate cartonasele: 137

Previzualizare colectie (97% imagini scanate)

colectionand: 7 / terminat: 5

Lista de verificare

Numar.TitluSectiuneTipAm nevoieOferNevoie/Oferta.
1FrodoHobbitBase card414.00
2Gandalf The WhiteWizardBase card422.00
3SarumanWizardBase card414.00
4AragornMortal ManBase card422.00
5LegolasElven WarriorBase card414.00
6GimliDwarfBase card431.33
7King ThéodenMan of RohanBase card422.00
8Grima WormtongueMan of RohanBase card422.00
9Lady ÉowynWoman of RohanBase card431.33
10ÉomerMan of RohanBase card422.00
11FaramirMan of GondorBase card422.00
12TreebeardEntBase card414.00
13SamHobbitBase card414.00
14MerryHobbitBase card414.00
15PippinHobbitBase card303.00
16ArwenElven MaidenBase card404.00
17EasterlingEasterlingsBase card422.00
18Uruk-HaiUruk-HaiBase card414.00
19Uruk-Hai On The March-Base card422.00
20The Rescuers-Base card422.00
21The Riders Of Rohan-Base card404.00
22Éomer's Warning-Base card431.33
23Off To Hunt Uruk-Hai-Base card422.00
24Aftermath Of A Massacre-Base card422.00
25A Lift From Treebeard-Base card414.00
26Off To See A Wizard-Base card404.00
27The Return Of Gandalf-Base card505.00
28Visions Of Arwen-Base card414.00
29The Dead Marshes-Base card414.00
30Bog Of The Damned-Base card422.00
31The Face Of Death-Base card404.00
32Frodo's Benefactor-Base card515.00
33Wormtongue's Ploy-Base card404.00
34The Road To Edoras-Base card515.00
35Guarding The Golden Hall-Base card414.00
36The Exorcism-Base card422.00
37Théoden's Return-Base card404.00
38Begone, Wormtongue!-Base card414.00
39Stirring Up Hatred-Base card404.00
40A Village Invaded!-Base card404.00
41The Pillagers-Base card404.00
42Day Of The Evil Ones-Base card515.00
43A King Once More-Base card515.00
44March Of The Easterlings-Base card404.00
45At The Black Gate-Base card431.33
46The Master's Disciple-Base card404.00
47Making Friends With Gimli-Base card414.00
48Torn Between Worlds-Base card422.00
49For The Love Of Aragorn-Base card404.00
50Drawn To Each Other-Base card422.00
51Battle Of The White Mountains-Base card505.00
52Fury Of Théoden-Base card505.00
53A Duel To The Death-Base card414.00
54Orc Attack!-Base card414.00
55Crossing Paths With Faramir-Base card422.00
56Faramir's Gamble-Base card414.00
57The Possession Of Frodo-Base card505.00
58Arriving At Helm's Deep-Base card505.00
59Aragorn's Safe Return-Base card414.00
60The Eve Of War-Base card404.00
61The Courage To Fight-Base card414.00
62To War!-Base card505.00
63The Hour Has Come-Base card404.00
64Ready For The Onslaught-Base card422.00
65Saruman's Army Attacks!-Base card414.00
66Night Of The Orcs-Base card505.00
67Monster Against Warrior-Base card422.00
68The Fury Of Aragorn-Base card404.00
69Fierce Warfare-Base card505.00
70The Inhuman Enemy-Base card422.00
71The Vile And The Valiant-Base card505.00
72Gandalf Returns!-Base card404.00
73Power Of The White Wizard-Base card414.00
74Éomer To The Rescue!-Base card404.00
75No Escape From The Riders-Base card414.00
76Warfare In The Courtyard-Base card414.00
77Rohan Victorious-Base card404.00
78In The Osgiliath Sewers-Base card505.00
79Lord Of The ShootBehind the ScenesBase card414.00
80Filming On LocationBehind the ScenesBase card404.00
81Heroes New And OldBehind the ScenesBase card414.00
82My Life As A HobbitBehind the ScenesBase card505.00
83Fine Tuning The VillainsBehind the ScenesBase card422.00
84Making The Magical RealBehind the ScenesBase card414.00
85A Director's Dark VisionBehind the ScenesBase card404.00
86The Horror Of It All!Behind the ScenesBase card515.00
87Filming A Savage SwordfightBehind the ScenesBase card431.33
88Painting With LightBehind the ScenesBase card414.00
89Making Up A MonsterBehind the ScenesBase card414.00
90Checklist-Base card414.00
AC1Sean Astin as Sam
Autograph CardChase card404.00
AC2Cate Blanchett as Galadriel
Autograph CardChase card404.00
AC3Billy Boyd as Pippin
Autograph CardChase card404.00
AC4Bernard Hill as Théoden
Autograph CardChase card404.00
AC5Peter Jackson (Director)
Autograph CardChase card404.00
AC6Christopher Lee as Saruman
Autograph CardChase card404.00
AC7Liv Tyler as Arwen
Autograph CardChase card404.00
AC8Karl Urban as Éomer
Autograph CardChase card404.00
AC9David Wenham as Faramir
Autograph CardChase card303.00
AC10Elijah Wood as Frodo
Autograph CardChase card404.00
AC11Orlando Bloom as Legolas
Autograph CardChase card404.00
AC12Dominic Monaghan as Merry
Autograph CardChase card404.00
AC13Miranda Otto as Éowyn
Autograph CardChase card404.00
AC14Craig Parker as Haldir
Autograph CardChase card404.00
B1Gandalf-Chase card505.00
B2Frodo-Chase card505.00
B3Saruman-Chase card505.00
B4King Theoden-Chase card505.00
B5Ring-Chase card505.00
B6Gimli-Chase card505.00
B7Grima Wormtongue-Chase card505.00
B8Aragorn-Chase card505.00
B9Legolas-Chase card505.00
C1Arwen-Chase card606.00
C2Gandalf-Chase card606.00
C3Aragorn-Chase card606.00
C4Faramir-Chase card606.00
C5LOTR TTT-Chase card606.00
C6Eowyn-Chase card606.00
C7Gollum-Chase card606.00
C8Frodo-Chase card606.00
C9Samwise-Chase card606.00
L1FrodoU.K. EditionPromo card414.00
L2Saruman and GrimaU.K. EditionPromo card422.00
P1The Legend Returns! (Frodo)-Promo card404.00
P2The Legend Returns! (Saruman and Grima)-Promo card303.00
P3The Legend Returns! (Gauntlet of swords/Legolas)-Promo card404.00
PF1(Aragorn)Prismatic Foil CardChase card606.00
PF2(Battle line)Prismatic Foil CardChase card515.00
PF3(Line of archers)Prismatic Foil CardChase card522.50
PF4(Éomer)Prismatic Foil CardChase card623.00
PF5(Easterling Archers)Prismatic Foil CardChase card606.00
PF6(Orc)Prismatic Foil CardChase card616.00
PF7(Uruk-Hai on the March)Prismatic Foil CardChase card616.00
PF8(Gimli)Prismatic Foil CardChase card623.00
PF9(Éomer Enhorsed)Prismatic Foil CardChase card606.00
PF10(Legolas)Prismatic Foil CardChase card623.00
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