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Artbox Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. FilmCardz

Artbox Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. FilmCardz

Година: 2004
Укупно картица: 92

Преглед колекције (100% скенираних слика)

сакупља: 3 / сакупили: 0


1A Visit from Aunt Marge-Base Cards303.00
2Aunt Marge Starts on Harry-Base Cards303.00
3Aunt Marge Inflates-Base Cards303.00
4Floating Into the Sky-Base Cards303.00
5Leaving the Dursleys-Base Cards303.00
6Something in the Shadows-Base Cards303.00
7The Knight Bus Appears-Base Cards303.00
8Boarding the Knight Bus-Base Cards303.00
9At the Leaky Cauldron-Base Cards303.00
10A Chat with Cornelius Fudge-Base Cards303.00
11The Monster Book of Monsters-Base Cards303.00
12Harry Greets His Friends-Base Cards303.00
13Greeted by Ron and Hermione-Base Cards303.00
14Learning About Sirius Black-Base Cards303.00
15A Dementor Appears-Base Cards303.00
16Confronting a Dementor-Base Cards303.00
17Return to Hogwarts-Base Cards303.00
18Welcoming the Students-Base Cards303.00
19The Dementors Surround Hogwarts-Base Cards303.00
20You, Boy! Is Your Grandmother Well?-Base Cards303.00
21Magical Creatures Class-Base Cards303.00
22Hagrid's Class-Base Cards303.00
23Draco Taunts Harry-Base Cards303.00
24Meeting Buckbeak-Base Cards303.00
25A Ride on Buckbeak's Back-Base Cards303.00
26Clawed by Buckbeak-Base Cards303.00
27Sirius Black Sighted!-Base Cards303.00
28Professor Lupin's Class-Base Cards303.00
29Teaching 'Riddikulus'-Base Cards303.00
30Neville Repels His Boggart-Base Cards303.00
31Signed Permission Forms-Base Cards303.00
32Permission to Leave Refused-Base Cards303.00
33Discussing Harry's Boggart-Base Cards303.00
34The Portrait Attacked!-Base Cards303.00
35In the Great Hall-Base Cards303.00
36Snape's Werewolf Lesson-Base Cards303.00
37Draco's New Taunt-Base Cards303.00
38The Golden Snitch within Reach-Base Cards303.00
39After the Quidditch Match-Base Cards303.00
40A Better Way to Get to Hogsmeade?-Base Cards303.00
41Near the Shrieking Shack-Base Cards303.00
42A Mysterious Attack-Base Cards303.00
43A Most Wanted Wizard-Base Cards303.00
44Madam Rosmerta's Inquiry-Base Cards303.00
45In the Three Broomsticks-Base Cards303.00
46The Invisibility Cloak-Base Cards303.00
47Lupin's Conjuring Lesson-Base Cards303.00
48Producing a Patronus-Base Cards303.00
49Peril of the Marauder's Map-Base Cards303.00
50Divination: A Very Wooly Discipline-Base Cards303.00
51Come to See the Show?-Base Cards303.00
52Threatening Draco-Base Cards303.00
53A Hasty Retreat from Hagrid's Hut-Base Cards303.00
54Hiding Amongst the Pumpkins-Base Cards303.00
55The Executioner's Task-Base Cards303.00
56Old Friends Sirius and Lupin Reunited-Base Cards303.00
57The Truth Revealed-Base Cards303.00
58Scabbers Transformed!-Base Cards303.00
59How Dare You Speak to Harry!-Base Cards303.00
60Pettigrew's Escape-Base Cards303.00
61Night of the Werewolf-Base Cards303.00
62Attacked by a Werewolf-Base Cards303.00
63Dementors at the Black Lake-Base Cards303.00
64Hermione Explains the Time-Turner-Base Cards303.00
65Rescuing Buckbeak-Base Cards303.00
66Dumbledore's Diversion-Base Cards303.00
67Has Harry Seen His Dad?-Base Cards303.00
68Harry Conjurs a True Patronus-Base Cards303.00
69Freeing Sirius Black-Base Cards303.00
70A Farewell From Sirius-Base Cards303.00
71Leaving the Map Behind-Base Cards303.00
72Harry Takes Flight on His New Broom-Base Cards303.00
P1Aunt Marge Gets Large-Promo Cards303.00
P2Harry Meet Buckbeak-Promo Cards303.00
R1Divination Class-Rare Cards303.00
R2Do You Possess the Sight?-Rare Cards303.00
R3Professor Sybill Trelawney-Rare Cards303.00
R4Care of Magical Creatures Class-Rare Cards303.00
R5Give 'Im a Pat-Rare Cards303.00
R6Professor Rubeus Hagrid-Rare Cards303.00
R7Defense Against the Dark Arts Class-Rare Cards303.00
R8Riddikulus!-Rare Cards303.00
R9Professor Remus Lupin-Rare Cards303.00
UR1Aunt Marge Swells With ... Anger?-Ultra-Rare Cards303.00
UR2A Monstrous Balloon-Ultra-Rare Cards303.00
UR3Uncle Vernon Lets Go-Ultra-Rare Cards303.00
UR4A Magnificent Creature-Ultra-Rare Cards303.00
UR5Good Man, Harry!-Ultra-Rare Cards303.00
UR6A Reckon He Might Let Yeh Ride Him-Ultra-Rare Cards303.00
UR7Old Friends Tend to Unfinished Business-Ultra-Rare Cards303.00
UR8Pettigrew's Alive-Ultra-Rare Cards303.00
UR9Peter Pettigrew Begs For Mercy-Ultra-Rare Cards303.00