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SkyBox The Hunchback of Notre Dame

SkyBox The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Година: 1996
Укупно картица: 156

Преглед колекције (100% скенираних слика)

сакупља: 9 / сакупили: 5


1Mighty Bells Ring OutStory CardsBase card230.67
2Quasimodo, the Bell Ringer of Notre DameStory CardsBase card230.67
3This Is Your SanctuaryStory CardsBase card240.50
4Three Funny Gargoyle PalsStory CardsBase card140.25
5One Day BelowStory CardsBase card130.33
6A Little World of Buildings and PeopleStory CardsBase card230.67
7The Festival of FoolsStory CardsBase card130.33
8Why, If I Picked A Day To Fly ...Story CardsBase card221.00
9Life's Not a Spectator Sport.Story CardsBase card221.00
10To the Festival of Fools!Story CardsBase card230.67
11Come One, Come All.Story CardsBase card240.50
12Everything's Topsy Turvy!Story CardsBase card221.00
13Confetti Flies and People Shout and SingStory CardsBase card130.33
14Crowning of the King of FoolsStory CardsBase card150.20
15FrightenedStory CardsBase card130.33
16This Wasn't Supposed To Happen.Story CardsBase card230.67
17Arrest Esmeralda!Story CardsBase card221.00
18Quasimodo's First True FriendStory CardsBase card120.50
19Searching for the Gypsy BeautyStory CardsBase card221.00
20Frollo's Soldiers Attack PhoebusStory CardsBase card221.00
21You're the Only One I Can Trust.Story CardsBase card230.67
22Frollo Tricks QuasimodoStory CardsBase card230.67
23The BetrayalStory CardsBase card331.00
24Surrounded By SwordsStory CardsBase card221.00
25One-On-One BattleStory CardsBase card130.33
26Quasimodo Joins His FriendsStory CardsBase card230.67
27The Hero, QuasimodoStory CardsBase card120.50
28QuasimodoCharacter CardsBase card120.50
29EsmeraldaCharacter CardsBase card120.50
30DjaliCharacter CardsBase card120.50
31PhoebusCharacter CardsBase card221.00
32HugoCharacter CardsBase card221.00
33VictorCharacter CardsBase card240.50
34LaverneCharacter CardsBase card230.67
35ClopinCharacter CardsBase card221.00
36FrolloCharacter CardsBase card221.00
37Easy - I just shaved this morningHumor CardsBase card230.67
38I didn't know you had a kid.Humor CardsBase card120.50
39Part of the ArchitectureHumor CardsBase card230.67
40Hungry for Mischief.Humor CardsBase card140.25
41Don't you ever migrate?Humor CardsBase card230.67
42Pour the wine and cut the cheese!Humor CardsBase card230.67
43I am not amused.Humor CardsBase card230.67
44Today is the day where everythingFestival of Fools (Unscramble)Base card221.00
45Clopin the colorful gypsy puppeteFestival of Fools (Unscramble)Base card221.00
46All around the town square, peoplFestival of Fools (Unscramble)Base card240.50
47Dance, Esmeralda, dance, shoutsFestival of Fools (Unscramble)Base card230.67
48Crowned King of Fools, QuasimodoFestival of Fools (Unscramble)Base card120.50
49Illuminated by torchlight, QuasimRebel Heroes (Maze)Base card230.67
50Frollo's soldiers storm the catheRebel Heroes (Maze)Base card221.00
51Quasimodo and the gargoyles use aRebel Heroes (Maze)Base card221.00
52Filled with determination and couRebel Heroes (Maze)Base card120.50
53High atop the cathedral, QuasimodRebel Heroes (Maze)Base card120.50
54Esmeralda and her pet goat, DjaliGypsy Spirit (Fortune)Base card221.00
55Esmeralda mysteriously disappearsGypsy Spirit (Fortune)Base card221.00
56A true street sprite, Esmeralda hGypsy Spirit (Fortune)Base card221.00
57Esmeralda enchants with her fieryGypsy Spirit (Fortune)Base card221.00
58Clopin, the colorful Gypsy puppetGypsy Spirit (Fortune)Base card230.67
59Checklist 1-52Checklist Cards [Hobby only]Base card221.00
59WChecklist 1-55ChecklistsBase card321.50
60Checklist 53-101Checklist Cards [Hobby only]Base card221.00
60WChecklist 56-97ChecklistsBase card321.50
61Dog / MaidenTopsy Turvy (Jigsaw)"130.33
62Clopin / Upside-down ManTopsy Turvy (Jigsaw)"230.67
63Scarecrow / ThiefTopsy Turvy (Jigsaw)"230.67
64Devil / JesterTopsy Turvy (Jigsaw)"240.50
65Old Man / Bull ManTopsy Turvy (Jigsaw)"150.20
66QuasimodoBuild-a-Tower Cards"230.67
67EsmeraldaBuild-a-Tower Cards"130.33
68FrolloBuild-a-Tower Cards"230.67
69PhoebusBuild-a-Tower Cards"230.67
70GargoylesBuild-a-Tower Cards"150.20
71Quasimodo and FrolloBuild-a-Tower Cards"230.67
72Esmeralda and PhoebusBuild-a-Tower Cards"120.50
73Shepherd and SheepBuild-a-Tower Cards"230.67
74CarvingBuild-a-Tower Cards"221.00
75TableBuild-a-Tower Cards"221.00
76disney's 34th animated feature fiBuild-a-Tower Cards"120.50
77Disney's The Hunchback of Notre DBuild-a-Tower Cards"120.50
78Located in the heart of Paris, thBuild-a-Tower Cards"221.00
79Construction of the Notre Dame caBuild-a-Tower Cards"230.67
80The Notre Dame cathedral is a magBuild-a-Tower Cards"221.00
81The pointed arch is one of the diBuild-a-Tower Cards"221.00
82One of Notre Dame's main sightseeBuild-a-Tower Cards"221.00
83Flanked by two square towers, theBuild-a-Tower Cards"120.50
84TheaterFinger Puppet Cards"221.00
85QuasimodoFinger Puppet Cards"230.67
86ClopinFinger Puppet Cards"240.50
87EsmeraldaFinger Puppet Cards"240.50
88DjaliFinger Puppet Cards"130.33
89PhoebusFinger Puppet Cards"240.50
90LaverneFinger Puppet Cards"230.67
91VictorFinger Puppet Cards"130.33
92HugoFinger Puppet Cards"230.67
93FrolloFinger Puppet Cards"120.50
94Esmeralda / Clopin / DjaliCoin Cards"140.25
95Quasimodo / Esmeralda / PhoebusCoin Cards"130.33
96Quasimodo / Clopin / EsmeraldaCoin Cards"221.00
97Victor / Hugo / LaverneCoin Cards"221.00
98Welcome to the Festival of FoolsPuzzle Cards"221.00
99The State is SetPuzzle Cards"221.00
100Quasimodo sets bird freePuzzle Cards"130.33
101Quasimodo crowned King of FoolsPuzzle Cards"120.50
C1EsmeraldaColor-In Cards"331.00
C2Quasimodo (Fool)Color-In Cards"331.00
C3Quasimodo (Swinging)Color-In Cards"321.50
C4ClopinColor-In Cards"321.50
C5PhoebusColor-In Cards"321.50
C6FrolloColor-In Cards"321.50
C7DjaliColor-In Cards"321.50
C8VictorColor-In Cards"321.50
C9HugoColor-In Cards"321.50
C10LaverneColor-In Cards"331.00
JC1Clopin - Place this card face down.Jesters Challenge Cards-130.33
JC2Clopin - Stand up.Jesters Challenge Cards-130.33
JC3Clopin - While counting to 10Jesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC4Esmeralda - Balance this cardJesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC5Esmeralda - Look at the setsJesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC6Esmeralda - Place this card flatJesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC7Esmeralda - Place this card on the floor.Jesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC8Esmeralda - Take the bottom cardJesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC9Esmeralda - This card allows youJesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC10Esmeralda - Throw this card in the airJesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC11Hugo - Add all the pointsJesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC12Hugo - Choose an opponent to race against.Jesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC13Hugo - Choose any opponent's three-cardJesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC14Hugo - Flip a card like a coinJesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC15Hugo - Place card flatJesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC16Hugo - Stand up and drop this cardJesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC17Laverne - Choose an opponent.Jesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC18Laverne - Look up at the ceiling.Jesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC19Laverne - Stand ten steps awayJesters Challenge Cards-221.00
JC20Laverne - Take the bottom cardJesters Challenge Cards-221.00
JC21Laverne - Tell your opponent(s)Jesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC22Laverne - Without touching itJesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC23Phoebus - Balance this cardJesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC24Phoebus - Choose one opponent.Jesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC25Phoebus - Place game box on the floor.Jesters Challenge Cards-221.00
JC26Phoebus - Place this card on the backJesters Challenge Cards-221.00
JC27Phoebus - Take the top ... Before an opponentJesters Challenge Cards-221.00
JC28Phoebus - Take the top ... Place it face upJesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC29Phoebus - Take the top two cardsJesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC30Quasimodo - Hold your breathJesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC31Quasimodo - Place this cardJesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC32Quasimodo - Stand up and holdJesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC33Quasimodo - Take the bottom cardJesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC34Victor - Choose an opponentJesters Challenge Cards-230.67
JC35Victor - Stand on one footJesters Challenge Cards-230.67
L1Quasimodo longs to be "Out There"3-D Motion Cards"321.50
L2Esmeralda disappears3-D Motion Cards"321.50
T1King of FoolsIron-Ons"221.00
T3Palm ReadingIron-Ons"221.00
T5Coat of ArmsIron-Ons"221.00
T6Jester SkullsIron-Ons"221.00