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Topps The Lord of the Rings. The return of the king. Extra set

Topps The Lord of the Rings. The return of the king. Extra set

Година: 2004
Укупно картица: 72

Преглед колекције (100% скенираних слика)

сакупља: 3 / сакупили: 8


91The Return of the King--120.50
92Smeagol's Great Desire--130.33
93Uneasy Alliance--130.33
94Isengard's Fall--221.00
95In The Golden Hall--313.00
96A Soul In Torment--212.00
97Lure Of The Palantir--221.00
98Arwen's Decision--221.00
99Toward Minas Tirith--313.00
100The Gates Of Minas Morgul--221.00
101Sauron's Footsoldiers--212.00
102The Flaming Signal--221.00
103Terror From The Skies--212.00
104Day Of The Nazgul--212.00
105Nazgul Triumphant--212.00
106Friend… Or Friend?--221.00
107Return Of The Sword--221.00
108King Of The Dead--212.00
109"Regain Your Honor!"--212.00
110Massive Orc Army--212.00
111Attack Of The Trolls--221.00
112Winged Horror--230.67
113A Wizard Among Them--212.00
114Leviathans Against Us--221.00
115Inside Shelob's Lair--221.00
116The Horror Of Shelob--221.00
117Smashing Through--221.00
118Trolls On The Rampage--221.00
119Along Came A Spider--212.00
121Cornering Her Prey--313.00
122Sam Battles Shelob--221.00
123Mumakil On The March--221.00
124A Deadly Advance--212.00
125Hero Of Rohan--221.00
126Spectacular Battle--221.00
127Facing The Fellbeast--212.00
128Eowyn's Challenge--221.00
129Wrath Of The Witch-king--212.00
130Aragors's Phantom Army--221.00
131Army Of The Dead--221.00
132Spectral Warriors--221.00
133Slying The Witch-king--221.00
134Legolas'sBold Assault--212.00
135"Depart And Be At Rest"--221.00
136Rescued By Sam--221.00
137At The Black Gate--212.00
138Facing The Ultimate Evil--221.00
139Toward Mount Doom--221.00
140Monsters Of Mordor--221.00
141"This Day We Figth!"--313.00
142Gollum Returns--212.00
143Fury Of The Fellbeasts--313.00
144Gandalf's ResolveWinged Fury--221.00
145Winged Fury--212.00
146Moment Of Truth--212.00
147Gollum's Savage Attack--221.00
148Rampaging Trolls--212.00
149The Ring At Last!--221.00
150"My Precious!!!"--212.00
151The Ring Destroyed--212.00
152The Fall Of Barad-Dur--221.00
153Falling From The Skies--221.00
154The Great Eagles--221.00
155A Fellowship Reunited--212.00
156The Crown Of Gondor--212.00
157Love And Valor--212.00
158Sam's Wedding Day--221.00
159Bilbo's Last Adventure--221.00
160"It Is Time, Frodo"--212.00
161The Sea Calls Them Home--221.00
162The Journey Ends--212.00