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The rules of use LastSticker.com

  1. These rules concern all users of the site and are obligatory for fulfilment.
  2. The site is designed to enable collectors from different countries to communicate and swap stickers and cards.
  3. The site owners are not responsible for losses of any kind connected with the use of the site.
  4. In case of the breach of these rules the administrators reserve the right to block the account of the rule-breaker.

It is not allowed for site users:

  • to register more than one account per person
  • to exchange feedbacks without making a swap
  • to publish inaccurate or false information in a user profile
  • to publish inaccurate or false information in swap lists
  • to use personal messages for advertising and selling goods or services
  • to use personal messages for sending spam of any kind
  • to use abusive language and insulting messages
  • to make swaps using non-original stickers/cards(copies)

Writing feedbacks to collectors

  • A positive feedback can be left only when the swap has been made.
  • It is possible to leave only one comment to a certain user. In case of repeat swap, the comment can be edited.
  • A negative feedback can be allowed only if you have fulfilled your obligations unilaterally (i.e. the other user has not fulfilled his obligations).


  • Do not make large swaps if a collector has a low rating.
  • When using the post dispatch make sure your parcel is well-wrapped/packed. The sender is fully responsible for the damage during the post delivery.
  • For swaps we recommend using the types of letters that have a tracking number so that you can prove sending the letter in case it gets lost in the postal service.
  • After sending a letter, inform the other collector about it and give him the tracking number if you use the type of a letter with tracking number.
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