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Artbox The World of Harry Potter. 3D Trading Cards. Part 1

Artbox The World of Harry Potter. 3D Trading Cards. Part 1

Yıl: 2008
Toplam kart sayısı: 105

Koleksiyon ön izleme (100% taranan resim)

toplayanlar: 3 / tamamlayanlar: 2

Kontrol listesi

1Norbert after hatchingBase cards-101.00
2Troll with wand in noseBase cards-101.00
3Harry levitates broomBase cards-101.00
4Fluffy over trap doorBase cards-101.00
5Shattering chess pieceBase cards-101.00
6Trio with broom at locked doorBase cards-101.00
7Snitch in handBase cards-101.00
8Flying keysBase cards-101.00
9Quirrell at MirrorBase cards-101.00
10The quaffle is releasedBase cards-101.00
11Trio among chess piecesBase cards-101.00
12Red Wizard Chess piecesBase cards-101.00
13Hogwarts ExpressBase cards-101.00
14Harry flying at QuidditchBase cards-101.00
15McGonagall as cat leads classBase cards-101.00
16Harry in the Cupboard Under the StairsBase cards-101.00
17Trio in Common Room after ForestBase cards-101.00
18Harry descending stairs for confrontationBase cards-101.00
19Trio brewing Polyjuice PotionBase cards-101.00
20DobbyBase cards-101.00
21Harry in ChamberBase cards-101.00
22Harry with Gryffindor's SwordBase cards-101.00
23Anglia over Hogwart's ExpressBase cards-101.00
24Freezing pixiesBase cards-101.00
25Harry & Draco seeking SnitchBase cards-101.00
26Ron's HowlerBase cards-101.00
27Lockhart tries to charm snakeBase cards-101.00
28Class repotting MandrakesBase cards-101.00
29Defense Against Dark Arts classBase cards-101.00
30Platform 9-3/4Base cards-101.00
31Harry casting for LockhartBase cards-101.00
32Harry & Ron with ScabbersBase cards-101.00
33Cedric flyingBase cards-101.00
34Harry with Riddle's DiaryBase cards-101.00
35Draco smirkingBase cards-101.00
36Susan Bones and trio in Lockhart's classBase cards-101.00
37BuckbeakBase cards-101.00
38Marauder's MapBase cards-101.00
39Vernon & Petunia post-Marge fly-offBase cards-101.00
40Harry gleeful down stairsBase cards-101.00
41Hermione & Ron in Diagon AlleyBase cards-101.00
42Hagrid's hut with pumpkinsBase cards-101.00
43Harry looking under bed at Monster BookBase cards-101.00
44Hermione & Harry freeing BuckbeakBase cards-101.00
45Harry gazingBase cards-101.00
46Tom the Innkeeper (Jim Tavare)Base cards-101.00
47Draco taunts HarryBase cards-101.00
48Trio behind pumpkinsBase cards-101.00
49Descending hill to Hagrid'sBase cards-101.00
50Parvati's clown boggartBase cards-101.00
51Lupin as werewolfBase cards-101.00
52McGonagall and HarryBase cards-101.00
53Stag PatronusBase cards-101.00
54Lupin reaches for boggartBase cards-101.00
55Fleur de bleuBase cards-101.00
56Harry quizzed after Goblet selectionBase cards-101.00
57Hermione and Viktor danceBase cards-101.00
58In canoe after Second TaskBase cards-101.00
59Barty Jr. at Quidditch campsiteBase cards-101.00
60Wormtail cradles VoldemortBase cards-101.00
61Fred & George put names in GobletBase cards-101.00
62Statue at Riddle graveyardBase cards-101.00
63Beauxbatons studentsBase cards-101.00
64Triwizard CupBase cards-101.00
65Dumbledore with Harry's name from GobletBase cards-101.00
66Harry with FawkesBase cards-101.00
67Dumbledore to crowd for Third TaskBase cards-101.00
68Dumbledore address in Banquet HallBase cards-101.00
69Harry in OwleryBase cards-101.00
70Harry & Ron in classBase cards-101.00
71Arena for Third TaskBase cards-101.00
72The World of Harry Potter ChecklistBase cards-101.00
BT1Flying over Quidditch pitchBox-Topper Cards-101.00
BT2Harry and Slytherin seekerBox-Topper Cards-101.00
BT3Closeup and flying to leftBox-Topper Cards-101.00
BT4Nearing snitch and goal towersBox-Topper Cards-101.00
CT1Harry, Hagrid, and RonCase-Topper Cards-101.00
CT2Hagrid and Harry at Diagon AlleyCase-Topper Cards-101.00
Pr1Troll with wand in nosePromo cards-101.00
Pr2Harry raising wandPromo cards-101.00
Pr3Burmese snakePromo cards-101.00
Pr4Dobby on Harry's bedPromo cards-101.00
Pr5Harry in Chamber aislePromo cards-101.00
Pr6Buckbeak flyingPromo cards-101.00
Pr7Lupin as werewolfPromo cards-101.00
Pr8Harry swimming in Second TaskPromo cards-101.00
Pr9Voldemort raising wandPromo cards-101.00
Pz1Kart Pz1Puzzle Cards-101.00
Pz2Kart Pz2Puzzle Cards-101.00
Pz3Kart Pz3Puzzle Cards-101.00
Pz4Kart Pz4Puzzle Cards-101.00
Pz5Kart Pz5Puzzle Cards-101.00
Pz6Kart Pz6Puzzle Cards-101.00
Pz7Kart Pz7Puzzle Cards-101.00
Pz8Kart Pz8Puzzle Cards-101.00
Pz9Kart Pz9Puzzle Cards-101.00
R1Professor QuirrellRare Cards-101.00
R2Lucius MalfoyRare Cards-101.00
R3Tom RiddleRare Cards-101.00
R4Peter PettigrewRare Cards-101.00
R5Lord VoldemortRare Cards-101.00
R6Barty Crouch, Jr.Rare Cards-101.00
UR1Voldemort/QuirrellUltra-Rare Cards-101.00
UR2Tom RiddleUltra-Rare Cards-101.00
UR3Voldemort in graveyardUltra-Rare Cards-101.00